Michel DesLoges, aka Michaell Deloges, departed Bristol, England for the Virginia Colony in 1663. He had a four year apprenticeship as a tailor with Charles Taplady in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. At some point following his arrival, his name was anglicized to Michael DeLoach. In about 1671, he married Jane Griffith, and thus began the DeLoach family in America.

Based upon the genealogical research of Frampton Earl Ellis, John Bennett Boddie, Robert Ellis Colson, Joseph Earle Steadman and others, we have concluded that virtually all persons in the United States with the surnames DeLoach, DeLoache, DeLoatch, or any of the other variant spellings (hereafter simply referred to as DeLoach), are descendants of Michel DesLoges.

We now have a way of verifying the common bond between the many branches of the DeLoach family with our forebear, Michael DesLoges. The recent advent of DNA genetic genealogy, specifically the Y chromosome test, can verify current genealogy and establish direct paternal links. The Y chromosome is passed practically unchanged from father to son, generation after generation. Thus, all males who have an unbroken direct line of descendency from Michel DesLoges would carry his Y chromosomes, and this can be determined through Y chromosome testing.

This study may help answer these questions:

Where did Michel DesLoges live before coming to America?

Was his surname DesLoges, Deloges, DeLoche, or some other surname?

Are all DeLoach families in the USA descended from Michel DesLoges?

Can the DeLoach families in the USA be connected to a DesLoges family in France?

Can a common ancestor for different branches of the DeLoach be established?

Genetic Genealogy

Y-DNA is passed from father to son. Daughters do not have Y-DNA, otherwise they would be sons. The Y-DNA that is passed from father to son to son is relatively unchanged over several generations, which makes it useful for assisting in surname studies. This does not mean that women cannot participate in the study, but they will need a close male relative to "stand in" for them by providing a Y-DNA sample.

The Project

The DeLoach Surname Project will perform the Y-DNA Test on men with the DeLoach surname (including all variant spellings). Women whose maiden name is DeLoach may have a male family member (father or brother) act as a surrogate for them.

The free testing done by the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF) is no longer available.

The DeLoach DNA Project is currently being hosted by DNA Ancestry, but other companies may be used. When the results are obtained from one of these companies, they should be sent to the DeLoach DNA Project coordinator so that they may be displayed with other participants.


All members of the DeLoach (and variant spellings) family are encouraged to participate. To join the Project, please complete the Information Release Form and the Pedigree Chart found at the links above.


Only the participant and the Project Coordinator will know the results of the Y-DNA test, unless the participant agrees to share the information on the Release Form.

RootsWeb Please send comments and questions to the Project Coordinator Javan Michael DeLoach

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