Who are we?  

Who is responsible for these pages?

Well, the shorter answer is John and Siv O'Neall.  John is American, grew up in Florida and then migrated to Paris, where he met Siv.  Siv is Swedish and migrated to New York City, then met John in Paris (while on sabbatical) and decided to move with him to France.   We now live in a suburb of Lyon with our cat and our dog.  (Notice the order.)

The longer answer must include the name of John's father, Albert Ellis O'Neall, "Bert" to everyone who knows him.  He's the real genealogist in the family, well known to many O'Neall genealogy buffs.  John got started by following his example.  Bert himself got started... well, in his own words (in his 1998 Christmas letter, written just after his 90th birthday):

"...Bert's continuing genealogical research (which John has also gotten into) ... can take as much or as little time as one wants to give to it.  Bert is too old and stubborn for computers so he has all of his records on paper.  He started with some old books of Great Uncle George O'Neall's (who died in 1906), added material from his Mother's efforts and his own research, plus input from many interested cousins.  The records now are up to about 2,200 pages, kept in seven loose leaf binders."

That phrase "stubborn about computers" is very true.  Although he will allow John to hook up and use his laptop in his (Bert's) presence, he has yet to deign to look at anything on the screen.  So, even though he's provided most of the data for them, he'll probably refuse to have anything to do with these pages, aside from a remote toleration of their existence!  He does have e-mail now, tho, so progress is still ... progressing.

Here's a picture (104KB) of 3 generations of O'Nealls. You can click on it to see a larger one, with explanations of who the folks in it are.

Genas, France, 14 December 2001