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Henry O'Neall, his history  

Henry O'Neall, the Tory

In The Annals of Newberry, John Belton O'Neall writes the following about Henry O'Neall.

Henry married a Chambers, lived in Laurens [South Carolina], and there remained till the close of the revolution, when he removed to Florida, and settled the place at the mouth of St. Mary's river (where his grandson, the Hon. James T. O'Neill, now resides); he (Henry O'Neall) was killed in an attempt to seize an outlaw soon after his removal; he left a large family -- James, Eber, Thomas, William, Henry, Asa, Hugh and Margaret; all are dead [in 1892] except Margaret, now Mrs. King, of Georgia; none had families except Eber, William and Maragret.

But the revolutionary unrest of the time made even brothers into enemies; such was the case among the brothers O'Neall.  John Belton O'Neall goes on to say:

Henry and John,  unfortunately, sided with the tories.  Henry, it is said, after his determination was made, and he  had accepted a Major's commission in the British army, passed into Virginia to see his brother James, and proposed, if they should ever meet in battle, that they would treat each other as brothers;  but the stern republican would accept no such amnesty; 'in peace, brethren; in war, enemies,' was his reply.  Fortunately, they never met in arms.
But Judge O'Neall's telling of the history of Henry and his descendants is a bit laconic.  A far more engrossing story is told of it in the fascinating narrative of the home Henry built after his arrival in Florida and of his family's subsequent fortunes there.  This document, which has been transmitted generously by one of Henry's descendants, Marsha O'Neill Moore (to whom many thanks), is called The History of New Hope Plantation.

For more details on Henry's descendants, as well as an alternate hypothesis as to his identity, consult the narrative of his descendants (index, bibliography).