Penelope Swindell Brooks

Penelope (Swindell) Brooks

January 2, 1822 - March 15, 1902

Penelope Swindell was the daughter of Hardy Swindell (born between 1784-1790 and died 1839) and Diana Gaskins?/Jackson? (born between 1784-1790). Penelope first married Samuel Sheldon Brooks (1794-1865) on July 12, 1837 and they had 11 known children. After the death of Samuel Brooks in 1865, Penelope married Samuel's brother, Caleb Foreman Brooks (1797-1885), on December 10, 1867. Penelope and both of her husbands are buried in the Brooks-Midyett cemetery in Mount Pleasant in the Swan Quarter Township of Hyde County.

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