Mt. Olive Church of Christ in Ponzer, NC

Mount Olive Church of Christ

(Photo taken by Kay Midgett Sheppard in 2001)

As early as 1862 there were Disciples living in the Ponzer community, originally named Shallop Creek. On October 14, 1866 the church was enrolled by the State's Annual Meeting when the congregation was represented by J.E. Gurkin and James Kelly Voliva. There were 26 members enrolled and services were held in Clark's Schoolhouse.

The church did not start using the name Mount Olive until 1888 and the community became known by that name also. Later when a post office was to be located, the name "Mount Olive" had already been designated for another town, and the name "Ponzer" was selected in recognition of the man who had been most responsible for bringing the railroad into the area.

In 1882 it was reported the congregation was making plans to erect a church building. In 1887 and 1888 the congregation spent $95. 85 on "building and repairs." This indicated the church was built at that time using contributed material and labor, thus explaining the low cost for the construction of the building.

It was reported that Samuel Boyd, Jr. was the first person buried in the church cemetery, and that he was buried just before the church was completed. Mr. Boyd died in 1886, so this gives added evidence that the church was built around 1887-88.

James Kelly Voliva was the first clerk of the church in 1887. The first Sunday School was organized in 1888 with Franklin Alexander Crary as superintendent. There were 56 members including 6 teachers. Mount Olive church has continued to grow over the years, and at the present time has a well kept physical plant.

During recent years the church dropped its affiliation with the Christian Church, Disciple of Christ, in North Carolina and is now associated with the Church of Christ in North Carolina.

The church is a white structure to which additions have been made during the years. It is surrounded by the church cemetery and a beautiful grove of oak and pine trees.

(Information taken from Hyde County History published by the Hyde Co. Historical Society in 1976.)

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