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Felt Family Genealogy Search


Genealogical search for my Hungarian ancestral FABI, FELDE(S, FÖLDI, KOI or KOY, SANDL(E)and TUTUSKA ancestors and descendants

Perhaps YOU, TOO, can be a miracle worker!!! How? Be a Friend, Descendant or Relative with information to help us learn about the following:
  • Great-grandparents: Origin in Kis-Tarkany, then in Zemplen Megye (County) Austro-Hungary, now Slovakia, just across ther river from Tisza-Bezded, Szabolcs Megye, Hungary. Husband: Andrew KOI. Wife: Elizabeth TUTUSKA
  • Grandparents: Grandfather's place of origin not certain. However, Ellis Island records have him being from SZTIVAN, a very small village in the Bakony mountains west of Budapest.Joseph FELT (Földi/Földis), a tailor, died of pneumonia contracted while working on flooded areas in early 1905 at age 22 in Belleville, New Jersey. Grandmother Erzebet (Elizabeth) KOI, born Tisza-Bezded, Hungary in 1884, married in 1901 and had two children with Joseph, both born in Belleville.--Albert (born Joseph Albert)in 1902. Died 1967, and Alice (See below) born 1904. After death of Joseph, grandmother Elizabeth KOI FELT, married Frank BEDREVICZ of Buffalo, New York. Children from BEDREVICZ marriage include Frank, Irene and Eleanor, all now deceased. Grandmother deceased in 1947 at age 64.

Grandparents' wedding, New York City, 1901
shortly after arrival in America

  • Great aunt and descendants: Jennie Felt, married John Sandle about 1910. Lived in Belleville or Kearny, New Jersey. Had ten children, including Elizabeth who died in 1917 at age 3 and is buried with grandfather Joseph in St. Peter's RC Cemetery in Belleville, N.J., Other Sandle cousins include Tom, Fred, John, Joseph, Michael, Frank, Henry, Mary, and Jennie. Four are still living.

  • Aunt and Cousins: Alice Felt, sister of Albert, born 1904 in Belleville, New Jersey. Sometime after grandfather's death in 1905 but before WWI, was sent to Hungary with Albert, to live with greataunt Veronika Tutuska there. Remained in Hungary until after brother returned to the USA about 1921. Grandmother Koi-Felt-Bedrevicz went to Hungary in 1922 and brought Alice back to the USA. Married Tom Shannon in 1924 in Buffalo, New York. Spoke primarily Hungarian. Now deceased. Children include Veronica and Stephen.

  • Mother: Deceased. Born July 1904, in Hungary, as Julia FABI. After marriage to Albert Joseph FELT about 1923 in Buffalo, New York, had four children-- Helen Julia, birth and death in 1926 in infancy, Margaret, born in 1924, (see below) and Joseph (me), born in 1928 (baptized Josephus Albertum Földi,at St. Elizabeth's of Hungary RC Church in Buffalo), and, new-found, in December 2000, handsome brother George, born 1930. Divorced by my father in Buffalo, New York effective February 1930. Julia remarried and had more children. Died in Canada, 1997. I reunited with her in spirit at her grave in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada in July 2001, four years too late to have seen her after a separation of 68 years.

  • Sister:Margaret Elizabeth FELT Separated from me in 1933, after our father's divorce and remarriage, and sent away to live with another family where I lost track of her until 1999, when we were reunited through this very page. (I was only 5 when we were separated and she 9!) Married Frederick SHARP in 1945. Has three children, Elaine, Tom and Tina
  • But, again, unquestionably by the incomparable grace of God and His remarkable intervention, a MIRACLE! After living in foster homes for several years after my father's divorce, I was saved in 1944 by being taken in and adopted by a wonderful FELT family of English descent! Didn't even have to change my surname! But that's the story of ANOTHER miracle! God has been SO GOOD to me!

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