Photograph of Captain Bill Gaskill

William Daniel "Captain Bill" Gaskill

May 30, 1869 - June 6, 1935

William D. "Captain Bill" Gaskill was born on Ocracoke, Hyde County, N.C., the son of Benjamin Decatur Gaskill, Sr. (1837-1881) & Sarah E. Owens (1840-1915). He married on Mar. 10, 1897 to Annie Belle Fulcher (1879-1941) of Ocracoke, daughter of Josephus Fulcher, Jr. (1838-1883) & Mary Ann Williams (1845-1911). Captain Bill and Annie were the owners and operaters of the Pamlico Inn there. Capt. Bill was lost at sea in 1935. They are buried in the Fulcher-Gaskill Cemetery on Ocracoke, near the Lighthouse. Their children were: David L., Mary Elizabeth, Tony Thurston, Earle, Lillian Carson, William David, Nellie and James Baughm.

Pamlico Inn at Ocracoke

(Photos submitted by Dan Dowell)

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