Stokesbury / Stotesbury Family

The Stokesbury / Stotesbury Family
(including Stuchbury / Stuckbury, etc.)

of County Kilkenny, Ireland and
Hyde County, North Carolina

The below data on the Stotesbury / Stokesbury / Stuchbury family, compiled over the past several decades, is being presented in four sections. These four sections are divided by time and place for clarity, however one or more may overlap. I am posting this online for the benefit of other researchers and descendants of Dr. John Prior Stotesbury (c1755 - c1847). This is being done in an attempt to unscramble previous genealogies done on this family and to add whatever I have which may be of use to others. I will attempt to do this without too much editoralizing. Any assistance will be appreciated. (John B. McGowan).

Section I - Stuckburys in Delaware (late 1600's)

Section II - Stuchburys in Beaufort & Hyde Co., NC (1727-1774)

Section III - John Prior Stotesbury (c1755-c1847)

Section IV - "The Irish Letters" (1848/49)

Other Data:

Map of Hyde Co., NC Area

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Notes: Over the past several decades, several genealogists, on both sides of the Atlantic, have done extensive research on the Stotesbury / Stokesbury / Stuchbury family of England, Ireland, Canada and the United States. My area of research has been concentrated on the family in North Carolina and Ireland. My ancestor, Dr. John Prior Stotesbury (c1755-c1847), was probably born in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland and died in Beaufort Co., NC. He lived most of his adult life in Hyde Co., NC. In the past, there has been quite a bit of confusion in correctly applying the data which has been uncovered. If we work together and share our data, hopefully we can clear up some of the confusion. Thanks for any assistance.


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