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It is likely that all persons in the United States with the surname of DeLoach, DeLoache, DeLoatch, or any of the other variant spellings, are descendants of Michel DesLoges.

He was a French Huguenot refugee who departed Bristol, England in 1663 for the Virginia Colony. At some point after his arrival, he anglicized his name to Michael DeLoach. He had the good fortune of meeting and marrying Jane Griffith, the only daughter of plantation owner Rowland Griffith. When Rowland died, he willed Jane and Michael his plantation, upon which they prospered and raised their family. Their descendants spread down the Atlantic Coast, through the Carolinas to Georgia. Following the American Revolution, they began moving westward through Tennessee to Kentucky, Alabama, and other states that were part of the American frontier.

The purpose of this Web page is to gather historical documents related to the DeLoach family, and make them available to genealogists and family historians.

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