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By Patrick H. Garrow




1850 Census: Seventh Census of the United States, 1850, North Carolina, 
Volume XXI, The Counties of Hertford and Hyde.

Mattamuskeet District

Mary Longtom, aged 10, Female, Mulatto
______ Mackey, aged 5, Male Mulatto 
Mary Mackey, aged 22, Female, Mulatto 
Nancy Mackey, aged 6/12, Female, Mulatto 
Samuel Mackey, aged 30, Male, Mulatto, Laborer
Priscilla Mackey, aged 30, Female, Mulatto
Vashti Mackey, aged 11, Female, Mulatto
Anson Mackey, aged 10, Male, Mulatto 
Sabring Mackey, aged 8, Female, Mulatto 

Currituck District

Tom Longtom aged 27, Male, Mulatto, Laborer 
James Mackey, aged 37, Male, Mulatto, Farmer 
Spencer Mackey, aged 24, Male, Mulatto, Laborer 
Selby Mackey, aged 49, Male, Mulatto, Farmer
Ann Mackey, aged 32, Female, Mulatto 
George Mackey, aged 18, Male, Mulatto, Laborer
Susan A. Mackey, aged 11, Female, Mulatto
Elizabeth Mackey, aged 7, Female, Mulatto
Ann A. Mackey, aged 6, Female, Mulatto
Ritty Mackey, aged 3, Female, Mulatto
John J. Mackey, aged 7, Male, Mulatto
David Mackey, aged 5, Male, Mulatto 
William Mackey, aged 1/12, Male, Mulatto


1860 Census: Eighth Census of the United States, 1860, North Carolina, 
Vol. XXI, The Counties of Hertford and Hyde.

Kettz Mackey-13-female-Black-servant...p. 186
John Longtom-15-male-black-farmer...p.188

p.214 Swan Quarter 
Cason Macky-45-male-free mulatto-farm labor-illiterate
Priscilla Macky-34-female-free mulatto
Patsy Macky-l-female-free mulatto

Jas. Mackey-50-male free black
S. Mackey-45-female black
Jas. Mackey-15-male black

M. Mackey-12-male-free black 
Spencer Mackey-44-male-free black

Geog. Mackey-37-male
One Mackey-30-female
Ann Mackey-18-female

p. 215 Fairfield 
Anson Mackey-20-male-free mulatto 
Sabring Macky-16-female-free mulatto
Price Longtom-73-male-free mulatto
Henry Macky-34-male-free mulatto 
Kizca Macky-30-female-free mulatto-servant
Arnold Macky-14-male-free mulatto
Israel Macky-11-male-free mulatto
Ann Macky-10-female-free mulatto
Mary Macky-9-female-free mulatto 
Laura Macky-8-female-free mulatto
Vicy Macky-3-female-free mulatto 
Martha Macky-2-female-free mulatto

8 Collins' listed in order next - all free mulatto 
Rachel Braddock-50-female-free black
A. Mackey-20-female-free black
Seth Mackey-14-male-free black
W. Mackey-7-male-free black 
Benj.-Mackey-35-male-free black 
M.J. Mackey-23-female-free black
Jas. Mackey-7-male-free black
B. Mackey-5-female-free black
C. J. Mackey-3-male-free black 
Salley Mackey-2-female-free black
Jane Mackey-l-female-free black


1870 Census: Ninth Census of the United States (1870) North Carolina, 
Vol. XXV,- Counties Hyde-Iredell.

p. 31 - Currituck Township

Campbell McKey-head of Household-age 55-male-Black-farmer-born in N.C.- 
illiterate - in his household: 
Harriet McKey-age 52-female-Black-house keeper-illiterate
Patsey McKey-age 30-female-Black-at home-illiterate
John McKey-age 15-male-Black-at home
Hilyard McKey-age 11-male-Black
_____? - age 1-male-Black

P.59 - Fairfield District

John Mackey-Head of Household-age 22-male-mulatto-farmer-literate-born in 
N.C. - in his Household: 
Elizabeth Mackey-age 19-female-mulatto-Keeping House-P.C.-cannot write
John Mackey-age 8 months-male-mulatto


H. (Henry) Mackey-age 55-male-Black-Farmer-illiterate (Head of Household)
Kisiah Mackey-age 38-female-Black-Housekeeper-illiterate
Ann Mackey-age 14-female-Black-at home 
Vicy An Mackey-age 13-female-Black-at home
Ann E. Mackey-age 21-female-Black-at home 
Mary E. Mackey-age 17-female-Black-at home
Marth Mackey-age 10-female-Black-at home
Julia Mackey-age 8-female-Black-at home
Sarah Mackey-age 7-female-Black-at home
Henry Mackey-age 4-male-Black

p.63 - Fairfield Township

B. (Benjamin) Mackey-age 40-male-mulatto-laborer-illiterate (head of 
household) in household: 
Mary J. (Jane) Mackey-age 30-female-Black-housekeeper-illiterate
Mihala Mackey-age 10-female-mulatto-at home-illiterate
Livina Mackey-age 16-female-Black-at home-literate

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