Journals of the Reverend James Smith
Three journals by the Reverend James Smith of Powhatan County, Virginia, 1783-1795-1797

These amazing journals were written by my 3rd great-grandfather, James Trabue Smith.  They describe three trips he made to Kentucky and Ohio, then the Northwest Territory, in the years preceding his own removal to Ohio because he was "weary of slavery and the consequent evils attending it".  The original journals are in the possession of other descendants of James Smith.  (If anyone knows where they currently are, please contact me.)  But copies are available on the web site of the Ohio Historical Society.  Please click here to go read them on their site.

Please note that, because Ohio History will be taken over by Kent State University later this year (2004), the URL given may at some point not work any more.  In this case, please inform me and I will update the link.

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