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My (John's) ancestors came from Ireland, Wales, England, France, Switzerland, Germany (now Poland) and most likely from some other places too.  Most of my ancestors on my father's side were Quakers, at least from about 1700 until about 1900.  Hence, the name of the site, which refers to O'Nealls as members of the Society of Friends (Quakers), as well as to their friends and family members.

Other Quaker families among my ancestors and cousins are the Brown, Ellis, Fisher, Hutton and Kelly families. But, on branches farther out, there are also the Beals, Haines, Hocketts and others.

The genealogies
Here is the fast path to the genealogies of my families:  O'Neall, Ellis, Fisher, Hutton, Kelly...
newThe Life and Times of Albert Ellis O'Neall
Inspired by "The Life and Times of Abijah O'Neall", genealogist Albert E. O'Neall has written his own memoires of growing up in a small Ohio town... and much more!
The Life and Times of Abijah O'Neall A biography from c. 1900 of Abijah O'Neall, a Quaker who removed from Bush River, South Carolina, to Waynesville, Ohio; he wished to escape from the land of slavery, as he was convinced "that Liberty is the Natural Right of all Mankind".
The Memoirs and Journal of Joseph Fisher Journal kept by Joseph Fisher, who died in 1848.
Journals of the Reverend James Smith Journals of three trips made by the Reverend James Trabue Smith to the Northwest Territory in 1783, 1795 and 1797.
Journal of John Quincy Smith Or, the Smith-Whitehill Family History, being the journal of the grandson of the above James Smith.
The Annals of Newberry Chapter 26, the O'Neall chapter, from Judge John Belton O'Neall's book. This chapter is the principal (if not only) source of information for the immigrant, Hugh O'Neall, and his children. It's also an interesting read!
The Kelly Family A Sketch Read at the Celebration of Samuel Kelly's 92d Birthday, 17 December 1890
Family History Scrapboook We think the best part of our site is here in our scrapbook, which contains (near-)contemporary documents, stories, anecdotes, pictures and other interesting and diverting material.
Ahnentafel (index of people, index of places, bibliography) Table of all my known ancestors.
Who was Hugh O'Neall? The identity of Hugh O'Neall, the original immigrant, has been discussed extensively on the O'Neall list; here are all the facts we know of concerning him, and a bit of personal opinion.
Hugh's children Fast path to the immigrant Hugh O'Neall's children and their descendants.
Where did they all go? To 43 states, at least... The geographical migrations of the descendants of Hugh O'Neall.
The O'Nealls and slavery How 2 generations of O'Nealls dealt with the odious institution of slavery.
Quakers Our principal Quaker families.
Meeting houses Some pictures of Quaker Meeting Houses.
Links Some particularly useful, well-done or otherwise interesting Internet pages.
Who are we? A bit of information about the folks responsable for these pages.
Site map Our Table of Contents is now up-to-date -- at least, for the moment.

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