Dewhirst/Dewhurst Family Groups G-K

Dewhirst/Dewhurst Family Groups

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George Dewhurst


Blackburn , Lancashire, England
1575 - 1800 David Freeman  
George and Ann Dewhurst
Preston, Lancashire, London and Lymm, Cheshire, England
1811-present William Dewhurst  
George Dewhurst and Sarah Dean


Waddington, Yorkshire to Nelsonville, Ohio
1813 - present Jim and Birgit Dewhurst please also see these charts for possible corrections
Henry Dewhurst and Mary R. Slaytor


Ribchester, Lancashire, England to New York, New York, USA
  David Freeman In the line of Richard Dewhurst of Dewhurst Houses, Lancashire, England
Isaac Dewhurst and Sarah Sawley


East Marton in Craven and Skipton, Yorkshire   David Freeman Son of Thomas Dewhurst and Ellen Thornber/Thornbor in the line of Isaac Dewhurst Sr. and Susannah ?

Isaac Dewhurst Sr. and Susannah ?

Kildwick, Bracewell and Horton, Yorkshire
?-1769 David Freeman and Robyn Lynn  
Isaac Dewhurst Jr. and Catharine Parkinson  
Kildwick, and Gargrave, Yorkshire, England
1745 - abt. 1821 David Freeman and Robyn Lynn Son of Isaac Dewhurst Sr. and Susannah ?
James Dewhirst and Hannah Flaxington
Saltaire, West Yorkshire, England (Titus Salt's village)
ABT. 1841-1900 Pat Holland James is a son to  James Dewhirst and Rhoda Rushworth in the chart of Thomas Dewhirst and Susan Moser
James Dewhirst and Rosetta ?  
Keighley and Halifax, Yorkshire, England
1858-1997 Stephen Dewhirst son of William Dewhurst and Margret Whitehead in the line of the Dewhirsts of Keighley
James Roberts Dewhirst and Sarah Pickles

& 94974
Horbury and Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England
1810- 1900 Sylvia Green James is the youngest son of Richard Dewhirst Schoolmaster and Sarah Roberts
James Dewhurst and Alice ??
Preston, Lancashire, England
1800- present Adele Turner  
James Dewhirst and Ann Asquith
Thornhill, Yorkshire, England
1800-present Jonathan Dewhirst  
James Dewhurst and Elizabeth Drinkwater
Bentham Parish, Yorkshire, & Lancashire/Manchester, England
1764-1940 Robin Derham Galage  
James Dewhurst and Elizabeth ?
Waddington, Yorkshire, England to Ohio, USA
1813-present Bob Ingram please also see these charts for possible corrections
James Dewhirst and Nancy ??  
Lincolnshire and Epworth, England to Illinois, USA
1757 - 1900 Larry Boston  
James Dewhurst and Mary Bolton

Blackburn & Chorley, Lancashire, England
ABT. 1772-1886 Theresa Dewhurst  
James Dewhurst and Mary Fleming

Nelsonville and Athens Ohio, USA
1855 - present Jim and Birgit Dewhurst James and Mary are also seen in the charts of Bob Ingram - please compare . James is the son of Francis William Dewhurst and Elizabeth Verity in the charts of George Dewhurst and Sarah Dean
James William Dewhurst and Ellen Elizabeth Reeves

43192 & 94974
Hackney, Middlesex, London, England to Crockett, CA, USA
ABT. 1816-1950 Jana Black Surname in this line changed from Dewhurst in England to McPherson in the USA
Jeremiah Dewhurst and Ann ?
Allerton, Bradford, Yorkshire, England
ABT. 1738 Barbara Burrows and Bonnie Whitley Jeremiah is a grandson to Thomas Dewhurst and Mary Yewdall through their son Jeremiah and Mary Hollings
John Dewhirst
Drighlington, Yorkshire, England
1863-now June Phoebe Erskine Booth  
John Robert Dewhirst and Caroline Eagle

43192 & 94974
Horbury, W. Yorkshire, England to Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk to Belchamp St. Paul, Essex to Lambeth, Surrey
1800 Jana Black John and Caroline are parents to William Henry Dewhi/urst
John Dewhurst and Margaret Ellwood
Lancashire, England to Vancouver, British Colombia
ABT. 1809-1968 Bud Pennington  
John Dewhurst and Margaret Hindle
Church, Slaidburn and Accrington, Lancashire to Massachusetts, USA with New Zealand connections
1600s - present Robert H. Dewhurst, USA & Graeme Dewhurst, New Zealand  
John Dewhurst and Mary ??
Blackburn, Lancashire, England to Nove Scotia and the USA
1786-1900 Jana Black This is the ancestral line of second cousins, James Robert Dewhurst and Actress, Colleen Dewhurst
John Dewhurst and Rachel Crampton

Yorkshire, England
1801-1908 Kathy McKegg and Janet Ogden John is a son of Thomas Dewhurst and Elizabeth Cockcroft; in the descendancy line of Thomas Dewhurst and Mary Yewdall
Johnson C. Dewhurst and Christina Kuhn
New Hartford & Utica, New York
1858-1923 Darci Johnson is a son of John and Mary Brothers Dewhurst
Jonathan Dewhurst  
Wigan, Lancashire to London, then to Leigh & Chorley, Lancashire, England
1790-current Phil and Sue Taylor Jonathan was a Shakesperian Actor in the 1800s; son of John and Mary Dewhurst of Lancashire.
Joseph Dewhirst and Sarah Rigby


Yorkshire, England
1847-1868 David Freeman In the line of Richard Dewhirst of Heptonstall, Yorkshire
Joseph Dewhurst and Sarah Dean

Yorkshire, England to Uxbridge, Canada
1855 - present Jim and Birgit Dewhurst Another son in the line of George Dewhurst and Sarah Dean


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