DOLE in Hawaii (Genealogical Query by JRD)

DOLE (Genealogical Query by JRD).

Summary/Outline/Excerpt/Description: DOLE 1808 ME 1841 HI 1878.


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DOLE, BALLARD, CLOSE, KNAPP, ROWELL, CATE From the Missionary Album, 1969, Hawaiian Mission Children's Society: Daniel DOLE b.1808 Bloomfield (now Skowhegan), ME, d.1878 Kapaa, Kauai m1.1840 Emily Hoyt BALLARD b.1807 Hallowell, ME, d.1844 Honolulu, HI m2.1846 Charlotte (CLOSE) KNAPP b.1813 Greenwich, CT, d.1874 Honolulu, HI George Hathaway 1842-1912, m. Clara Maria ROWELL (*?) Sanford Ballard 1844-1926, m. Anna Prentice CATE (president of Republic and first governor of Territory of Hawaii) (*) Spouses parents (were ABCFM missionaries to HI also): ___________ ROWELL? Places lived: ME, Bloomfield 1808 born ME 1836 graduated Bowdoin College ME 1839 graduated Bangor T.S. ME, Bloomfield 1840 ordained HI, Honolulu, Oahu 1840-1855 stationed at ABCFM missionaries (Punahou) HI, Koloa, Kauai 1855-1878 pastor of foreign congregation teacher in school for white kids HI, Koloa, Kauai 1856 release from ABCFM HI, Kapaa, Kauai -1878 died From 1878 Congregational Year Book the necrology report for Daniel Dole b.9 Sep 1808, d.26 Aug 1878 said he was at Punahou School, Oahu 1840-1855, Koloa, Kauai 1855-1875, and in Honolulu, without charge 1875-1878 living with his sons. From Jack Dole who runs the DOLE-L mailing list (What are the sources for this info?)(need more details) Richard Dole and Hanna Rolfe. The Newberry, MA Doles. ...Abner b. 8 Mar 1672 at Newberry MA m. Sarah Belsher ......Nathaniel Dole b. 29 Mar 1701 died 12, Aug 1790 buried at Salesbury, MA, ......m. Elizsabeth Noyes .........Nathaniel Dole b. 20 May 1739 m. 1 Nov, 1763 Mary Noyes (Somerby) ............Wigglesworth Dole born 17 Nov,1779 at Alna,ME ..............................died 16 June 1845 At Norridgewock or Skowhegan, ME. ............m.11 March 1807 Elizabeth Haskell ...............Daniel b. 1808 d. 1855, m. Emily Ballard ..................George H Dole b. 1842 d. 1912 ..................Sanford Ballard Dole b.23 April 1844 Hawaii, d.9 June 1926 in Hawaii ...............Nathan b. 1811 d. 1855, ...............Elizabeth b. 1815 d. 1863 ...............Isaiah b. 1819. DOLE kids lived: George Hathaway 1842-1912, m. Clara Maria ROWELL ... kids mostly born on Kauai, last born in 1890 in Riverside, CA ... both died in Redlands, CA Sanford Ballard 1844-1926, m. Anna Prentice CATE (president of Republic and first governor of Territory of Hawaii) ... Didn't have any children. Kawaiahao Church Cemetery, Honolulu, Oahu: Mrs. Emily H. wife of Rev. D. DOLE d.1844*, age 36 Mrs. Charlotte C. DOLE 1813*-1874* George H. DOLE 1842-1912 / Clara R. DOLE 1847-1916 / Sandford B. DOLE 1844-1926 / Anna C. DOLE 1843-1918 / Walter S. DOLE 1868-1945 Carl Dreier DOLE 1898-1900 son of Walter Sanford & Miriam Dreier DOLE Charles Sumner DOLE 1873*-1951* Elizabeth N. LOW 1865-1921 Sanford Dole LOW 1888*-1889* Eben Fuller LOW 1899-1925 * Complete dates on tombstone. Indentation on dates are my guesses. Hawaii 1900 Soundex D400: Also Dall, Doyle, Dorf in list. Dole, David 1875 HI boarder in Honlulu (with Keola) Dole, E.P. 1850 ME lodger in Honolulu (with Merry) Dole, Henry 1843 HI Honolulu, Oahu (who is this?) Mary 1859 HI (w) W. 1891 HI (s) Nalahui 1844 HI (s.l.) Dole, Sanford B. 1844 HI Honolulu, Oahu (son of Daniel) Anna 1851 ME James D. 1877 MA Dannett G.R. 1878 CO Dole, W.S. 1868 HI Alone in Waialua, Oahu Dole, Walter S. 1859 HI Honolulu, Oahu Miriam 1876 Am Carl D. 1898 Am Richard 1900 HI Dreier, Lilliam 1851 Am (m.l.) Hawaii 1900 Census Index by Ancestry.Com Dole, David Honolulu, ED5, p.118 Dole, B.P. Honolulu, ED10, p.004 Dole, Henry Honolulu, ED12, p.090 Mary W. Dole, Sanford Honolulu, ED12, p.110 Anna James D. Dannett G.R. Dole, W.S. Waialua, Oahu, ED34, p.040 Dole, Walter S. Honolulu, ED9, p.303 Meriam Carl D. Richard Hawaii 1910 Census Index by Ancestry.Com Dole, Sanford B. Honolulu, Vol.10, p.076 Anna Cate P. Dole, James D. Honolulu, Vol.11, p.038 Bille Richard A. James D., Jr. Dole, Charles S. Lihue, Kauai, p.257 Dole, Benjamin Honolulu, Vol.8, p.108 Hawaii 1920 Census Index by Ancestry.Com Dole, James D. 41 MA ME ME Octoroon Honolulu, ED49, p.49 Belle R. 39 HI IL HI Charles H. 5 HI MA HI Barbara 3.5 HI MA HI Charles F. 74 ME ME ME (father) Frances D. 73 ME ME MA (mother) Dole, Benjamin 45 HI HI HI Hawaiian Honolulu, ED49, p.4B Dole, Charles F. 46 HI HI HI OC Lihue, Kauai, ED10, p.2A Dole, William P. 29 HI HI HI Chinese Honolulu, ED49, p.35B Emily H. 25 HI HI HI Hawaiian Emily K. 7 HI HI HI Chinese Henry 5 HI HI HI Chinese William 3 3/12 HI HI HI Chinese Simeon 3 3/12 HI HI HI Chinese Dole, Kapeka 28 HI HI HI Hawaiian Hanalei, Kauai, ED1, p.8A Hawaii 1930 Census Index by Ancestry.Com Dole, Emily C. 54 ca.1875 HI HI HI Other Caucasian Honolulu, ED2-30, p.4B Dole, James D. 53 ca.1876 MA ME ME Caucasian (OC) Honolulu, ED2-29, p.3B Belle 50 HI IL HI Richard 22 HI MA HI James, Jr. 20 HI MA HI Elizabeth 18 HI MA HI Charley 15 HI MA HI Barbara 14 HI MA HI Dole, Benjamin 55 ca.1875 HI HI HI Hawaiian Honolulu, ED2-33, p.9A Dole, William P. 39 ca.1890 HI HI HI Caucasian/Hawaiian Honolulu, ED2-51, p.10B Emily 35 HI HI HI CH Emily K. 19 HI HI HI CH Henry H. 15 HI HI HI CH William P. 13 Jr. HI HI HI CH Simeon K. 11 HI HI HI CH Henrietta K.9 HI HI HI CH Muriel K. 7 HI HI HI CH Benjamin K. 5 HI HI HI CH Richard H 2 2/12 HI HI HI CH Eleanor K. 2/12 HI HI HI CH Dole, William 13 ca.1916 HI HI HI Caucasian/Hawaiian Koolauloa, Honolulu ED2-21, p.3B Inmate Waialu Industrial School From the Daniel Dole letters (BANC MSS 87/83z) at the Brancroft Library at the University of California in Berkeley Year Qty From To 1869 1 Honolulu George & Clara 5/31 1870 2 " " 6/1 - 6/18 1877 3 " George 9/6 - 10/02 1877 5 Hilo " 10/2 - 12/12 1877 9 Hilo Sanford 10/5 - 12/24 1878 2 Honolulu George 1/16 & 1/18 1878 1 Sailor's Home George 1/21 (in Honolulu, I think) 1878 1 Honolulu " 2/4 1878 2 Wailuku " 2/8 & 2/19 1878 2 Wailuku Sanford 2/6 & 3/15 From Stanford Ballard Dole, and His Hawaii, 1957, Ethel M. Damon. It mentions Daniel Dole being: 1841-1855 at Punahou School 1842 George born. 1843 vacation to Maui and Hawaii 1844 Sanford born and Daniel's wife, Emily, died. 1844 Rices come to Punahou from Hana, Maui. 1846 m2. Charlotte Knapp. 1853 to Maui to visit Alexanders and Baldwins in Lahaina, Baileys and Condes in Wailuku, and Greens in Makawao. 1854 Punahou is chartered as Oahu College with Beckwith as President. 1855-1866 To Koloa 1871 went back to states for visit? 1871-1878 Sometime during this period Sanford buys 1/4 of Grove Ranch plantation on Maui. 1874 Charlotte died in Honolulu after moving there after a stroke. 1875 Sanford's wife Anna wrote to Daniel on Maui 16 Feb 1875 1877 Daniel visited Koloa and the Smiths in the summer. 1878 Daniel moved in with George and Clara when new house done in Kapaa in June. 1878 Daniel died 8/26/1878, buried at George's in Kapaa. Later his grave moved to the Rice plot in Lihue. From Sanford Ballard Dole, Hawaii's only President, publ?, Helena G. Allen 1874 Position to preach arranged for Daniel in Hilo, after Charlotte died. From Wailuku Union Church Minutes during 1868-1882 that I took in 1999 while there on a visit: 09/13/68 Mr. Thurston resigns to leave country (This was Rev. T.G.Thurston) Rev. W.P. Alexander requested to conduct services temporarily. Accepted. 09/20/68 Start pastoral search. Wrote to Am. Home Mission Soc. of N.Y. 06/27/69 Rev. D. Dole of Kauai officiated service, 13 attend. 07/18/69 Call to Mr. Dole. 01/15/70 Ann. Mtg. 10AM 01/22/70 Voted to allow Mr. Brewster to use vestry for a select school. 03/06/70 Baptism of Wallace McKinney, infant son of Sam'l T & Martha E. Alexander. 02/25/71 Ann Mtg 10AM, elected officers, voted to tax $5/qtr/family 02/14/79 Mtg 3PM, still looking for pastor 01/19/75 Mtg 2PM, Rev. D. Dole to arrive 1/26 to preach a few months 07/10/82 Call to Mr. Lane (out of order) 01/24/80 Call to Rev. F. H. Robinson at $1200/yr. To sell pews. 03/09/81 Rev. F.H. Robinson resigned 07/05/82 Call to Rev. N.W. Lane at $1200/yr & parsonage 07/10/82 Rev. N.W. Lane accepted Another DOLE was James Drummond Dole Who's Who in California, Vol. 1, 1942-1943, 1941, Russell H. Fletcher Who's Who on the Pacific Coast, 1949, The A.N.Marquis Co. Emmigrant Californians, 1953 C.W. Taylor, Jr. He was the founder of the Hawaiian Pineapple Co., Ltd. 1877 Born 27 Sep 1877 Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA son of Charles Fletcher & Francis (DRUMMOND) DOLE 1899 Graduated from Harvard Univ. with a AB 1900 Homesteaded in HI 1901 Started to plant pineapple & organized HPC 1903 Erected a cannery -1932 President and General Manager of HPC 1932-1948 Chairman of the Board of HPC 1942/3, 1949, and 1953 Living in San Francisco 1906 Married Belle DICKEY on 22 Nov 1906 Children: Richard Alexander DOLE James Drummond Elizabeth m. D. Hebdon PORTEUS Charles Herbert Barbara m. Johannes LARSEN From Tom Banwell Rev. Wiggesworth Dole 1799-1845 Rev. Daniel Dole 1808 ME-1878 Kauai, HI George H. Dole 1842 Oahu-1912 Riverside, CA Sanford B. Dole 1844 Oahu-1926 Rev. Nathan Dole 1811 ME-1855 ME Charles F. Dole 1845 ME-1927 James Drummond Dole 1877 MA-1958 Makawao, Maui Need help with DOLE in MA, ME, HI, and CA. Who were his parents and siblings? Want to trace ancestors and contact descendants. Just what was he doing on Kauai between 1855-1874? What was he doing and where 1874-1878? Any help would be appreciated. James R. Davis, 6708 Austin Way, Sacramento, CA 95823 (916)-393-9186

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