The Mattamuskeet Documents, Page 12

By Patrick H. Garrow



Figure 1: The Mattamuskeet Area: The Price - Strother Map of 1808

The Price - Strother Map of 1808
Courtesy of North Carolina in Maps, by William P. Cummings,
North Carolina Division of Archives and History, 1966.

Note: The name Mattamuskeet is written across the area of the Mattamuskeet Indian Reservation. Dotted lines show the western boundary of the reservation, stretching from the northernmost fork of Waupoppin Creek on the northeast to the Machapungo Bluffs on the southwest. The boundary skirts the shore of Mattamuskeet Lake on the northwest and follows the course of the Pamlico Sound (Pamtico on this map) is on the southeast.

The Mattamuskeet Indian Reservation was finally established in a Land Grant dated 1 April 1727 from the Colonial Council to the Mattamuskeet Indians, containing an estimated 10,240 acres. However, judging from the deeds of sale of the reservation lands by the Indians to white settlers, the reservation was much larger than the area stated.

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