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Alexander Davidson emigrated to Pennsylvania from Scotland.


Davidson Badge


"Sapienter si sincere"  =  "Wisely if sincerely"

Clan Davidson Motto


Clan Davidson Society - USA

Davidson Tartan

D.C.Stewart calls this sett, 'the more recent Davidson', and the basis for the Henderson tartan. It was published by his father D. W. Stewart in 1893, in a beautifully illustrated book, 'Old and Rare Scottish Tartans', in which each sample was woven in silk. This version omits the white stripe of earlier setts recorded in the Highland Society of London collection and the Moy Hall collection. Uniquely among tartans, there is a 'Half' Davidson and a 'Double' Davidson. The former being simply a reduced pattern. 

Alexander's son, David Alexander Davidson (my husband's great-grandfather) fought in the Civil War and  lived in the Puckety Creek area near Pittsburgh. 

David's son James Monroe Davidson married Katherine Vadikan in Ohio while in the Army.  Jim and Kate had Ruth who married Henry Thomas Kimes....

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Family Photo Album

Ruth Margaret Davidson Kimes - photo with link to biography

Descendants of Alexander Davidson

The first six generations are shown - others who are living are not posted. 

1 Alexander Davidson 1795 - 1870

. +Hannah Albrecht 1816 - Deceased

. 2 John Davidson 1839 -

. 2 Harriot Davidson 1841 - 1860

. 2 Margaret Davidson 1843 -

. 2 [1] David Alexander Davidson 1846 - 1923  NEW BIO NEW

.... +Margaret Catherine Daugherty 1856 - 1886

.... 3 James Monroe Davidson 1874 - 1965  (see Davidson Bios)

....... +Katharine May Vadakin 1875 - 1965  (see Davidson Bios)

....... 4 Ruth Margaret Davidson 1903 - 1983 (see Davidson Bios)

.......... +Henry Thomas Kimes 1903 - 1992

........... 5 Joan Kimes 1929 -

.............. +Lawrence Russell Sefton 1930 - 1970

.............. 6 Lawrence Curtis Sefton 1952 -

................. +Julie Anne Walton 1953 -

........... 5 Ruth Kimes 1923 - 2000

.............. +Ralph Keys 1919 - 1976

.............. 6 James Keys

................. +Sandy Nyland

.............. 6 Debby Keys

................. +Billy Norris

....... 4 David Alexander Davidson, Jr. 1903 - 1904

.... 3 Andrew Davidson 1876 - 1899

.... 3 George Bruce Davidson 1879 - 1899

.... 3 Albert B. Davidson 1884 - 1968  (see Davidson Bios)

....... +Rose Baxter 1883 - 1955

....... 4 Jean Davidson 1907 -

.......... +Wellinger

....... 4 A. Wayne Davidson 1910 -

....... 4 Grace Davidson 1913 -

.......... +Esler

....... 4 David B. Davidson 1914 -

.......... +Unknown

........... 5 Kim Davidson 1917 -

........... 5 Terry Davidson 1951 -

........... 5 Tracey Ann Davidson 1957 -

........... 5 Linc Davidson 1963 -

... *2nd Wife of [1] David Alexander Davidson:

..... +Mary Ellen McEntire

. 2 Hamilton Davidson 1850 -

. 2 Sarah C. Davidson 1852 -

. 2 Leah Cornelia Davidson 1855 -



David Alexander Davidson 1846-1923 - Biographical Sketch

David Alexander Davidson  was born in Westmoreland County, PA on January 02, 1846  "... across the Kiski River from Vandergrift " He was the fourth of seven children born to Alexander Davidson (1795/Ireland-1870) and Hannah Albrecht Davidson.  

David grew up to be a veteran of the Civil War, the Grand Army of the Republic - Fifth PA Heavy Artillery, Company F (204th Volunteers).  On his enlistment papers, he listed himself as a farmer with dark hair, dark eyes, a dark complexion and 5 ft. 8 inches in height.  He was recruited on September 3, 1863 and enlisted on September 3,1864 as a Private. His unit fought battles at Rectortown, Virginia and Salem, Virginia on October 5, 1864; at Salem, Virginia on October 7, 1864; at Rectortown, Virginia on October 8, 1864; and two additional battles in the area on October 15, 1864 and on November 1, 1864.   Company records indicate they also assisted in the destruction of the Manassas Gap Railroad in  October and November  The unit later pulled duty on the Bull Run battlefield in the spring of 1865, helping to bury the nearly 2,000 dead from that battle.  They were then ordered back to Pittsburgh where he mustered out on June 30, 1865

David  re-enlisted  in the Army in Light Battery K of First United States Artillery on November 15,  1867.  He was sent to New Orleans,  and then to Kansas to protect settlers against Indian uprisings.  He was discharged three years later at Fort Riley, Kansas on November 15,  1870 by reason of expiration of service .

Upon his return to Pennsylvania and civilian life, he married Margaret Catherine Daugherty on July 16, 1873. The young couple had four sons, two of whom lived to adulthood.  James Monroe Davidson was born February 16, 1874 and died February 12, 1965; Andrew Davidson was born July 1876  and died in 1899 of typhoid fever; George Bruce Davidson was born in March 1879 and also died in 1899 of typhoid fever; and Albert B. "Bert" Davidson was born on February 17, 1884 and died May 30, 1968.  Margaret died  unexpectedly on August 16, 1886 (their youngest was only 2 years old) and was buried near her parents in the Hankey Cemetery in Franklin Twp (now Murrysville), PA.  

On February 07, 1888,  David re-married .  He and  Mary Ellen McEntire were married by Rev. Kestler of Pittsburgh. Church records indicate that David and his wife Mary Ellen were members of the Parnassus Presbyterian Church from 1890-1900. They were received into membership by examination on August 8, 1890.  

David  was a member of the Eli Hemphill post of the GAR.  In an affidavit, by Dr. G. C. Parks, M. D. of New Kensington, he states, "This is to certify that ... David Davidson is well known to me and was under almost daily observation by me from Jan. 16, 1891 to Sept. 20, 1891 and to the best of my belief and professional ability he was unfit to carry out his business as a stone mason and bricklayer - known to have rheumatism and valvular disease of the heart."

In another general affidavit dated Sept 5, 1896, Dr. S. J. Hindman M.D. said: "I have treated Mr. David Davidson at various times during the past two years for malaria and can testify to him having attacks at frequent intervals, and that his general health suffers from this disposition. He also suffers from nasal catarch. I treated him during July for acute articular rheumatism and he now suffers from the sub-acute form and is unable at present to work at all. I have also treated him for piles from which he suffers more or less constantly. These diseases are not due to vicious habits. These ailments are made from personal observation and were not dictated by anyone. Neither am I directly or indirectly interested in this application . In my opinion, the applicant is disabled from performing manual labor to the extent of 75%."  

According to David's military pension papers, he and Mary Ellen separated on July 03, 1902 and divorced on June 07, 1904.  Nothing more is known about their marriage or Mary Ellen's fate.

About 1917, David moved from Parnassus to Tarentum.  The retired soldier with a pension of $50 a month died at age 77 after a two day illness  (his death certificate states Acute Nephritis with contributing factors of a fall and  fracture of ribs) at the home of his son James Monroe Davidson on May 24, 1923 in Tarentum, PA.  

David Alexander Davidson is buried in Round Hill Cemetery in Parnassus, New Kensington, PA where a GAR medallioned flag flies proudly above his grave. 

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