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  Fultons in Ireland

Introduction:   - Trevor Fulton's Research in Ireland:
Parishes around Lisburn - Map of Northern Ireland's parish divisions and counties.
Geography and History: of the Lisburn Area.
Early Fultons: - John Fulton, Braidujle, Antrim, Ireland (Burke's Landed Gentry of Great Britain & Ireland, 1863 Edition)
Old Records - PRONI=Public Record Office, Northern Ireland - 17th Century Records
Fultons remaining in the area in the 18th Century: - Lisburn, Ireland
Dispersal and Emigration: of Fultons in the 17th & 18th Centuries
Conway/Hertford:     Landlords of the Lisburn Area

Chapters from  Sir Theodore Hope's Book provided by Trevor Fulton.

Augusta County Resources

Map of the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road (above)  - from Philadelphia to Augusta County, Virginia

Fultons in Ireland and New England - Fulton immigration records for New England is new information .

Bible Records
- McClure Bible records incl. James Fulton and Betsy Mitchell. John McClure, the heir to James and Betsy's estate was Betsy's sister's son.  Elizabeth (Mitchell) Fulton, age 84, was living in her nephew,  John McClure's home in 1850.

Collaterals- Edward Hall married Eleanor Stuart, daughter of Archibald Stuart, Sr.  Origin -Paxton Township, Lancaster, Pa.   William Lusk , merchant from Paxton Township, Lancaster, Pa.

Contributors:  Mrs. Katherine Bushman, George Fulton, Edward Fulton Howard,  Barbara Fahey, Tillie Gore.  If I have missed you, let me know or if I haven't posted something you sent, I may need a reminder.  e-mail:

Deeds - located in Virginia - Augusta and Ohio Counties (Samuel).

    Marriages - in Virginia - Augusta, Rockbridge and Rockingham Counties

Augusta County, Virginia Marriages
Frederick County, Virginia Marriage
Rockbridge County, Virginia Marriages
Rockingham County, Virginia Marriages
Wills - in Augusta County, Virginia - (including William who was omitted by Chalkley)

Augusta Fultons

Andrew Fulton
- Papers in his Rev. War file. Evidence of his widow's failure to receive a pension for his services.
James Fulton
- of Augusta County, Virginia
John Fulton - of Rockingham County, Virginia. Updated Feb 25, 2002.
Robert Fulton - (b. 18 Nov. 1760) Revolutionary War Records (Prisoner of War)

Other Random Fulton documents

Robert Fulton
- Boston, Massachusetts Fultons
Thomas Fulton - (b. 25 August 1757) Revolutionary War Record.

Associated Families include: Beck , Lusk , McCutcheon, Smiley, Steele, Stuart , Summers 

The Scots-Irish From Ulster and The Great Philadelphia Wagon Road
Other Links to Trails, Wagon Roads and Maps

The Great Philadelphia Wagon Road - by Dr. Harry Y. Gamble

Videos of the Great Wagon Road and the Wilderness Road

Map of the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road

    AUGUSTA COUNTY, VIRGINIA FULTONS:  Due to an early Augusta County fire that destroyed some of the early records, other sources and affidavits have had to be used to trace the families. Since I cannot firmly document the connection between the different Fulton families in Augusta County I have presented them separately so you could draw your own conclusions.  If you have additional documentation that confirms or contradicts what I have published here, please contact me at:

    The Fultons of Virginia have their own mailing list. To see how to subscribe, unsubscribe and participate please read the FULTONVA-L

The Hope book speculates on a story  handed down through his mother that the earliest Fulton in Lisburn was either William "of Kilkenny" or his family.

Chapters from  Sir Theodore Hope's Book provided by Trevor Fulton.
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Research and content of the above research in Ireland are the property of:
Trevor Fulton 1999 e-mail

This work would not be complete without a tribute to the late Katherine Bushman who did extensive work in researching the Fulton Family in Augusta County, Virginia for me and my correspondents. I also would like to thank Virginia Kane, George Fulton, Barbara Fahey, Tillie Gore,  Edward Fulton Howard, and all others who have sent me their personal data to add to what we have. If I have omitted anyone, my apologies as it took the contributions of  many people to make this work complete.   Please be patient if you sent material that hasn't been posted yet.  It will surface again as I wade through my files and it will get posted.We have Trevor Fulton to thank for the extensive work he has done on the Fulton Family in Ireland.  This adds an entire new dimension to these pages.I am also indebted to George Fulton for his contributions on his branch of our Fulton Family known as the Missouri Fultons.The Revolutionary War records were obtained from the National Archives.

The Deeds, Land Records and Wills were obtained from the Augusta County, Virginia Clerk's Office with the help of Mrs. Bushman. Also consulted was: The Fulton, Hayden, Warner Ancestry in America, 1923, compiled by Clarence Ettienne Leonard. Tobias A. Wright, Printer and Publisher, 150 Bleecker Street, New York. Reprinted by Higgonson Books.

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