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Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor

 a "lighter-toned" reverse image of the William F. Halsall piece below

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dedicated to my grandfather John Warren Ash 1891-1989

General Society of Mayflower Descendants

My direct line of descendants from Stephen Hopkins


            1. Stephen Hopkins 1578 1644 (Mayflower passenger-adult)

                        +Mary  ??  Unknown - 1613


                 2. Constance Hopkins 1606 1677 (Mayflower passenger-age 13)

                            +Nicholas Snow 1598/99 1676


3. John Snow 1638 Bef.1692

+Mary Smalley 1647 1703


4. Deacon John Snow 1678 - 1738

+Elizabeth Ridley      1678 1736


5. Deacon Isaac Snow      1713/14 - 1799

+Apphia Atwood  1713 1792


6. Elder/Reverend Elisha Snow 1739 - 1832

+Elizabeth Jordan 1740 1834


7. Captain Isaac Snow 1773 - 1820

+Ruth Hayden 1770 - 1832           


8. Rebecca J. Snow 1803 - 1893

+Joseph North 1804 - 1900


9. Martha Elizabeth North 1829 - 1914

+John Ash 1829 1902


10. William James Ash 1859 - 1916

+Effie B. Linda Seymour 1863 1950


11. John Warren Ash      1891 - 1989

+Mable Anna Howell 1894 1953



+Duane Edward Walton 1915 1973




An interesting side note on Mayflower lineage by Jim Faber of

Family Tree Magazine:

A quarter of Americans believe that they are descendants of the 26 Englishmen who came over on the Mayflower, survived a harsh winter and celebrated the first Thanksgiving at Massachusetts' Plymouth Colony in 1621, according to a recent Scripps-Howard News Service/Ohio University poll.

But fewer than half of those who think they're descendants of the original Pilgrims can possibly be right. According to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, the best estimates indicate that more than 35 million people worldwide can count at least one of those 26 Pilgrims as an ancestor. That's a huge number of descendants. But consider that one-quarter of the US population would be roughly 70 million people, twice the total number of actual Mayflower descendants worldwide.

It gets worse: The society has only about 25,000 members who've been able to document their ancestry to meet modern research requirements.  

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Artists & The Mayflower

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A Prosperous Wind

Painting by Dr. Mike Haywood


Depicting the the start of the voyage, as described by William Bradford ~

William Bradford was using the Julian calendar.

His 6th September 1620 is equivalent to 16th September 1620 in the Gregorian calendar which we use today

Mike Haywood Art Co.

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The Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor

From the painting by W. F. Halsall, 1882


The original oil painting may be seen in Pilgrim Hall Museum,

also known as America's Museum of Pilgrim Possessions.




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The Mayflower at Sea

"with the stern of the little craft hove up on a mighty wave as she leans forward to dip the next hollow of the swelling ocean, and her sails standing out against the cloudy rays of the setting sun"

Drawing circa 1880 by GRANVILLE PERKINS

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Embarkation of the Pilgrim Fathers

published circa 1850

Plate drawn by E. Corbould, engraved Greatbach


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Landing of the Pilgrims at Plimouth, 11th Dec. 1620

G. L. Brown

published c1840


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The First Landing of the Pilgrims, 1620

published in New York by Johnson in 1859

Plate drawn by Charles Lucey and engraved by T. Phillibrown




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The First Landing of the Pilgrims - 1620


circa 1858


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Landing of the Pilgrims at the Plymouth, 11th Dec 1620

Currier and Ives


General Society of Mayflower Descendants
PO Box 3297
Plymouth, Massachusetts 02361-3297
508 746-3188