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An Early Account of William Groves 1855-1874

William Groves was born April 18, 1834, baptized December 16, 1844- died Jan 31, 1919---age 88

Was born at Chesham Bucks, England, Joined the English Navy at the age of 15 years. At the age of 22 years left and came to America and joined the U.S. Regular Army February 26, 1856 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (there he joined the "Oddfellows Lodge", later transferred to The Devner lodge.

From Philadelphia his Army Company (names & date on papers in safe) were sent to Utah and Wyoming as scouts. After scout duty his company spent 1 winter in Utah picking up the dry bones of the people of the "Mountain Meadow Massacre."They lived on frozen mule meat for a large portion of their food that terrible winter.

 Before joining the Army he changed his name from Grove to Jackman for fear the English would take him back to England. But after being discharged he changed his name back to Groves. He served 5 years in the US Regular Army and was honorably discharged and made his home in Denver, Colorado.

Was married to Amanda Neal, daughter of Jesse and Narcissa Atkinson Neal. 2 daughters were born to them in Colorado. Later they crossed the plains by ox team. Left Denver in April, reached Mountain Home in late fall 1873. Came to Boise in the year 1873. A few years with City of Boise and one winter in Mt Home, Idaho. Coming to the Payette Valley where he spent the remainder of his life, He was a member of the "Old Bluff Station Church", which was located about where the bridge across now Roy Knights & Kennedy ranches.

note written on Hotel Bonneville Stationary in Idaho Falls...no dates

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