The Book of Jobe

The Book of Jobe

Randy Jobe

...And in all the land were no women found so fair as the daughters of Job...
Job 42:15

The Job/Jobe Family

  • Various spellings of the name Job and its derivitives found in old English records are Job, Jobe, Jobbe, Jobber, Joba, Jobb, Jobba, Joab, Johe, Jop, Jope, Jobson, Jobling, Juppe, and Chubb.

  • Some Jobes were said to have come from Kent County, England. No one named Job was granted arms there. There was a family named Jobson granted arms in Essex County, which is just across the Thames River from Kent. Arms were granted to Job families in York and Lancaster Counties. Crests were granted to families with the name Job and Jope.

  • The characteristics of the Job family were: great longevity, indomitable will and persistency, self reliance and self asserting, dry wit and good humor, fondness of books and flowers, generally married late in life if at all. The traits, more or less, have cropped out in their descendants down to the present generation.
    • Description by M. W. Blair, Kossuth, Iowa, circa 1895

  • The Job name probably originated in the 13th century when the Mystery Plays made the biblical character popular. Tradition says the Job family of Pembrokeshire were descended from Flemish weavers that the English planted in the 11th and 12th centuries to build Britain's cloth trade. Some Job family members immigrated to Scotland and Germany and later settled in America.
    • Description by Bill Jobe, Studio City, California, June 1988

  • Sorry folks, but this website is temporarily empty while I take a break and redo everything. You can contact me and help me update and make corrections from what was previously here. For info on my other surnames, SIMMES, HAMMER, SEARLES, CRAWFORD, LYON, FORD, HIX/HICKS, ARTERBURN, NILES, EMMERT, BARTLEY, ETC., contact me direct.

    • Here is the link to the main family history data for all Jobe families. I, along with many others, have been posting my data, pictures and documents to this site maintained by Ann Jobe Brown.

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