David Williams of Ocracoke Island, Hyde County, N.C.

David Williams

March 27, 1858 - April 5, 1938

David Williams - Chief Ocracoke Life Saving Station 187, served both in the Life Saving Service and continued when the Station was put under the United States Coast Guard.

The above photograph is courtesy of the Ocracoke Preservation Society and Museum, Ocracoke, NC. This photograph was taken of Captain David Williams in the late 1800's before the Life Saving Service became part of the U.S. Coast Guard and resides in the museum which was his home.

Ocracoke Preservation Society
(David Williams Home)

Home of Captain David Williams and wife Alice Wahab Williams, now the Ocracoke Preservation Society and Museum. Typical Ocracoke home built in the 1890's. Moved from its original site and became the museum in the early 1990's.

(See Also: Ocracoke Preservation Society)
(Photos submitted by Earl W. O'Neal, Jr.)

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