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Some remarks  

Some remarks

The following points are covered on this page:

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Copyright notice

Anyone wishing to duplicate information from these pages should send me e-mail.  Genealogical data are composed of sets of facts and facts cannot be copyrighted. However, the presentation of the facts on these pages is copyrighted, as are certain sections representing "stories" or anecdotes. In addition, altho I don't see why any valid requests for duplication would be refused, I do wish

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Dependability of information

I am not certain of all the data contained in these tables and reports.  (Who could be?)  Nevertheless, I have at least some source(s) for each relation or event asserted therein.  So I am making the reports available in order to permit further exchange of information between anyone who may "connect" to any of these people and myself.  For more information, send me mail.

I have also furnished selected bibliographies, "selected" so as to protect the privacy of some contributors. This in no ways diminishes the importance of my debt to them for having shared the fruits of their research and I thank them (you) one and all.

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Report formats

A word on TMG and the format of these reports:

All the genealogy reports in these pages page have been generated automatically by The Master Genealogist for Windows, the best genealogy software I've come across, and I've worked with the top seller and several of the best. All sentences are as generated by TMG, except for a few manual tweaks in later generations, in which I wanted to omit certain items for living people. Of course, I have worked to customize many of the sentences, but TMG does all the rest. If this sounds like a plug, it is! :-)

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About living people

I have tried carefully to respect the right to privacy of all living people in my data set. All living people presented on these pages are there with their own approval or that of a responsable member of their family. In some cases, this has led me to manually tweak certain entries, as already mentioned. But if anyone finds herself/himself mentioned counter to his will, please send me mail immediately.

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