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A few favorite family photos...


SusanahMAsh.jpg (222963 bytes) Susannah M. Ash - believed to be my great-great-great-great grandmother, James M.'s mother? 
JamesMAshSr.jpg (207318 bytes) James M. Ash, Sr. - my great-great-great grandfather who married Penelope White in Massachusetts.
JohnAsh_old.jpg (184597 bytes) John Ash - my great-great grandfather (1829-1902) - son of James M and Penelope White Ash - born in Massachusetts, died in Michigan.  (brother of James M Ash Jr. aka Marshall Ash)

WmJAsh.jpg (172117 bytes)

William James Ash - my great-grandfather (1859-1916) - son of John Ash and Martha Elizabeth North Ash.  Born in Massachusetts, died in Michigan. 

EffieLindaAsh.jpg (196978 bytes)

Effie B. Linda Seymour Ash - my great grandmother - (wife of William James Ash)

3AshBoys.jpg (501214 bytes)

Will and Effie's boys - (left to right) - John Warren Ash (my grandfather), Charles Carroll Ash and Lacey Lloyd Ash
WillEffie.jpg (163340 bytes) Will and Effie

MabelAshca1950.jpg (505335 bytes)

Mabel Anna Howell Ash - my grandmother (1894-1953)

JWAshmidlife.jpg (493822 bytes)

John Warren Ash taken circa 1950 - my grandfather (1891-1989)

GpaArestaurant.jpg (427185 bytes)

The White Kitchen Restaurant - owned by John Warren and Mabel Anna Howell Ash 

JWA+ETS.jpg (242822 bytes)

Grandpa Ash with grandson Eric, circa 1979

GmaWETSACS.jpg (352443 bytes)

My mother, Lura Irene Ash Walton with grandsons Eric and Alan (Lu is the  middle child of Warren and Mabel Ash). 
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