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The latest new item is the updated genealogy report for the first four generations of descendants of Philip Karns Sr. It is in the Adobe Acrobat format. If you want to see the other descendants down to the present, contact Jean for further information. We want to protect the privacy of living family members, so they are not available to be indexed.

Also, you can see ancestry charts for selected members of the Karns family. (The diagrams are easy to read if you enlarge the image.)

In addition, you can see descendancy charts for Philip Sr., our earliest Karns ancestor.

You can link to an interactive Karns database on the WorldConnect site. (Please note that it is not as current as the updated genealogy report.)

The major update of the photo album is now in place. Take a look and drop us a note or sign the guest book when you have seen it. Also, please, do two things if they are needed:
(1) Send us an e-mail identifying errors you spot, and
(2) Consider sharing with us pictures you have that should be in the photo albums but aren't. We will be doing updates about once a year.

ERRATA: Any reference to three Karns brothers moving from Pennsylvania to Kansas should mention Albert, Hiram, and Alva. Simon did not move to Kansas.

When new developments emerge that we want to share right away, we will put them on this page first.

Updated 24 Nov 2005.