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Discription of Works-Keefer Bible
Submitted by Katherine L. Dusek


As best I can, I will relate what I am able to read page by page in this Bible.

On the inside cover it reads:

Katherine Keefer Work's Bible

Mothers Bible

Mrs John Brodbeck
3237 Shelton

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David Work & Catharine Keefer were married on May 27, 1828

Catharine Work Wife of David Work departed this life September the 9th 1835
at 6 o'clock Am
David Work Departed this life October the 14th 1836

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David Work was born January 3, 1800

Katherine Keefer daughter of Valentine and

Katherine Keefer was born the 19th of February 1800

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Jane Work was born March 4th 1829
Henry Work was born August 22 1831

Catharine Work was born September the 9th at 4 o'clock in Am 1835

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Nancy Work was Married Nov 29 1853
----- Work was Married April 13 1854

Nancy Webb departed this life Match the 21st 1856 aged 24 years 6 mo 29 days
Katharine Work Wilson died Sept 8th 1914

One the very last page of this Bible it reads:

This was my Grand Mother Work's Bible, then my Mother's
Katharine E Work Wilson. She died Sept 8th 1914 and next it has came
into my keeping (the youngest daughter of Katharine E Work Wilson)
Jinnie S Wilson Lacey

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