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What do awards mean? That varies by the award. Some of them are thoughtful recognition of a job well done. Some are a guarantee of a certain minimal level of decency and utility. And some are really reciprocal links….Just consider the souls of people who have looked for and found a way to give to strangers. Certainly their sites deserve a few clicks of our time.   So, please click on any award to visit that Donor's site.

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From Genealogical Journeys In Time - November, 2002



I think you have a truly great webpage!!! I am pleased to award you the White Feather Web Excellence Award and I would also like to give you White Feather's Award of Excellence as I think your site has outstanding Creativity, Content and exceptional value!! Your site is a tribute to genealogy on the web! I enjoyed my visit very much! Serena Sept. 8, 2002

Your years of dedication are apparent in the content and quality contained on your genealogy site.  The amount of family photographs on your site is amazing.  I only wish we all were so lucky to have these lasting treasurers.   Tammy -  June 3, 2002

Your site is just wonderful.  It was so enjoyable to visit and browse through it.  You have put a lot of work and effort into your web site and it really shows.  We are thrilled to give your our "Life Span Genealogy Award". 

Your site is just the type of site we love to see and it truly deserves this award.