Adamson old letters
Old Adamson Letters
Mason County, Kentucky and Hamilton County, Illinois

The following is a compilation of letters written during the period of 1862 to 1890.   Many
of the letters are from relatives in Kentucky to either John Harrsion Adamson
or  his second wife, Rebecca Cracraft living in Illinois.
These letters had great personal value for her and others to keep all of these years.

These letters and many others are in the possession of the Great – Great – Grandson of
John Harrison and Rebecca  (Harrison and Becky) Adamson.
They are first drafts and works in Progress.  They may have mistakes and the
letters may have typographical mistakes.
Please direct any comments or questions to: Tom James    -

John Harrison Adamson,  12 November 1816- 8 November 1874
m. 16 December 1852
Rebecca Cracraft, 8 September 1827-13 Aug 1902


July the 12  1862
Dear fathr and Mother
i sit my self this morning to drop you afew lines to let you know that we are all well at present and hope when those few lines comes to hand they may find you all well and doing well pap i have got now news to wrie to you only Mr Jackson has lade his crpe by he sese he is a going to wash his hands now and not wurke eny more bh has gone to mayvile to day i reckon he will wsh them when he come shome pap i was at pells last saurday they was all well hare Claelen has got the sasese child you ever saw pap you must excuse me for not ansuring yore leter i was so buisy i could not get a cance but i donte want you to be slonge writing to me for i want to heare from you all so bad pap aunt Jane has bin very sick She is sick yet hers are all well at John Prathers and James Coles pap we are still tlking of going to the tuern yer pap i would like to see you all soe kiss sumpy for me you cant now how bad i want to see hir and all the the rest of you pap give my love to molele Skuire and the Children i was so sory to hire that his wife was ded hir funerl is going to be preched sundayi want you if i can Mr Jackson sndes his love to you all he wanted write to you this weeke but he was so buisey that he could not get a chance well pap i muste clouse by asking you to write your dauter to her father untill death

a few lines to mother
i was at youre mothers when i was to pells they was all well then i had bin looking for Elen and hre ever swlee malindy and liz has bin brimaller Jane Call and Sary balerd sendes there love to you Maria they want you both to write to hem Mother i hve put up  twenty six canes of frute and i am not don yet well mother i muste close for i have not got time to write eny more this time but i must tell you liz camel has sat __________

Deare sister i resived you moste cinde and welcome leter and was sory to here that you was sack oh maria what would i give to see you aall this morning Maria tell Jimy to come out and see Jouny he is tring to walke Maria give my love to aunt elln and all the rest of this rest of the famly tell bill i will i will try to bring him sum whisky when i come and out thare well i must clos by asking you to write  to here sister untill death    (Probably Sally Jackson)


May the 25 1863
Dear sister
it is with the gratis of plesure i set down this Morning t drop you a few t let you know i am well And hope when those few lines comes to hand they may find you all the same i havent got a letter from you for some time i have no news t rite at present it is vary warm up here tha are a making up a nother pertalian up here for one year tha have bin taken sevrel prisners that cot Autneys prilgare and nary Gane to Drauther tha say tha came mity near gitting yancy Drawing all of the Raus is well tha says that we are orderd t Cabington the 4 of Augest t be muster out of the servis May Fly is is as bat as she can rale tll harson i would like t here from him tll him t rite to me and tll me all the news give mi love t all of the Children rite as soon as this comes t hand
from F C Cracraft
Rebecka Adamson


June the 21 1867
Deare father & mother
i take my pen in hand to drop you a few lines to let you now that we are all well mother i recieved you most welcum leter and it found us all well and i hope when thoes few lines reaches you they may find you all injoying the same blessing mother i am by my self this eavning all but my sueat litle babe and she is craling around over the flour puling the cat by the tale and saying tat tat mother i wish you was here to help mee pick beans and rasburys thair is so many here thair is plenty of fruit here if it gets ro[e o wamt upi and moriel to come over and help me to can them up bother i have got good meny chicking i have got a dozen and a half for market thair air woth three dolars a dosen you most come over sunnday and eat fride chicking and peas and beans and beats mother i am looking for your mother and lis here today mother saley has never ben here yet pel is a going after her a saturday mother i wish i cold be with you so i expres my feeling to you pen cannot expres them i would give this wourld give this wourld if i could se you and pap and the children and mariel will and children
mother and pap when i go up to uncle valsis i hafto have acri when i look up the hill and see non of you my hart is all most broak i cannot say no moe pap pell sis he is a hoeing corn in old alder he finished paps big bottom that is _______________________
the corn in the bottom is nearly wast hie and he wants to no if you have got eny that will beat that george pel ses that he sings the pederesldar every night and thinks of you mother we aire a coming out thair this fall mother tel ant elen that I  have not got my carpit rags yet i just got to chanc last week i _________________________ them in a day or to i have got to cuilt to cuilt for mary murphy and to for my self in the house none besids the soing and niting for uncle Alford and mis lockling pap i wish that you was here to help me eat fride chicking and tak about ould tims and i would smoke my pipe cros my legs and fold my arms around my belly ans spit mother you must excues mme for not wrighting sooner Moley Rosey sends her love to you so i must close for the present time sive my love to all my frends and recive a large protion you self from your son and darter to father and mother
o i want to see you so bad

Note: This is probably from Salley Ann Jackson


July the 28 1867
John H Adamson
Dear uncle
i Seat myself this morning to write you a few lines to let you know that myself and family are all well at present and hope that when those few lines come to hand will find you all well and a doing well Crops looks very well here now considering the drouth we have had a rite smart dry spell wheat is over two dollars a bushels and flour is worth 81 c lbs good and grocers about the same old pride I have laid my corne by I think if I have as much good luck as bad i will have meat and bread enough to do me without going to other peoples meat house or corne crib not changeing the subject aunt Ann Wilson is heare She is heare She is well fat and harty I have about one acre and a half of tobaco it looks nice for old ground I have not any thing much to do now only worke around hear and there I seen Cloaellen and Pell last Sunday at Otha Suit at the funeral they are well nan says the She has three of the prettiest Children that you ever seen two boys and one girl Joseph Henry is the youngest lad Eli Brattans wife was buried at Shannon last tuesday the funeal is to be preach to day by Mr Paker
I recon you and all the of you have for gotten that this was such a fellow as Bill Wiggins or it Seames taht way to me for none of you ever writes to me I want you to write to me and tell me what kind of a Country that is for it migt be possible that iI may come to that country some of thes times Harrison I want you to write as soon as you get this and tell me all the news no more at present remain
your Nepew W F wiggins

Aunt Ann willson sends here love to you and all the rest of the family & her and old han is not maried yet She says that he wont show peck She sayes that she would like to see you all once more She talks of coming out their but she dont know how She will get their unless She walks She thinks that it is to far to walk So i think So to


August the 10th 1867
Mason Co Ky
Dear brother
it is with great pleasure that I take my pen in hand To drop you a few lines To let you now that we ar all well at present but jane She has got the Chills yet She had three last weak bu they ar check now and I hope that then those few lines Come to hand that they will find you all in geoying the Same blesing tell becca that Jane is just about as thick as a pipe Stem Jane ses tell becca that She has got plenty of cerryes and black berrys cand up and is waiting for the peaches harison I want you to tell ant elin that jane was asleep when I rote georges leter Jane ses ant elin that Se has got plenty of cerrys and blacberrys cand up and tell her how big She is haroson I have not much to rite but the weather is verry hot an dri we ar sufering for rain we cant rais mor than A half of a crop of Corn and tobacco is gon down in Stid of going up the elexing is over and the rebels is caried the day a far as i have herd jessey ses he wants you to let him no how you ar and george is geting along James Bratling was her to day and he ses that they was all well at John gravess and are all well at Salley Ann and John Prathers They are all well at Jim Coles mary ann Jefferson is sick and has ben for sum time ther is A good __ of sickes her now the fluse is bad And the fevers to
Marget ses she want to her what you have to say about Ranoy you ort to com to murhpyvill and see factory we only had three fites the day of elexing george Columby was kild for awhile but he is beter now
Harison it is all a humbug About wanting a big hous to live in for I have ben living in a to bacco hovel for tow weaks and I have groad to pounds A day you promis to rite to me but you havent donit yet I want you to rite Soon and tel me all the news So I have no more at Present but Still Remain your effecnet Brother un till death
James F Adamson
To John H Adamson


Sardis Ky, Dec. 4th 1869
Mrs Rebeca Adamson
My dear niecce I will endeavor to answer your kind leter, which I confess I have neglected to long; but not intentionally. I was glad to hear that you were all well when you wrote; but I have heard lately that you met that you net with a sad misfortune; I sympathize deeply with you in the loss of your child; though I hope it is the happier for it; for this world is for of troubles and sorrows.  We are all well t present, with the exception of colds; but they are not very dangerous if propperly mannaged. We have had very gloomy weather her for some time and ho prospect for its getting better; it rains or snows most every day.  Crops were tolerably good here this year; but a great deal of tobacco was frozen in the barn.  Our school was out at Nankins’ Chapel yesterday. The Teacher boarded with us.  The patrons of the school all seem to be well pleased with him and so do the children. He taught three months and never had a switch in the schoolroom but once; and he threw that away as soon as he had used it.  The children all learned very fast; and would like to have him teach another school.
His name is Frank, Fegan perhaps the name is familliar to you
Elizabeth has two bright little children; but they are very mischevous.
Give my compliments to William Paul and family; and tell them to write to me, how they are getting along and how they like the country J.C.
The family all join with me in love to you all. Your mother’s family are all well. nothing more at present, but I remain as ever,
your affectionate aunt Malinda, Gifford

write soon


March the 1 1868
Mason Co ky
Dear brther
it is with Much Pleasure that I Take my pen in hand To let you know that We are All well at present And I hope that wen Thoes few lines you do reseiv That they will find you all in geoying the Same blesing J H I have no news to rite Times is hard her And Money is Scears her Tobacco is Selling fr 2 to Sixteen dollars A hundr Corn is worth 75 Cents per bushel baken is Worth 12 cents & hoges is worht 5 dollars A hunded we ar A going to Stay wher we Ar this year
Harison I want you to not make it so long be fore you rite to me Agane Mase mideliton has sold out an gon to the ilenoie H I broke A hundrid pounds of hemp yesterday Thy ar all well at saly anns and alfords
I want you to give my love to Marial and bill pall And tell them to not rite so much to me H I want you to take Chaw of tobacco and
See if you can do inny good atit tell bill that ther aint enny humbuging her now tell george to keep his hands out of them duch girls tiltys for they will make him feel bad

Note: This is not signed but the date and the handwriting style makes it likely that this from from James Adamson.


May the 10  1868
Mason county Ky
Dear brother
it is with Much Pleasure that I Take My Pen in hand To let you not that we Are All well At Present An I hope that when Those few lines you do reseive that they will find you All in jeoying the Same blesing H I reseived your Most welcom leter this last weak And was very gled to her from you all that you was all well h you rote to me that it was raining ther All the time it has ben raining here for two weaks And is rainging to day ther is nobodey don planting corn yet we have planted tody Harison I want you tell Carter folks to rite to me tell them that we ar All well tel bill And Marial to rite to me thel bill that I aint A humbuging now I have got something els to dow H Jane wants you to answer her leter beccak Jane is Still reding She wants you to explain her lalen next time tell george that I am Still feeling upwars for the ground S I have no more at present but Still remain you effectnet brother untill Death Jane & JF Adamson
to J Harison Adamson & B


Sept the 28 1869
Dear sons and daughter
i take my pen in hand to drop you a fieu lins to let you no we are all well at present hoping thoes fieu lines come to hand they may find you all well and doing well o John i never hav sene a moments peace since i herd you was sick o i wanat to herer from you all so bad John if you air so sick you cant come home i want you to wright and delay no time and if you air well i want you to come home and soon as you can get here Torven cracraft has got his leg nerley cutof he was heuing logs for a barn and the ax glanc and stuc in his leg just beloo the nee and nerley cut his leg of he needs assistince as quick as you can get here for his crop is going to los Del has got so mutch to do he cant helpe him cal has got a litle girl about four weeks old its name is nance may and sis has got a fine son his name is John Willim enof of that John vie nadsuo is allmost mared dr douning and bascum hill is just a pitcing in you had beter come home if you want to see the last of vie for you mother give her away a yesterday to the dr
from your mother to John

Dear sister
i thought as i had wrighten mother a fieu lins i would wright a fieu lins lins for my self to let you no we air all well hoping thoes firu lins coms to hand they may find you all well again sister the reason i have not wrighten to you befour this time my babe has ben so sick that i could not get a chance to but is beter now i think she will get well now sister you ant no how bad i felt when i herd you all was so sick but i hope you all will be well befour long sister kiss them sueet children for me bill i have not forgoten you if you have mee sister mother is seting in the corner holding her pore old head she ses she thanks you so mutch for wating on John she hops god will bles you for it well sister as both of my babes is cring to go home i will have to go __ for this time we all join in sending our love to you

Note: John Harrison Adamson Died on the 8th of November , 1874.

March the 11 1875
Dear Daughter
I take My pen in hande to let you new that We aire all well at present an I hope When tose few lines come to hand tay May finde yo all in good helth all in the Neighborhood is Well except Sarah Meran an unkle Cane he has bin sick foire six Month and Dont think he every Will git Well We hase grat prospect foire fruit this yeare the farmers is a plowinge a Wrounde hire I hase got a bige sumers Worke to Do if I git Well of the Rumatism I hase got three Carpets to Wese Wosse foire My self an Wone foire Marth Wheatly Ant lins table linon yo Wanted to New if I Wrode yet I Wase a Wriding all the time of the Deepe snow I Was to lane Cracraft the has got a bige boy an peary Watson Wife hade Wone Wade twelfe poundes Canes hittes Daughter had a girle and Marylis Groser is a lookinge to be sick Becky I Wish yo was hire an I ame a go to hase greens foire Dinner Melinda is gitinge Diner she is a lookinge foire hire boye this Eavinge Becky hire has bine severl famly Mooved out of sards this springe Becky I hade harison frnel preach by brother Mnse he is sed to be the smartes and the bestes preacher ever Wose in sardis I shode hime the letter yo sent me he preach a grate furnell he give heirsn a grate name an he sed he Was a Member of the Mtheed Church foire thirty years his tex wase the twenty eight Chapter and the fiftenth verse be ye faithful un till the ende an I will give yo a crown of richneoss he talk lots aboute harson a beeinge a faithful survent fire jeas becky he paid foir yo an youre famly an thir Went no bidy in the Church but What Cride and thire Wos nere two hundure thire becky if We neve see each other on earth a gne I Won yo to all yore truse in the lorde an trane you Children to love the lorde so We all cne meete in heaven is my praires no moire at present Writ soon as yo git this letter give my love to all the Childre
sareh C to R Adamson

Aunde let thise feeble body fail and let it faint ore dye


Sardis Ky
Aprile 15th 1877
Der Darter
I seat my self to Rite you A few Lines In Ancer to youre Letter Whitch Come to hand Last Weeke It found All Well & I Was glad to here that you Was All Well Becky I Was Rite glad to get A Letter from you for I Was uneasy ABout you for I had Rote to you so Long Before you Ancerd that I Wos A fraid you Wos All Moved Away or Ded you Did Not Now Ery thing ABout or truble or you Would Not have Rote to Lisabth I Was sory that you had Not got or Letter for We have had truble A Nuff Luther & the Children Is A staying here They Ar A going to scool Johney & Nany Miny she Iss A staying A Lewises A going to scool They Ar All Well Lewis And his famly Is All Well Car Was here to Day uncle Cane Is stil A live But he Is Liale to Drop off At Eny time They Ar All Well At youre uncle Bills Beca i Want you to Come In this fall Iff you Cant Come Before for I Want to se you for I Miss you Now More than I Ever Did for since Lisbethe Died It Is so Loncem for When she Was A Live she Was so much Copny that I did Not Miss you so much But Now that she Is gon I Want you to Come home to Me Beca Iff you New how Bad I Want to see you i think that you Would Com home to stay Beca Ellen & Arther Was At home to Day They Ar Both Well At this time Ell Looked Well & harty Jimy Was With her the Last time that she Was At home & she Brot him home to Day & he Wanted to go Back With her Beca Jimy was 3 years olde the 13 Day of Aprile Whitch Wos Last friday Beca there is a home that Bill Cracraft Put up on the Place that you Can Move In & I Want you to Come Luther & Norey Is a Coming out thare this fall Iff they Live & Can Well so thy sy & I Recen that thy Will & Iff you dont come Befoe then I Want you to Be Redy to Come home With them thy Will Be there A Bout the Midle off septtember there Is As much grond As Charles & Steave & Wood Can tend Wheat looks Well Now there Is A fine Prosspect for A good fruit Crop Now the treas has Just Began to Bloom I think We Will have Lots off Peaches & Aples this year iff thy Dont get Kild yet I Will Close for this time I Want you to Rite As soon As you get this Letter & tell Me All the News & tell Me Whether you Will Come home this fall or Not give my Love to All the Children & Reserve A Childes Part youre seff from youre Mother
from Sarah Cracraft to
   Rebeca Adamson

Sardis Ky Aprile 19th 1877
Well Ant Beca
i Will have to Ance youre Letter It found us All Well I Was glad to heare from you & to here that you Was All Well We Ar All Well to Day & hope When those few Lines Come to hand that they May finde you All Well Not got Eney News to Rite At this time unles you have Not got My Letter Whitch I Rote in march Teling you A Bout Elisabeth Deth She Dide the 23 Day off Aprile But I sirtenly thinke that you have got It you sade that you _____ off Being At sarah fields house that goes to Prove to Me that you Was on the Eave off hering off Elisabeth Deth that Word Deth how Can I Ever Rite It About her But She Is gon she has gon to Meat them that has gon Before she Is In heave to Night & she Is An Angle to & she Is the Britest A Mong them All she has gon & Left me heare In this trublsom Worele With out Eny But our Children thank god We Will Meat A gane wheare thare Will Bee No More parting Beca Norah And Me Is A Coming out thare this fall Iff We Both Live & Ceap our helth & I Want you to Be Ready to Come home With us then I Will Close for this time give My love to All the Children & Milley and John & Bill & Marile Rite to tell Me Whether Bill Lives In the same Place or Not & Where you Live & Where John Prather Lives At No More At this time Rite soon from Luther Bratton


febuary the 9 1879
Dear Sister
i have painful nuse to write to you Mother is ded She dide last thursday the 6 day of this month She had bin Sick some 4 monts She caut a deap cold and lay sick nere 4 mont our los is her gane she Sed the religon that Sh profest throu life Sustaind her in deth it was her request that we al Shold meet her in heven where parting wil be no more She was helpless the most ov the time She la Sick She bore her aflicton With great fortitude her Sufferings at times wer aful becka i never had any thing to hurte me as her deth did but She has gon home to heaven ma god in his infinate merse lead us all to heaven to live with her and al ov our friends that have gon thare her funeral was not preacht i intend to have it preacht soon by brother North Cot he visited her throu her Sicness Sung and praid with her Severl times and talk with her We are al wel and hope those ma find you the Same there is a gradeal ov Sickness here this winter old unkle bille grover the 5 day ov this month and Arther Henderson there Mothers graves were all dug the Same day at Shanon Carline and al ov the children Sends there love to you al Charles and malinda wil keep house Malinda broke one ov her fingers some time ago it is getin nearly wel unkel Thomas Cracraft is ded he dide last Spring unkle bill Cracraft is getin very frail he can hardly walk some times Becke i want you and the boys to write tel me how your are getin a long and how you like where you live tel Steaven that i wil answer his leter Soon i wod have writen to you before i thaought maby Mother mite get beter She was very porly when i received you leter give my love to all the famly and al in quiring friends and retain a protion for your self
 nothing more at present
 write soon from Lewis Cracraft to
 Rebeca Adamson


October 11th 1882
Dear Sister
i received your note Some 3 weeks since and would have Answered Sooner but was waiting for Ellen to write which appears to be somewhat a task for her,, Well i have nothing of importance to write,, only i think Ellen is somewhat Mistaken in regard to malinda wanting to Marry. i believe that Malinda would Mary if some widower or old batch would speak a soft word or two, and at the sametime wear a beautiful smil above his black eyes & then with a occational grin presenting a beautiful dimple in his chin,, but dont tell malinda what i am thinking and Speaking just now,, you wished to know if them negro were still living there ___ they there & i expect they will remain there unless you conclyde to com inn,, you wished to know about your land. lewis told me that he has been a trying to sell but land appears to be dull sale at this time but if you wanted it sold right away that we would Advertise and sell at public sall,, So you can write as soon as you get this and let me know,, lewis was about to sell last spring for a fair price but they wanted you to come in. So give my best Respects to your Entire family Write soon
your Brother
Arthur Hinson

Der Sister and Children
i Seate my Selfe down to answer youre leter I wer glade to here frome you all to here you was well. we are all wel but my Selfe I gote thrown frome a horse 2 weeks a go,, gote hurte rite bade i was going to uncle Bill Cracraft furnel he died in August I hope this will finde you all well I ame glade to her you had suche a good crope of corn and wheet cropes a boute her is very good all exspet to baco it is not goode we hade so mutche rain I was sorow to her you was not cominge in her to live Malinda pute upe fruit fore you ande here bothe you wanted now if Malinda wase going to marie if she has evre had a boe it is mor then I ever herd of that was joke of Grey S. you now Matings donte wante to marie they are all well ate Lewis, ande Mainda and Lutes family is all well we havinge a mitey nice fall dry ande nice Some Sickniss about here now I want to now what has become of Salley ann Jackson give my love all of yore chlrenand a Share for youreselfe rite son ase you gete this
E E Hinson


Abigail Oct 3 84
Mrs Adamson
i have collected all of your money but $100 i cant get that before the first of November i thought i would not send part as the expense would be as much as on all Write as soon as you get this ande let me know how you want it sent whether by Register or Express,, if by Express let me know your nearest express office i was sorry that i could not send it this month but Mr Suit wanted further time on $100
money is very close & hard to get at this time
We are all well i saw Malinda yesterday she was very busy drying fruit
Lewis family are all well
We have had a fine Rain the past few days, grass is growing fine the weather is very warm
Corn crops are tolerable good tobacco crop is fine i have no news of import Write as soon as you get this      A Hinson
PS  Direct Abigail
Robertson Co Ky


April the 9 1885
Mt Erie Ills
Dear Grandma
   is seat my self down to rite you a few lines to let you no that we are all well at present and hope when this comes to hand it will find you the same well grand ma i was Sorrow to hear of you a losing your health grandma i cant come and live with you but brittie is a coming i want to see you so bad i cant hardly stand it i got a letter from purley and i answered it but i haint got any answer grand ma i wish you was able to come up here and see us we got a letter from grandma paul and ant Ellen last week they was well rosy and Billie Johnson has gone to house keeping uncle bob kennady was up here the last big snow Laura and him was both sick uncle Georges was all well and ant Sallies was all well tell purley i rote her a letter and sent it with lillie and Fannie prather Aunt Mollie i want you to come up and see us i want to see you and the children so bad have the babies and purleys if you cant have the rest tell aunt Mag to make her man bring her up to see us well i will close for this time i send my love to you all so good by
From Lizzie Paul To Grandma Adamson


Abigail Robertson Co Ky
April 14th 1888
Mr Stephen Adamson
My dear Sir i received a letter from you yesterday that was wrote one year ago,, it was dated July 30, 1877 i dont know what was the cause of the delay probably has been in the office at Sardis all this time as i hardly ever go to Sardis Steve i was glad to hear from you Although so long ago you spoke of that beautiful girl that you intended to take to the Soldiers reunion,, but it may be that you have taken her to yourself before this time to supply the place of that lost rib of yours,, if such be so,, i dont expect that she is as beautiful now as She was then as beauty fades very fast after matrimony,, but if you have not taken her in yet,, dont for awhile, come to Kentucky we have a surplus,, and you can select one that wont fade
Steve we are having beautiful weather. Just now,, i am about done breaking for corn & have tobacco plants up i want to plant corn next week if the weather is suitable wheat looks fine for making a good crop. i only sowed 5 bushels,, Wheat is worth 80 cts corn 75 oats 50 potatoes $1.50 Engglish bluegrass $1.00 pr bu Stock hogs 5 cts pr pound cattle is very low except heavy butchers which bring 5 ½ cts
Steve i have not heard from non of you since i sold that land for your Ma,, until i received that old letter,, after i sold her land and sent the money i wrote 3 letters to her and got no answer then i got the clerk to write one and got no answer to that,, you may believe that i have taken good care of my expness receipt,, if it hadent have been for that i would be very uneasy,,
Steve this leves us all well at this time we had hevy sickness through the winter & large doctor biles,, All of our relations are well at this time,, we have 5 children 1 boy and 4 girls i will give you their names & ages
Arlie 11 years old Billie 10 bernie 8 Vestie, 6; Ora the baby is 4 = 3 of them are going to school,, Steve i would like to see your entire family and i dont see what hinders you all from coming in on a visit as nearly all your relations are here Come and bring your Ma and Charly if the rest wont come give my Respects to your Ma Milly Maggie Wood & Charlie who is a man by this time and keep a small share Your self,
from A Hinson to Nephew S Adamson


Sardis Mason Co Ky
April the 22 88
Mr Stephen Adamson
Dear Cousin it has bin a long time since I seen you and I would love to see you and all the rest of the famly this leaves us all well I hope it may find you all the same things have changed very much since you left Ky if I am not mistaken you left Ky in 1866 which makes 22 years quite a change can be made in 22 years I was at your house December the 4th 1872 do you remember that Jep Wheatly and my self I did enjoy that viset and have often thought of that time if you dont remember it ask you Mother She can tell you. I was out in Illinois in 1882 but I could not learn where you lived and my stay was short any how but if ever I come to Illinois a gain I will find you your uncle Charles told me he got a letter from you and he said you wanted to hear from me he said you was coming to Ky this fall hope you will for I would like to see you wont you come to see me We could talk a week tell your Mother and all the rest of the famly I would like to hear from them I get my mail at old Sardis Mason Co Ky So you need not be afraid you cant find the office I live at the Frank Campbell house and we have a turnpike runing from Sardis to Leowell that is the old mill on the Northfork you knowed it by the name of Poes Mill it runs down the hollow apast our house down Smithford apast where you lived when you was a small kid my mind runs back to them days when I was a boy We have two chldren our girl Leaura H Gifford is 13 years old our boy Clarence W Gifford is 9 years old they are going to school to Sardis the boy weighs 104 lbs he is large of his age Nelson is living at the old home place they have 9 children 4 boys 5 girls Well Steph I will say a word to you Mother Cousin Becky I would be glad to meet you and have a old fasioned talk with you it would seam like old times that have gon by we could only call them to mind by meeting and talking old time over your old home dont look naturl, only Charley and Malinda moving round So I must close for this time hope to hear from you soon give my love to all the famly rite tell me the names of all the children what ones is maried
from Cousin A H Gifford to Stephen & Becky

Rebecca Cracraft died  13 August, 1902.