McGowan School

McGowan School

The McGowan School for whites, as well as for the blacks, was named for John Jordan McGowan (July 1844-ca.1914). It is assumed, therefore, that the buildings were located on land owned by Mr. McGowan.

The date of the beginning of the school is not known. Ed. E. Hodges started to school at the McGowan School in 1892. His teachers were John Dimoc (Johnny) Weston and Estelle Spencer. Roxie Sewell (Williams) taught there from 1924-1927. Isabelle Lawson was the teacher when the school was closed in 1928. As was the case with many school buildings in the early 1900's, this building was used for preaching and Sunday School on Sundays. These services were held at 3:00 in the afternoon. Albin B. Swindell taught Sunday school in the McGowan School building from 1904-1906.

David Dunbar owns the school building today and uses it for a chicken house. Mrs. Dunbar, calling attention to two big holes in the side of the house, said that the school boys bored the holes and spat their chewing tobacco juice through them.

(Photo and information from Hyde County History published by the Hyde County Historical Society in 1976.)

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