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FELT Family Roots In Hungary

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++My Hungarian FELT Search--(FELT derived from "F�LDI)++

  • Some of my grandparental families (KOI/KOJ/TUTUSKA)came from Szabolcs and Zempl�n Megyes (Counties) in the northeast corner of this map (just to the left of the "UA"). My ancestral area is just inside the bend of the Tisza River, the northern wandering blue line, where it comes back into Hungary from the Ukraine (UA) and then briefly becomes part of the border between Hungary and Slovakia (SK) to the north. They lived in the town of Mandok and the village of Tisza-Bezded in Hungary, and the farming area of Kis-Tark�ny, now Male Trak�ny in Slovakia, all to the northeast of Ny�regyh�za, and close to the river which flows in the same area after a brief foray back into the Ukraine! Tributaries of the river in the area, like tree branches, wander into all three nations and obviously figured heavily in my ancestors' everyday lives.
  • The location of my father's family (F�LDI/F�LDING) and ancestry is not entirely certain at this point but we believe that he immigrated from the small village of Bakony-Szt-Iv�n in the mountains of Vezpr�m, about 50 miles westsouthwest of Budapest.
  • My mother's family (FABI), on the other hand, came from Forgol�ny in Ugocsa Megye,Old Hungary (approximately 75 miles southeast east of the "UA" on the map) just off the Tisza River where it wanders out of the Ukraine--(see map of Austro-Hungary below the current map) but now renamed D'ivichne. The majority of male Hungarians living in this area before WWII were deported in 1944-45 by the occupying Soviets to labor camps and gulags in Russia as vengeance for the Hungarian Army's participation on the side of the Nazis. Very few ever were released and little is known of their fate. There is still a small, persecuted, Hungarian minority living there, however.

--The Counties and Major Cities of post-WWII Hungary--

To get a feel for how much territory Hungary lost after the post-WWI Treaty of Trianon, compare the map above with the one below, the former "Austro-Hungarian Empire" which included parts of countries which are now the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukrainia, Romania, Yugoslavia and Italy."

Austro-Hungarian Empire

St Stephen's Crown
Hungary's Greatest Treasure: the Crown of Saint Stephen
The year 2000 is the 1000th anniversary of the crowning of the first king of Hungary, Szt.Istvan/St.Stephen (patron saint) and of a Christian Hungary.

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