Star of Zion Disciple Church

Star of Zion Disciple Church

This church was organized sometime after 1880 when the first public school districts were set up. The exact date of the building is not known but it continued to serve as both school and church, in different locations, until the schools were consolidated in 1943.

On February 18, 1895 H.C. Carter, gave a deed to Benjamin Mackey, James Riley Chance, Henry Barber and Henry Gibbs, as Trustees of the Star of Zion Church, a lot for $10.00, located in the village of Carmur on the "Cove Lane", bounded on the south by the lands of W. D. Murray. The village of Carmur was about three miles from the lake road and at the foot of Windmill Lane.

One of the earliest pastors was Israel Jordan, who also taught in the school. Members of the church at that time were the Chance, Collins, Barber, Gibbs, Green, Mackey and Paterson families.

Sometime around 1905 the church was moved to "Strudwick," on the east side of the Burrus Canal, as it was a more central location for most of the members. Mr. Jordan continued as pastor.

In 1920 the church was again moved, this time to the north side of the back road from Fairfield to Carmur, on the north side of Road #1305 just beyond the Dave Miller Carter road. At this time a bell was bought and has been in continuous use up to the present. Pastors who served here were Elders Thomas Daniels and D. L. Norman, and the membership continued to grow.

In 1943 the schools were consolidated and on Dec. 10, 1945, at Public Auction at the Court House, the Board of Education sold to Poley Mackey, G. C. Burrus and Henry Spencer, Trustees of the Star of Zion Christian Church, 20,000 square feet for $25.00, out of the five acres previously bought for the consolidated school site. The church building was then moved to this, the present site.

Elder D.L. Norman, from Roper, served as pastor from 1943 until 1948. Elder A.E. Brooks, also from Roper has served the church since then. Membership has continued to grow and continued interest in service and care of the church is evident.

Repairs and improvements of the building have been ongoing projects. The building was first covered with asbestos shingles, the interior walls covered with sheetrock and later panelling, and new carpets put down. In 1974 an annex for a kitchen and dining hall and rest rooms was completed. The belfry is now being rebuilt.

On the first Sunday in each month, Pastoral Day, worship service is held by Elder A.E. Brooks, and the congregation usually meets afterwards in the new dining room for a "cover dish" dinner.

At present there are 50-60 members and Sunday School classes are held every Sunday with attendance average of about thirty. The adult class is taught by Mr. William Corbett Chance, and the youth class by Mr. Lee Dale Gray with Mrs. Carrie Chance Simpson as assistant. The care and devotion given to this church over the years is a fine example as members gather there each Sunday to worship.

(Photo and information from Hyde County History published by the Hyde County Historical Society in 1976.)

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