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Virginia to Alabama

Finally settled Geneva Co, AL near Samson.


Jeanette Cuthriell Cuthriell, Wise, Yates, Simmons SE AL, FL, GA, VA
Martin Day Cutherell, Portlock, Etheridge VA
Elizabeth Harris VA, NC
Lois Danley SE AL, FL, GA, VA

Martin Day, 29 April 1999

I have 47 CUTHERELLS in my files that lived in Norfolk County. Va. My wifes ancestry goes back to CUTHERELL. I know that the family was in Norfolk County in 1625, were Danish shipbuilders. built their own ship and sailed to Norfolk County. They hired a captain named PORTLOCK which is also an old County name. They were also connected with the ETHERIDE family who arrived in 1635. I also have some of those names. CUTHERELLS held the first Methodist meetings in their home and later had a church built about one mile north of where they lived. This church is still in existance. Called the OAK GROVE METHODIST CHURCH. There is a lot of CUTHERELL informa tion in the Sargeant Memorial Room of the Norfolk Central Library.

Do You have Cuthriell/Cuthrell/Cuthrel/Cutrel that you would like to have added to this database? If so, send it to me in the format listed. It doesn't matter where you are because I'm convinced that all the Cuth???? came from the first colonists in VA. Neither are there that many in the U.S. Look in your local phone directory and see if you have any listed there. If so, I would like to have you send me the list. This surname has been very dificult to research because it has been spelled so many different ways. My husband's great grandfather was spelled in one census as "Catheral". Also "Cutheral". I am interested in any type of record that can be found pertaining to these people - especially prior to 1900. This database is free to any Cuth?? descendant but may not be used in any commercial endeavor without the consent of the people who let me list their info on this site. Maybe it will help you find that missing link on this very hard to search name and break down that "brick wall".

JeanetteWilson Cuthriell

Spencer OK

Originally from Mobile AL

Cuthrell/Cutherell/Cuthriell Information

Can you add to this information?

Name Birth Date Died Spouse Marriage Area Descendant
Ann C Cuthrell 1844 Norfolk Cty, Va. Martin Day
Amey Cuthriel ChristopherWare 01Jan1816 Telfair Co., GA
Catherine Cuthrell Est 1810 Thomas Martin
Eli Cuthrell 1770/1780 Prior 1840 Dinah Sikes
Melissa Cuthrell est 1846 Prior 1900 A. Stokes
Wright Cuthrell 1805 Prior 1860 Martha Sikes
Agnes Cuthrell Abt 1790 Hillary Cooper
A. Cuthrell 1790/1800 Rebecca Gammon
Alonzo Cuthrell Rosa Montague
Ann Cuthrell Est 1690/1700
Ann Cuthrell 1832
Ann Cuthrell Abt 1784 Thomas William
Ann Cuthrell Abt 1778 Josiah Curling
A. Cuthrell 1846
B. Cuthrell Abi 1775 Prior 1820 Labon Unknown
Caleb Cuthrell 1814 Affiah Unknow
Caleb Cuthrell Abt 1780 Peggy Jarvis
Caleb Cuthrell Oct. 1882 Lulu Barton
C. Cuthrell 1780/1790
C. Cuthrell 1810/1820
Cora Cuthrell 28-Feb-I 868 25 Feb 1938
Daniel Cuthrell 1690/1700
Daniel Cuthrell Est 1740
Dinah Cuthrell William Whidbee
Dorcas Cuthrell Thomas Grimes
Eady Cuthrell 1843
E. Cuthrell Abt 1781 John Matthews
E. Cuthrell Abt 1784 James Mullins
E. Cuthrell Robert Murden
E. Cuthrell Stephen Cherry
E. Cuthrell D. Ballentine
Emmet Cuthrell Jan. 1896
Enos Cuthrell 1830 C. ???
George Cuthrell 1846
George Cuthrell Abt. 1862
Gowin Cuthrell est 1660 1710 K. ?????
Gowin Cuthrell 1760:1765
H. Cuthrell Michael Whitson
Ida J. Cuthrell 16 Feb I889 26-Mar-1914 ????? Bray
Ida V. Cuthrell Jan. 1898
Jacob Cuthrell 1846
James Cuthrell est 1755
James Cuthrell Abt 1755
Jane Cuthrell 1837
Joel Cuthrell Harriett Monroe
Joel Cuthrell Abt 1770/1780 Nancy Williams
John Cuthrell est 1680/1690
John Cuthrell 1863
John Cuthrell
John Cuthrell 1840
Joseph Cuthrell Est 1690/1700
Joseph Cuthrell 1 843
Joseph Cuthrell Sarah Etheridge
Joseph Cuthrell 1823
Joshua Cuthrell Est 1770/1775 E. Williams
Josiah Cuihrell Est 1740/1750 1784
Judy Cuthrell 1840
Laura Cuthrell 1829
Lem Cuthrell Est 1680/1690
L. Cuthrell 9 Jun 1875 19 Aug 1963
Lyda Culhrell
Mahala Cuthrell 1839
Mahala Cuthrell John Lake
M. Cuthrell Abt 1783 William Baley
M.Cuthrell 1819
Mary Cuthrell 1835
Mary Cuthrell Thomas Casteel
Mary Cuthrell Henry Bailey
Mary Cuthrell Lott Baley
Mary Cuthrell Joseph Graham
Mary Cuthrell 25 Jan 1825 26 Mar 1914 Robert Godfrey
Mary Cuthrell 5 Mar 1893 ???? Bray
M.Cuthrell 1793/1883 Margaret Sikes
M. Cuthrell Est 1765/1774
Milton Cuthrell 18 Mar 1845 5 Nov 1892 Susan ???
Milton Cuthrell July 1 873
Mollie Cuthrell 1 Feb 1863 19 Sep 1916 P. C. Bray
Mrs. Cuthrell John Gallop
Mrs. Cuthrell Joshua Duberry
Nancy Cuthrell Est 1767 David Wood
Nathan Cuthrell Abt 1765 Miss NI. Cherry
N. Cuthrell est 1690/1700
Nellie Cuthrcll
Peter Cuthrell Est 1770/1775 Keziah Shirley
R. Cuthrell Miss E. McCoy
Robed Cuthrell Mary Richardson
Robert Cuthrell Mary E. Peed
Rubie Cuthrell 24 Feb1878 14 May 1813 ???? Bray
Samuel Cuthrell Mary Stanhope
Samuel Cuthrell Mary Crafts
Sarah Cuibrell 16 Oct 1830
S. Cuthrell Est 1680/1690
S.Cuthrell 1843
Susan Cuthrell 30 Jun 1870 13 Nov 1926
Teagle Cuthrell Martha Whidhie
Thomas Cuthrell Est 1680/1690
Thomas Cuthrell April 1848 Lilly ????
Thomas Cuthrell Abt 1780
U. Cuthrell Est 1 747 E. ???
U. Cuthrell Keziah ???
Uriah Cuthrell Nancy Hodges
V. Cutlhrell 1855
Wesley Cuthrell 1815 Mary Etheridge
W. Cuthrell Est 1690/1700
W. Cuthrell 1803
W. Cuthrell Est 1750
W.Cuthrell 1849
Willis Cuthrell 1802 Hannah Petree
Willis Cuthrell 1802
Willis Cuthrell Nancy Carson
Willis Cuthrell Nancy Etheridge


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