Archives and Resources


Some of the many researchers who have contributed to my work deserve special mention here. I will include the initials used in the Endnotes of the Descendancy Report for some of their specific contributions. These first three, all deceased, left behind them records of early-day families as well as present generations. They blazed a trail which has been expanded through many hours of research in vital records deposits, mortuaries, cemeteries, telephone conversations, E-mails, Web pages, Internet mailing lists, postal correspondence, and travel. For me, the new technology of the Internet has opened an entirely new world for research and electronic exchange of information.
CP        Clara Karns Pendley
GP        Glen Paxton
VK       Verna Karns

Others have graciously shared their work. I give my special thanks to the following for their information about our families. They are listed in alphabetical order of the initials used in the Endnotes of the Descendancy Report.
BS        Betty Spencer
CKC    Colleen Karns Cornwell
Duke Obits refers to a set of obituaries made available by Duchesne "Duke" Pomeroy Clark, Jr.
HS        Hal Smith
JL        Jean Karns Ladd
JM       Jerry Mower
KC      Kenneth Carlin
KL       Kay Leach
RDL    R. Doug Layton, deceased
SCS    Shirley Spearow
TRB    Timothy R. Bottenfield

In addition, I use these initials for various aspects of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:
SLC    Salt Lake City
LDS    Latter Day Saints
AFN    Ancestral File Number
IGI        International Genealogical Index

Two other persons have been of special help in this work. My cousin Jim Mearkle was helpful in identifying significant resources, especially the set of obituaries by Duke Clark. My husband, Forrest Ladd, Jr., has been helpful in sharing his computer "savvy" and maintenance skills, and in preparing graphics for this work.

Many of my cousins and others have provided valuable information for this document. Each of the endnote references to Family Records is a testimony to their helpfulness. Thank you one and all!