1850 Beaufort Co., NC Census

1850 Federal Census
Beaufort Co., NC

"The Census Taker" (1870) Harper's Weekly

"I saw behind me those who had gone, and before me those who are to come, I looked back and saw my father, and his father, and all our fathers, and in front to see my son, and his son, and the sons upon sons beyond ...... And their eyes were my eyes." from "How Green Was My Valley" by Richard Llewellyn.

This 1850 Beaufort County, North Carolina census was abstracted from microfilm Series M432, Roll 620, Pages 336A-437B (National Archives, Washington, DC). No attempt was made to correct mistakes in the spelling of the names made by the enumerators thus you should look for all conceivable variations of the surnames.  A question mark (?) was placed where we were unable to discern the enumerators hand writing.

The 1850 schedules included the Free Population and Slave Population, with Mortality, Agriculture, and Industry data. Here we have transcribed the Free Schedule and the Slave Schedule transcription is underway. The inclusion of so much personal data for the first time in the Schedule the 1850 census is an obvious boon to genealogists and social historians. For the first time it is possible to identify families and other groups by name. The inclusion of birthplaces for every individual allow for the plotting of migration routes.

Ages provided in the 1850 census allow researchers to establish dates for searching vital records. While few states officially recorded vital records that early, religious and other records may be pursued with estimated dates of birth gleaned from the census.

The identification of previous residences points to still other record sources to be searched in named localities. The indication of real estate ownership would suggest that land and tax records should be searched. The 1850 census may provide starting information for searching marriage records, probates, and a number of other genealogically important records. Probable family relationships may also be determined through 1850 census records, though it is easy to come to the wrong conclusions. The 1850 census provides valuable insights into occupations and property value. It may also make it possible to spot remarriages and step-relationships and to determine approximate life spans.

Questions asked in the 1850 Census

Name; age; sex; race; territory or country of birth; whether the person attended school or was married within the year; whether the person could read or write if over age twenty; whether the person was deaf-mute, blind, insane, or “idiotic”; whether or not a fugitive from the state; and real estate value. The census also asked the occupation of males over age fifteen. 

The Slave Schedules for 1850 asked the name of each slave-owner, the number of slaves owned, and the number of slaves manumitted (released from slavery). While the schedules, unfortunately, do not name individual slaves, they asked the age, color, sex, and whether or not slaves were deaf-mute, blind, insane, or idiotic; and whether or not a fugitive from the state.

Thirteen columns were used in the original census but the columns used for our purposes are:

    1) House - numbered in the order of visitation.
    2) Family - numbered in the order of visitation.
        NOTE:  The numbering of dwelling houses & families usually ran concurrently, but sometimes a family might occupy two houses or two families might be living under one roof so often times the numbers in these 2 columns will differ.
    3) Names - of all persons whose place of abode on June 1, 1850 was in this family.
    4) Age - at last birthday; if under 1 year then months were given in fractions; i.e. 3/12.
    5) Sex - Male was indicated with an "M"; female with an "F".
    6) Race - White was indicated with a "W", Black with a "B", Mulatto with an "M".
    7) Occupation - the trade of each person, male or female
    8) Value of Real Estate
    9) Birth Place of Person - naming the state or territory of the U.S. or the country
  10) Remarks - This column will be used to indicate whether a person attended school during the year, was married during the year, could not read or write and whether the person was insane, idiotic, blind, deaf & dumb, crippled, etc.

There were 14 Districts (Townships) in the 1850 Beaufort County census:

Below is a table with links to each page in the 1850 census. I also developed a small index (not full name) so it would be easier for you to find the surnames of interest. Just look on the index, find the surname you're interested in, then click on the corresponding link to that particular page. REMEMBER - there may be more than one instance of a surname on a page.

Links to Page Numbers

Town of Washington

336A 336B 337A 337B 338A 338B 339A 339B 340A 340B 341A 341B 342A 342B
343A 343B 344A 344B 345A 345B 346A 346B 347A 347B 348A 348B 349A 349B

Leachville Dist.

350A 350B 351A 351B

Pungo Dist.

352A 352B 353A 353B

Broad Creek Dist.

354A 354B 355A 355B 356A 356B 357A 357B 358A 358B

Bath Dist.

359A 359B 360A 360B 361A 361B 368A 368B 369A 369B 383A 383B 384A

North Creek Dist.

362A 362B 363A 363B 364A 364B 365A 365B 366A 366B 367A 367B

Beaver Dam Dist.

370A 370B 371A 371B 372A 372B 373A 373B 374A 374B 375A 375B
376A 376B 377A 377B 378A 378B 397A 397B 398A 398B

Long Acre Dist.

379A 379B 380A 380B 381A 381B 382A 382B

Washington District

384B 385A 385B 386A 386B 387A 416A 416B 417A 417B 418A 418B

Tranters Creek Dist.

387B 388A 388B 389A 389B 390A 390B 391A 391B 392A
392B 393A 393B 394A 394B 395A 395B 396A 396B

Chocowinity Dist.

399A 399B 400A 400B 401A 401B 402A 402B 403A
403B 404A 404B 405A 405B 406A 406B 407A

Blounts Creek Dist.

407B 408A 408B 409A 409B 410A 410B 411A 411B 412A 412B 413A 413B 414A 414B 415A

Durhams Creek Dist.

415B 419A 419B 427A 427B 428A 428B 429A 429B

Goose Creek Dist.

420A 420B 421A 421B 422A 422B 423A 423B 424A 424B 425A

South Creek Dist.

425B 426A 426B 430A 430B 431A 431B 432A 432B 433A
433B 434A 434B 435A 435B 436A 436B 437A 437B

.1850 Beaufort Co., NC Slave Schedule

* Coming Soon *

Surname Index


Abbott - 345b
Abell - 363b 
Abraham - 413a
Acklin - 406a, 408a 
Adam - 389a
Adams - 343b, 344a, 
349a, 350a, 351b, 
352a, 357a, 373b, 
394b, 419b
Addams - 367b, 
369b, 409b
Adkins - 409b 
Akenford - 345a
Albert - 431a
Alcock - 421a
Aligood - 372b
Allegood - 418b 
Allen - 342a, 343a, 
347b, 351b, 352a
Alligood - 374b, 
375a, 375b, 377a, 
377b, 378a, 397a, 
397b, 398a
Anderson - 343b
Andrews - 393b
Angel - 424a
Archibald - 371a, 
373a, 400b, 406a, 
406b, 415b 
Arden - 417b
Armstrong - 338a, 
Arnold - 399a, 
400b, 401a, 406b, 
Artell - 361a
Arther - 338b
Asberry - 371a
Asbury - 419b, 
Ashley - 436a
Ates - 435b, 436a 
Avant - 349b 
Ayers - 363b


Bachum - 389a 
Bacus - 388b
Bailey - 361a, 361b, 
363b, 366a
Baily - 362b, 363a, 
364a, 364b
Bainer - 375a, 377a, 
378a, 378b, 386b, 
395b, 418b 
Baker - 369a, 422a, 
424a, 424b, 430a
Ball - 389b, 390a, 
417a, 432a
Ballance - 406b
Banford - 348a
Banks - 431a, 433a
Baron - 399a 
Barr - 403b
Barrington - 429b, 
Barrow - 340a, 342a, 
345b, 360a, 367a, 
373a, 425b, 429b
Bartnett - 431b
Bass - 346a
Bates - 392a, 400a
Battens - 376b
Baxter - 353a
Beachum - 362b, 
364b, 389a, 390a, 
391a, 437b
Beanly - 373a 
Bell - 339a, 341b, 
345a, 365a 
Benett - 418b, 
419a, 424a 
Bennett - 358a, 
412a, 419b, 426b, 
427b, 430a, 432a
Bess - 342b
Binnett - 432b
Bird - 373a
Bishop - 344a, 356a 
Bland - 426b, 434b
Blango - 338a, 339b, 
385b, 407b, 408a, 
412a, 413a, 414a, 
414b, 415a, 417a, 
419b, 425a
Blount - 337b, 339b, 
342a, 343a, 346a, 
347b, 350a, 367a, 
418a, 418b 
Blunt - 405a
Bogart - 341a
Bond - 433b
Bonner - 342a, 369b, 
394b, 398b, 425a, 
Bostin - 385a
Boston - 343a
Bowen - 345a, 382a, 
382b, 398a
Boyd - 360a, 360b, 
363b, 368a, 368b, 
369b, 370b, 371a, 
378a, 381a, 381b, 
382b, 383a, 383b, 
384a, 392a, 394b, 
399b, 400b, 418a, 
Braddy - 340b, 
369a, 384a
Bradley - 367a
Bragg - 417a, 417b 
Brantlett - 435a, 
436a, 436b 
Branton - 344b
Brickett - 384a
Bright - 399a, 399b, 
400a, 400b, 403b
Brin - 346a, 385b, 
Brinn - 355b
Britton - 393b 
Brock - 345b, 346b, 
377a, 395b
Brown - 336b, 338b, 
344a, 346a, 346b, 
391a, 391b, 396a, 
396b, 399a, 401a, 
419b, 434a
Brooks - 340a, 348a, 
356b, 386b 
Bruffett - 434a
Bryan - 337b, 340a, 
348b, 366a, 436a
Bryant - 418b
Buchannon - 410a
Buck - 346b, 401a, 
401b, 402a, 402b, 
403a, 405a, 405b, 
418a, 429b
Buckman - 339b
Burbage - 361b, 
362a, 386b, 434b 
Burbank - 341a, 
Bushure - 353b


Cadett - 435b
Cain - 416a 
Calaw - 373b, 374a 
Callaway - 437b
Cambell - 350b, 
359b, 401b 
Cambreling - 412a
Campbell - 383b
Camell - 359b 
Campaign - 346b 
Campen - 420a, 
422b, 423a, 423b, 
430b, 431b, 432b
Campian - 357a
Capps - 364b, 365a,  
Carell - 344a
Carey - 347a
Carmault - 339a, 
Carmer - 347b 
Carney - 408a 
Carow - 353a, 
362b, 372b, 421b
Caroway - 423b
Carowin - 420a, 
420b, 436b 
Carrow - 356a, 
357a, 403b, 404a, 
406b, 416b
Carroway - 345a
Carrowan - 416a
Carrowin - 338b
Carter - 351b, 358b, 
360b, 366a, 366b, 
407b, 414a, 415a 
Caten - 418b, 427b, 
Caton - 409a
Chambers - 347b, 
Chan - 432b
Chance - 432b, 
Chauncey - 374b, 
385b, 386a, 386b, 
Cherry - 342b, 
344b, 348a, 378b, 
387a, 387b, 389b, 
390a, 390a,391a, 
391b, 392b, 396a, 
Clark - 351a, 353a, 
353b, 354a, 365b, 
403a, 403b, 418b, 
423b, 431b, 434a 
Clarke - 363b, 388a, 
391b, 394b, 403a, 
406b, 413b, 416a 
Clayton - 432a 
Clemons - 338b
Clutch - 418b
Coffy - 341b
Cole - 389b
Collins - 343a, 348a, 
389b, 408b, 416b
Comer - 362a
Condra - 433a 
Condrey - 338a
Congleton - 340b, 
370b, 374b, 375a, 
375b, 387a, 397b 
Cook - 436b
Coopper - 342a, 
Copeland - 336a
Copper - 343b
Cordan - 390a
Corden - 339a, 339b, 
342b, 346a, 347b, 
349b, 361b, 366a 
Cordon - 386a, 435a
Cornell - 345a
Corpy - 418a 
Corsin - 357a
Cosway - 340b
Cottenham - 348a
Cousins - 362a, 
362b, 366b 
Coward - 347b
Cowell - 340b
Cox - 372b, 407a, 
408a, 411a, 413a, 
Crabtree - 349a
Cradell - 364a, 387b, 
390a, 396a
Cradle - 349a 
Craig - 347a
Craiton - 382b
Crandell - 380a, 
Cratch - 347a
Crawford - 400b, 
Crawley - 348b
Credell - 360a 
Cremer - 404a
Crutch - 408b, 424b 
Cruthers - 346a, 
Cruthus - 437a 
Cullar - 407b
Curganus - 433a, 
433b (see Gurganus)
Curry - 390b
Curtis - 411a
Cutlar - 367b, 369a, 
371b, 372a, 373a, 
373b, 374a, 385b, 


Daniels - 352a, 380a, 
384a, 384b, 420a, 
420b, 424b, 430b, 
431a, 432b, 436b 
Darden - 339a 
Davis - 338b, 343a, 
345a, 350a, 350b, 
351a, 351b, 352a, 
353b, 358a, 358b, 
363a, 368a, 369a, 
394b, 416a, 418a, 
432a, 434b
Daw - 354a
Day - 420a
Delaney - 347b
Demill - 346b
Denby - 404a 
Deneal - 336a
Devine - 344a 
Dexter - 336b
Dill - 340a
Dimock - 342b
Dixon - 345a, 348a, 
348b, 358b, 373b, 
374a, 399a, 403b, 
406b, 418b, 425b, 
426a, 427b, 434b, 
Doren - 363a
Dorning - 337a
Doughty - 336b, 
338a, 345a
Douglass - 416a
Douty - 422a, 423a, 
Dow - 415a
Downs - 401a, 404a, 
404b, 405a 
Dowty - 362b, 364b, 
386b, 397b, 398a, 
412a, 417b, 425a, 
426b, 429a, 430b, 
Driggers - 434a, 
435b, 436a
Dudley - 349b, 
388b, 395b
Duglass - 345a, 
Dun - 337a
Dunn - 400a, 430a  
Dupree - 428b
Duran - 340b 
Durdan - 341b


Eason - 386a
Easter - 338a
Easters - 344b, 
Eckolls - 424b 
Eborn - 350a, 
354a, 358a, 358b, 
359b, 360a, 361a, 
362b, 364a, 367a, 
371b, 372a, 372b, 
Edwards - 399a, 
401a, 401b, 402b, 
403a, 403b, 404b, 
405a, 406a, 408a, 
409b, 410a, 411a, 
411b, 412a, 418a 
Eliott - 372b, 373a
Elks - 399b
Elliott - 347a, 386b 
Ellis - 344a, 344b, 
Ellison - 337b, 340b, 
342a, 396b, 398b, 
418a, 418b, 434a 
Elliss - 406a, 418a
Elwell - 416a 
Ely - 416a
Emery - 424a
Erklin - 405a 
Erwell - 403a
Etheredge - 345b
Evans - 403b
Event - 404a
Eventon - 406b
Everett - 352a, 384a 
Eveson - 395b
Evett - 408b, 410a, 
427a, 428a, 428b, 
433b, 436b, 437b 
Eyepock - 427b


Farris - 340a
Farrow - 337a, 346a, 
Filpot - 411b 
Fitchett - 346a
Flinn - 354a, 354b, 
Flowers - 420a, 
421b, 433b
Flynn - 398a
Floyd - 390a, 392a 
Fobs - 348b
Fonville - 400b 
Ford - 416b, 427a 
Foreman - 363a, 363b
Forman - 362a, 365a, 
366a, 424b, 437a
Fortiscue - 363a, 
365a, 370a, 424b, 
Fortune - 386a, 420a 
Foster - 364b, 365a, 
Fowle - 336a
Fowler - 341a
Frances - 344a
Freeman - 346b, 366b, 
Frizell - 346b
Frost - 340a
Fulenton - 339a 
Fulford - 347a, 349a, 
375a, 424b
Fultcher - 345a


Gain - 418a
Galard - 353b, 354a
Gallagher - 338a, 
Galloway - 404b, 
Galoway - 399a 
Garett - 366a
Garrett - 365b, 
370b, 373b, 379b, 
383a, 384a 
Gaskill - 344a, 
347a, 407b, 411b, 
413b, 421b, 432b
Gaylord - 355b, 
356a, 361a, 363a
Gerrard - 340b
Gherkin - 379b, 
380a, 382a
Gibbs - 422a
Gibs - 337a, 348a 
Gilgo - 344b, 416b 
Gill - 341a
Giraud - 413a 
Glass - 337a
Godett - 343b, 372a
Godley - 399a, 399b, 
400a, 400b, 401a, 
405b, 406a
Goganus - 350b (see 
Gordan - 361a, 
361b, 391b
Gorham - 387b
Gotier - 347b
Gradless - 354a, 
360b, 382b 
Gray - 401b, 417b
Grean - 365a 
Green - 342a, 349a, 
349b, 365a, 404a
Greene - 398a, 414b 
Gregory - 336a, 434b
Griffin - 389a
Grist - 391b, 396b, 
399a, 402b 
Guilford - 404b, 405b, 
Gurganus - 351a, 351b, 
353a, 358a, 366b, 372a, 
373a, 375b, 383a, 383b, 
384a, 388b, 395a, 407a, 
407b (see Curganus)
Gurkin - 407a 
Gurghnus - 381b


Haddock - 402a 
Hagins - 435b
Hall - 342b, 356b, 
357a, 406a, 416a
Hammond - 361a, 
370a, 415a
Hampleton - 344b, 
346b, 347a, 348b, 
Hancock - 336b
Hanks - 349b 
Harborn - 380b, 
381a, 381b
Hardenburg - 348b
Hardenson - 340a, 
Harding - 400b, 
401a, 402b, 404a, 
405a, 405b 
Hardison - 362a, 
365b, 386b, 395b, 
396b, 397a, 398a
Harrell - 400a 
Harris - 341a, 355a, 
355b, 368a, 368b, 
382a, 382b, 383a, 
394b, 410a
Harrison - 383a, 
Harvey - 360a, 369b, 
373b, 396b
Hasell - 392a 
Hassel - 343a
Hatton - 393a, 393b, 
Havens - 337b, 348b
Hawkins - 338b, 
344b, 361b, 363b, 
367a, 370a, 371a, 
374a, 384b, 389a, 
394a, 397a, 429b
Hawks - 342a, 342b
Hayman - 368a 
Haywood - 346a
Heard - 396a
Henry - 336b , 339b, 
421b, 422a
Heritage - 343a
Herrington - 362a, 
362b , 363a, 365b, 
366b, 395b
Hervey - 362a, 371a
Hill - 344a, 398b, 
399a, 400b, 402a, 
402b, 403a, 407b, 
408a, 409b, 424b, 
Hilton - 359b, 360a
Himon - 336b
Hinton - 418b
Hobbs - 425a
Hobs - 417b
Hodge - 418a, 435b 
Hodges - 340b, 350b, 
351a, 360a, 373a, 
373b, 374a, 389a, 
391b, 394b, 395a, 
396b, 412a, 413a, 
418b, 422b, 423a, 
Hoell - 339a, 346b, 
Holand - 341a
Holland - 390a, 
390b, 396b 
Hollawell - 337b
Hollis - 346a, 374b 
Hollowell - 394b
Holmes - 401a, 402b  
Holoway - 357b, 
Holowell - 338a, 
355a, 357a, 357b
Hooker - 374b, 377b 
Hoops - 388b 
Hooten - 364a, 364b, 
Hooton - 342b
Hoover - 348a 
Hopkins - 356b, 393b, 
421a, 422b
Horton - 347b
Houlin - 424a 
Houston - 336a
Howard - 337a, 347b, 
348b, 350b, 353a, 
356a, 357a, 371a, 
394b, 430a
Howlowell - 354a
Hoyt - 336b, 417b 
Hudnell - 431a, 431b, 
432a, 432b, 433b, 
434a, 435a, 436a, 
Hutchens - 345b 
Hutchings - 354a
Hyatt - 347b

I - J

Ierland - 423b
Isham - 416b 
Ives - 340b, 421a, 
423b, 424a, 431a 
Jackson - 342b, 343b, 
380a, 380b, 387a, 
387b, 389a, 390a, 
396a, 418b
James - 339b, 343a, 
347a, 417b
Jarvis - 337b, 342b, 
353a, 362b, 373b, 
416a, 430a, 431b, 
Jefferson - 368b, 369a, 
372a, 372b, 379a
Jeffoson - 371b, 397a
Jenkins - 388a, 388b, 
393a, 394a
Jerrold - 402b, 403a 
Jesper - 347b
Jewell - 425b, 426b, 
Jiles - 353a
Jinkins - 345b
Johnson - 343a, 344a, 
354a, 357b, 361a, 
362b, 388, 409a, 
431b, 432a, 435a 
Joiner - 340b
Jolley - 337a 
Jolly - 393b, 396a 
Jones - 337a, 341a, 
348a, 353a, 353b, 
355a, 356b, 357a, 
357b, 366a, 368a, 
392a, 393a, 394a, 
394b, 409a, 409b, 
410a, 411b, 419a, 
419b, 424a, 428b, 
431a, 433b
Jordan - 337a, 363a, 
364a, 366b, 368a, 
371a, 378b, 380b 
Judgkins - 339b


Keas - 338a
Keeach - 373b
Keech - 361b, 366b
Keese - 371a, 371b, 
384b, 385a, 385b, 
404b, 409a, 414a, 
Keeyes - 418a
Kelly - 362a, 379b, 
381a, 381b, 405a 
Kennedy - 371a, 
377b, 418b 
Kennion - 404b
Kettlethorp - 360a
Kewell - 339b 
Keys - 343a, 345b, 
371a, 371b 
Killinsworth - 368b
Kinnon - 408b
Kipps - 358b, 367b
Kirk - 431a
Knapp - 338a
Knox - 412a, 412b
Krause - 417a


Labarbe - 336a
Lain - 417b 
Landing - 434a, 434b 
Lane - 432a, 432b, 
433a, 435a
Langley - 370a, 370b, 
406a, 407b
Lanter - 389a
Latham - 343b, 346b, 
349a, 354a, 357a, 
367b, 368a, 369b, 
373b, 374a, 432a
Lathum - 372b, 373a, 
379b, 380a, 392a, 
393a, 395a, 395b, 
405b, 410b
Lavender - 341b
Lea - 393a
Leak - 342b
Leary - 420b, 421b
Leath - 341a 
Lee - 372b, 384b, 
428a, 431a, 431b, 
Leggett - 388a, 388b, 
391b, 392b, 394a, 
394b, 395a 
Legit - 394b
Leighth - 420a 
Leroy - 341b
Levenson - 339b 
Levinton - 370b 
Lewis - 353a, 368b, 
401b, 402a, 404b, 
409a, 415b, 419a, 
419b, 421a, 427a, 
427b, 429a, 429b, 
Lilly - 360b, 383a, 
386a, 388a
Lindsay - 432a 
Lindsy - 434a
Linear - 395a
Linett - 381b 
Latham - 416b 
Lingman - 382b, 
Linton - 359b, 361a, 
368b, 421b, 422a, 
423b, 424b 
Linyear - 360a, 373b 
Liskum - 367a, 367b
Little - 394a, 396b
Liverman - 365b 
Long - 338a, 340a, 
360a, 407a, 408b, 
Long Tom - 356b, 
Lowery - 340a
Lozell - 345b 
Lucas - 347b, 353b, 
360a, 363b
Lupton - 420b, 422a, 
422b, 423a, 423b 
Lynch - 343a
Lynier - 351a


McCabe - 340a, 414a
McCullough - 417b 
McElroy - 402a
McGowan - 367a, 
McGowen - 338a, 
McIntosh - 429a 
McKeeal - 429b 
McKeel - 376a, 376b, 
377a, 377b, 390b 
McKelly - 381b 
McKey - 345a, 347a, 
357b, 359b, 362b, 
363b, 366b, 367a, 
394b, 397a, 397b 
McMahon - 397b, 
McWilliams - 398a
Mackellroy - 401a, 
Mackey - 348b, 432a
Malison - 365a
Mallison - 338a, 
357a, 364a
Maning - 353a 
Manning - 343b, 
Marsh - 337b, 360b, 
Martin - 342a, 350b, 
351a, 355a, 383a 
Mason - 420a, 422a, 
422b, 430a, 437b 
Mastin - 348b
Mason - 343a, 423a
Matson - 347b, 347b, 
Mayo - 399a, 406a, 
430a, 431a 
Mays - 432a, 433b
Meakins - 365a, 
Meekins - 362a 
Mekins - 339a
Meredith - 385a
Meridith - 406a
Messick - 432b 
Mexon - 338b
Midyett - 361b
Miller - 342b, 434a 
Minles - 416a 
Mish - 398a
Mitchell - 340b, 349a, 
349b, 391b, 411a, 
Mixon - 356b, 360b, 
364b, 430b, 432b
Mobley - 395b, 400a 
Mondwell - 345a, 
Moor - 396a 
Moore - 338a, 339a, 
339b, 342a, 343a, 
343b, 344a, 345b, 
346a, 346b, 347a, 
362b, 365a, 371a, 
385a, 385b, 388b, 
392b, 399b, 400a, 
406a, 407b, 408a, 
408b, 409a, 409b, 
410b, 412a, 412b, 
413a, 413b, 414a, 
414b, 415a, 416b, 
417b, 425a, 425b, 
426a, 428b, 430a, 
432b, 434a, 435b, 
436a, 436b, 437a, 
Moorening - 341b
Morgan - 337a, 417a
Morris - 344b, 348b, 
408b, 411b 
Morse - 340a 
Morselander - 411b
Morton - 341b
Mourning - 425b 
Munroe - 340a
Murphey - 421a 
Muse - 350a, 350b
Mydgett - 346b, 
348a, 348b, 353a
Myers - 342a, 349a


Nadall - 340a 
Neal - 346a, 417a 
Nelson - 404b 
Neusom - 410a 
Newill - 340a
Newmans - 429a
Newton - 339b, 
340a, 348b 
Nichols - 395a
Nidall - 416a
Nobles - 401b, 402a, 
403b, 404a, 404b
Norcom - 336b, 337a
Norcott - 337a
Noriss - 423b 
Norris - 402b, 420b, 
North - 371b, 384b
Norman - 345b, 
418a, 425a, 425b, 
427b, 435a
Nusom - 344a, 347b


Oden - 369b, 370a, 
383b, 405b 
Ogelbury - 423b
Oldham - 406b 
Olison - 338a 
Oliver - 338a, 378b, 
O'Merry - 389b, 
O'Neal - 339b
O'Neil - 420a, 
Orell - 410a, 410b, 
Orrell - 409b 
Orkney - 336b
Ormand - 359b, 
Ormond - 430a, 
436b, 437b 
Ormund - 360b
Osborn - 343a, 
380b, 382a, 382b, 
Outlaw - 394a 
Owens - 342b, 

P - Q

Pagett - 391a 
Pairtree - 344b, 
345a, 348a, 360a, 
362b, 363b, 366b, 
Pariss - 435a
Parker - 400b 
Parmerlee - 337b
Partrick - 336a, 
348b, 398b 
Pate - 337a, 370b, 
371a, 398a, 413a, 
424b, 436a, 436b, 
Patrick - 406a, 406b, 
432a, 436a
Patterson - 417a
Patton - 337a
Paul - 346b, 347a, 
348a, 352a, 359b, 
360a, 361b, 368a, 
368b, 427a
Peal - 390b 
Pearce - 336b, 349b
Peaterson - 348b
Peed - 425a, 426b 
Peede - 412a
Pelt - 401a 
Penington - 437a
Perd - 432a, 433b 
Perkins - 363b, 435b, 
436a, 437a
Perry - 386b, 387b, 
388a, 392a, 394a, 
Phillips - 340b, 345b, 
351a, 356b 
Picare - 344a 
Pickering - 343b, 
Pierce - 385a, 406a, 
Pilant - 432b 
Pilgram - 389a
Pilgreen - 345a
Pilgrim - 388b
Pilley - 373a
Pinkum - 374b, 
376a , 377b, 418b
Pister - 348b
Poor - 417b
Port - 348b
Porter - 359b
Potter - 420b, 421a, 
421b, 423b, 424a 
Potts - 341b, 342a
Powell - 380b, 383b, 
393a, 393b, 414a
Powers - 341b, 347a, 
349a, 353b, 437a 
Prescott - 427a 
Prier - 406a
Prime - 337b
Pringell - 437a 
Pritchett - 366a, 
383b, 407b, 419a 
Proctor - 338a
Pugh - 341b 
Purkins - 347b 
Purser - 408a 
Purvis - 412a
Pusser - 432a, 432b, 
433a, 433b, 434b, 
Putman - 349b
Quidley - 427b


Raffity - 339a
Rainger - 342b
Rainor - 390a
Randolph - 342a
Raney - 336b
Ransom - 383b 
Rasco - 346a, 398a 
Ratliff - 354a, 354b, 
Rauls - 392b, 393a 
Rea - 340b, 341a
Reddett - 402b, 
Reddick - 353a, 
415b, 416a
Redditt - 411a, 
Redding - 339a, 
Reddy - 340a
Reece - 427a
Reid - 339b
Respess - 340b, 
347b, 357a
Respiss - 382b, 
383a, 383b 
Rice - 403b, 
428a, 432b
Richards - 338a, 
346b, 386a
Richardson - 342b, 
346a, 348a
Ricks - 395b 
Rion - 351b 
Roan - 372a, 373b
Robbason - 424b, 
Robberson - 338a
Robbins - 336b, 
337a, 337b, 339a, 
342a, 348a, 366b
Roberts - 406a
Robins - 358b, 362a, 
Robinson - 376b, 
387b, 394a, 396b, 
417a, 425a 
Roden - 339b
Rodgers - 339a, 
Rodman - 342a
Roe - 415b, 419a, 
419b, 425a, 426b, 
428a, 429b, 432a, 
434b, 435a 
Rogers - 399a 
Rolins - 364a
Roland - 380a
Rolland - 379b
Rose - 341b, 419a
Ross - 338a, 343a, 
361b, 362b, 363a, 
364b, 366a, 366b, 
426b, 427a, 427b, 
428b, 429b 
Rowland - 359b
Roy - 399b, 404a, 
Royster - 339a
Rue - 417b 
Ruff - 410a, 410b, 
Rumley - 337a
Runyon - 348b
Russ - 355a, 356b, 
364a, 364b, 367a


Sadler - 422b, 423a, 
423b, 424b 
Satchell - 347a
Satchill - 395b
Satchwell - 353b, 
355a, 361a, 364b, 
395b, 396a
Satterthwaite - 338a, 
346a, 350a, 350b, 
351a, 353a, 354a, 
358b, 363b, 364a, 
366a, 367a, 394b 
Saunders - 356a, 
Sawyer - 348a, 
355a, 361a, 403b, 
406b, 421a 
Scarborough - 342b
Scot - 391b
Scott - 429b
Searls - 343b
Sears - 364b, 406a, 
Sebrook - 336b
Sebrooks - 340a
Selby - 337a, 342a, 
351a, 381b
Sexton - 345a 
Shaler - 434b 
Shavinder - 355b, 
Shaw - 337a, 337b 
Sheashum - 392a
Sheppard - 370b, 
371a, 374b, 377a 
Shields - 389b
Ship - 349a
Shipp - 430b
Short - 393b 
Silivan - 375a, 
375b, 397b 
Silverthorn - 346a, 
346b, 398a 
Simons - 340a, 343a, 
345b, 347a, 350a, 
Simpson - 338b, 
432a, 433b, 434a, 
434b, 437b  
Singleton - 377a, 
390b, 391b 
Skank - 348b 
Slade - 351a, 357a, 
377a, 400b, 422a
Slocum - 372b 
Small - 398a, 398b, 
Smallwood - 337a, 
340b, 344b, 382b 
Smaw - 338b, 341b, 
346b, 397a, 416b
Smidwick - 362b, 
425a, 425b
Smith - 341a, 342b, 
354b, 355a, 355b, 
358b, 360b, 365b, 
370a, 399b, 400a, 
416b, 432a, 436a 
Snell - 339a, 358b
Snoad - 336b 
Snoden - 348a
Spain - 421a, 421b, 
422b, 423a, 424b 
Sparow - 376a
Sparrow - 342a, 
343a, 415b, 417a
Spears - 342b, 
402a, 402b, 416b
Spellman - 410a, 
411a, 428b, 432b 
Spelman - 349a, 
408b, 414a
Spencer - 374a, 
Spincer - 346a
Springle - 346b
Squiers - 354b 
Squires - 374a
Squires - 369a, 
369b, 379a
Stallings - 387a, 
Staton - 390b, 396b 
Stewart - 344b, 
364a, 371b 
Stickney - 402b
Stilly - 408b, 409a, 
411b, 412a, 425b 
Stiron - 345a, 
346b, 420a
Stoe - 348b
Stone - 345a
Stratten - 342a
Stubbs - 379b, 
381b, 384a, 407a 
Stubs - 380a 
Styron - 389b
Surls - 405b 
Sutton - 402a 
Swain - 385a
Swanner - 386b, 
Swift - 349a 
Swindall - 357a, 
Swindel - 423a
Swindell - 355a, 
355b, 367a, 397a, 
421b, 422a, 423a, 
Swindle - 338a, 
Swinson - 394a


Taft - 392a
Taman - 340a 
Tanahill - 416a, 
Tankard - 374a, 
Taunt - 396b, 418a 
Taylor - 392b, 395a, 
399a, 400a, 401a, 
401b, 403a, 403b, 
404a, 417a, 421a, 
Teal - 341b, 395b
Teffoson - 371b
Telfair - 336a, 337a
Tench - 360b 
Terance - 343b
Terry - 393a
Tetterton - 369a, 
374a, 382b, 385b, 
389b, 391a, 394b, 
396a, 426a, 430b, 
431a, 431b, 434b, 
Thomas - 343b, 
347a, 349b, 355a, 
392a, 409a
Thomersson - 419a
Thomason - 415b 
Thornton - 343b, 
416b, 423a, 423b 
Thougood - 386a
Tier - 406b, 418a
Tilmon - 348a
Tison - 346b, 350a
Tolson - 344a 
Tompkins - 363b 
Tompson - 434a 
Tonsell - 411b
Tooley - 340a
Topping - 357a 
Townson - 346a 
Tredwell - 337b
Tripp - 408a, 415a, 
415b, 428a, 428b 
Truman - 434a
Tucker - 346a 
Turkenton - 418a 
Turner - 340b 
Tutel - 411a
Tuten - 437a
Tuton - 428b, 431b, 
Tyler - 336a, 344b 
Tyson - 435b, 436a


Vale - 357b
Vanderver - 416a
Vannortrick - 338a 
Ventress - 339a
Vines - 336a, 415b, 
Vorhill - 360a

W - Y

Wadley - 345b
Walker - 336b, 338b, 
340a, 341a, 343b, 
354a, 366a, 386a, 
386b, 391b, 396b, 
412a, 416a, 418a, 
Wall - 398b, 400a, 
400b, 406b
Walling - 394b
Wallis - 378a, 378b, 
379a, 382a 
Ward - 356a , 367b, 
368a, 368b, 394a
Warner - 364b, 430a, 
430b, 434a
Warren - 336b, 404b, 
405a, 412b, 413a, 
416b, 419a, 427a, 
427b, 429a
Warters - 337a, 340b, 
368a, 370b, 371a, 
372a, 376a, 379a, 
379b, 380a, 380b, 
381a , 381b, 384b, 
392a, 397a, 416a, 
416b, 418a  
Watson - 359b, 360b, 
420a, 420b, 424a
Web - 386b 
Welborn - 345b 
Welch - 364a, 365b, 
372b, 373a, 380a, 
380b, 407b, 418a
Westers - 408b
Weston - 408b, 419b
Wetherton - 349a 
Whitaker - 375a, 
388b, 392b
White - 345a, 391b, 
397a, 412b, 424b, 
Whiteaker - 393a 
Whitehurst - 436b
Whiteker - 347a
Whitfield - 345b 
Whitley - 354a, 357a, 
358a, 360a, 363a, 
368a, 369a, 369b, 
396a, 397a, 405b, 
Whithurst - 416b 
Whitust - 349b
Wigans - 343a
Wiggins - 385b 
Wigins - 338b, 345a, 
385b, 386a, 394a 
Wilcox - 406b 
Wiley - 340b, 407a
Wilkerson - 354b, 
356b, 367a, 402a, 
Wilkins - 361a, 368a, 
385a, 385b, 385a, 
Wilkinson - 346a, 
348a, 349b, 350a, 
351a, 353b, 355a, 
355b, 361b, 362b, 
Willard - 348a
Williams - 337a, 338b, 
339a, 339b, 340b, 
341b, 344a, 347b, 
349a, 392a, 393b, 
394a, 418a, 434a 
Williamson - 364a
Willis - 341a, 342b, 
345b, 347b
Wilson - 342b, 380b, 
395a, 395b
Win - 343a
Windley - 337b, 344b, 
354b, 355a, 356b, 
357b, 358a, 360b, 
363b, 364b, 367b, 
368a, 368b, 369b, 
370a, 382a, 383a, 
383b, 384a
Windly - 356a, 356b
Winfield - 349b, 353b
Windfield - 350a, 
350b, 351b, 354a, 
358a, 369b, 400b, 
406b, 407a 
Wiswall - 337a
Wolfenden - 398b
Wolloway - 421a
Womble - 416a
Woodard - 337b, 
338a, 397b, 420a, 
422a, 425a, 428a, 
Woolard - 368b, 
369a, 370a, 370b, 
371a, 373a, 374b, 
375a, 375b, 376a, 
376b, 377a, 377b, 
378a, 378b, 380b, 
381b, 384b, 385a, 
386b, 387a, 387b, 
388a, 390b, 393a, 
396b, 397a, 397b, 
Woolf - 340a
Woollard - 342b 
Worely - 399b
Worthington - 
408b, 418b
Wright - 357b, 
Whyte - 417b
Yates - 407a

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Source: Microfilm Series M432, Roll # 620, Pages 336A-437B (National Archives, Washington, DC)
(Transcribed by Sallie Gargis & Proofed by Kay M. Sheppard & John McGowan) 

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Beaufort Census Project - All Rights Reserved

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