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  Map showing central Michigan and our family's locations there

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interesting distance information:

Rockland ME to Malden MA is 178 miles
Rockland to Thomaston ME is 5 miles
Malden MA to Boston MA is 5 miles

Knox County Maine in 1895

Maps of Oceana, Newaygo & Muskegon Counties in Michigan

Ash Family Photo Album of 40+ identified photos 

More Ash Photos - more identified photos 

(most not in the first album)

Early Ash ancestors-little known

Our Family Crazy Quilt

Lighthouse Heritage - Historical Preservation Project

Ash Tree - older generations - always looking for more relatives!

Howell family surname page

North family surname page

Snow family surname page

Chellis family surname page

Other Colonial time period surnames:

Pillsbury, Manbeck, Minckler, Beuls, Wilder

Links of Ash surname-related interest

Otsego, Michigan - former home of several Ash family members

Michigan Genealogy Resources

Michigan's GenWeb site (links to all counties)

GenWeb site for Middlesex County, Massachusetts (Malden area)

GenWeb site for Knox County, Maine

Thomaston, Maine Historical Society

Montague/Whitehall area of Michigan (Muskegon County)

Hesperia, Michigan area (Newaygo/Oceana Counties)

Other Ash researchers (each with a different line from ours)

Mayor Ash of Johnson City, NY

Spalding, Lincs to USA

5 Ash brothers from Thun, Switzerland, one named Gotlieb, 1850's

Wm. John Ash & Phoebe Stewart Ash - Delaware before 1850

Ephraim Esch / Ash 1795 - 1871 (approx). - Germany or England?