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Exactly as written in a letter from Aunt Ruth to Jeanmarie (BeBe)

Richard Mathius Stone was born in Virginia. He has a twin sister named Sally-----there was a large family but I do not have their names. Grandpa Stone disagreed with his family over the treatment of the slaves and left home as soon as he was 21--- he met Elender Hayes up in Indiana. They were married in Arkansas. Her father ( I don't know his name but he is suppose to have been a nephew of President Ruthford B. Hayes. Now I have no papers or anything to prove this. Grandma & Grandpa Stone came to Little Valley in March 1883. Took up a homestead there and lived most of the rest of their lives there. Grandma died in February 1902 and Grandpa spent the last few years out at Riddle Ida. he died there in 1909 and was brought back and buried beside Grandma. The cemetery is beside H9-way 51. on way to Elko Nevada.
David Lahtinen,  Fay's youngest and her baby boy Owens, all of the old Stone Place, as well as quite a lot of other land there. They have one girl in College one graduating there this year and 2 boys I think Agnes might have something to add to this as she has been on it too.
Grandpa Stone was an atheist but Grandma believed in the Bible's teaching. they read the Bible three 3 times the first year they were in Little Valley because they didn't have any thing else to read but argued about it's meaning. I don't know much about the Keefer side. The "Dunkards", as I understand it- is a part of the "quaker" religion. I don't know what the P. stands for. it is part of his middle name- - - - -
Elender Hayes Stone and Richard M. had 3 children born in the middle east. Then they decided to come West to Calif. in the early 51 or 52. Somewhere along the way a man who said he was her father came up to their wagon with a fancy outfit beautiful horse and all, and came with them as far as Salt Lake, there the man waved "Good Bye" thanked them and said "You're going to Calif I'm going to Oregon". They never heard from him again- When they got to Calif they went to the Mining Camps and Grandma would start a "Eating House" and Grandad a "bar". They made quite a bit of money in fact they had a small satchel full of gold coins when they left Calif. They had big freight outfits- - went to Montana, it was so cold there the thermometer went as low as it could and they nearly froze - the next winter they were in Haley, Idaho then the next winter they were across the Sua? River from what is now Grandview. That March 1883 they moved to their Little Valley homestead and built a little cabin. They "farmed", raised hay and grain- - the boys worked out. my Mom was 6 yrs old the 9th of that January. Uncle Gus was 5 yrs older than Mom but Uncle Dick was "grown up". They had a garden of sorts that year. They were awful poor- Grandpa wouldn't let them borrow or go in debt that winter. They thrashed the wheat out by hand for their cereal and roasted barley for their coffee - - they wove their own hats from wheat straws and knit their own socks from wool they gathered from the brush where the sheep went thru to higher grass. They made their own soap. Uncle Granville died in Calif- - Sally mrried again and the step Dad brought Lawrence and Buck up for their Grandpa to raise. Bessie came when she was about 18- - We never heard from her after she got to Mountain Home her way back to Calif- Lawrence stayed around Riddle until after Uncle Dick died then he went back down to Eureka Calif and was working in the woods there- - Buck died in the hospital in Nampa and he is buried up by My Mom and Dad in the Cemetery here in Bruneau- -
If you find anything more about the family send it to me will you?
Agnes is Uncle Dicks Oldest girl- - she and her husband joined the Mormon Church a few years back. I think you can get in touch with them at ( Mrs Harold Brown)- Wendel, Idaho but I can't tell you the zip code now. I've forgotten- -
My husband Geo W. Randall died in the Mountain Home Hospital the 1st of Jan and I've been with our oldest daughter in Boulder City Nevada all the rest of the winter. Came home the 9th of May It is Getting real hot down there now.

Write again - -

                        Aunt Ruth

Some of these people I canít identify but others I can and have. Hoping to figure the rest out.
Anyone have any clues??? Feel free to e-mail me.

This is from a letter I found in the things my sister Jeanmarie(Wilda) sent me. Dated 1978.
Katherine L. Dusek, July 23, 1999.

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