Kat's Route To Roots  

Kat's Route To Roots

Katherine L. Dusek

 Hi, my name is "Kat", to be referred to later by many others. I have only been "dabbling” in Genealogy for the past 7+ years (1994). I am not a licensed genealogist, just someone who is looking for ancestors. It was an older sister who started this back in the 60's while raising a family and helping her husband thru Law School. She did a magnificent job, I might add. She laid a good foundation for me to continue building.

I had started looking for names I remembered from my childhood. It wasn't until 6 years ago (1996) at the funeral of another older sister (I am the youngest of 6 girls) that I learned of her work. She, Bebe, as we called her, gave me a rough sketch of what she had done. She had a lot of other information at her home and I "begged" her to send them to me. Which she did, willingly, with her blessing in hopes that I could take it from there?   Now I have to do a good job so as not to make her regret her decision. With the help of Roots Web, which I had joined as a sponsor in 1994 and the many people who sent me ‘tips’ on how to find things, I started my search.

So, with this in hand and mind, I am in the progress of PROVING/PROVED some of our lineage. And I have to tell you this; I get such a "high" with every "hit" I get. I get so excited I want to share it with the world. Probably due to my childhood, or lack of one with my blood family. I am an adopted child. Adopted at age 10 but still remembered my family. Age dimmed my memories some and I have to know my ROOTS. Who my ancestors were and where they came from. Something we all are looking for.

I have made many good friends on Roots Web who have helped in my searches. Their ‘tips’ and many who went to courthouses or Historical Societies to look things up and send to me, I was able to get records that being out of those States would not have been able to get. To them I say "Thank you". ALL of you are absolutely wonderful. We seem to be extended family here at Roots Web.

I made a trip to my home state of Idaho this past summer, July 2000, where my sister Toni and brother-in-law (HI Bro) visited 4 Cemeteries and photographed many ancestors’ headstones. I saw my Dads for the first time and we were able to get a stone on my Mamma's grave too. But it seems no matter where my ancestors started out most all of them ended up in Idaho. That's because it's so beautiful there. <grin>

We were to have gone to a 5th Cemetery but were told that there were rattlesnakes back up in there.  YIKES!!!! NO THANKS!!!!

We spent a day with our Aunt Lela who is the last generation who could help me with my childhood memories. We looked at a ton of pictures and took many up to a little shop in town, where they were copied.  They came out very well. Some of them were so old I was afraid they would disintegrate. I will be putting some of these up for your viewing pleasure later on. Maybe you will recognize one of them. If you do please e-mail me.

I hope you enjoy what you find here and will come back often. Many updates will follow along with some memories of my sisters, nieces and nephews. Providing I can get them to tell me stories. Hopefully I can find some of my own that can be printed on public domain. <grin>

Here are some of the Surnames I am searching/ researching:







And NO doubt a few more will pop up during my searches.

Well a few more have popped:


At the present time I have PROVED many names. I have land deeds, birth, and marriage and death records for many of my ancestors. That is to say only those I PROVE can I take credit for.  If you find a common name be sure and e-mail me. I will be happy to share what information I have PROVED.

Right now I am on a "hunt" for my HAYES/STONE.  And making some good progress to thanks to many people on my mailing lists, Rootsweb, Ancestry and FamilySearch. <grin> something no one has been able to find thus far. These are only tips as to where to locate the records, nothing more. When I have ALL the information I need to PROVE the lineage, I will write for those records. I wish I had time to make the many trips it takes to get them in person but that is just not possible in every case.

Special THANKS go out to Roy Wheeler and Carlis Wilson for all their help locating some ‘HAYES'


Well folks, as I promised here is our new HOME. My friend Carlis has kindly offered to be my Webmaster. So this will be done properly now.

We, the contributors cannot be held responsible for the information contained on this site. The information provided is believed to be true based on the intent and those of the submitters. There are many friends and relatives who 'contributed' to information posted. There is no way we can be sure that, that person belonged to the said family(s), nor the dates being absolutely correct.
It is up to each individual researcher to verify his or her material through their OWN research. If you believe any of the posts here are in error, please feel free to e-mail.

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