Robert du Diable MOLYNEAUX Genealogy
Descendants of Robert "le Diable" MOLYNEAUX (Nov 1996)
1. Robert "le diable" MOLYNEUAX b. Moulin, FRA, Reference: MG-1.  IMFA 1.1.1;
IMFA 1.2.3; "Traditons of the family: Robert de Moulin was the son of a
Spanish priest of noble family and a French nun who left the cloister, going
to Moulin, where he (Robert) was born. She then returned to the Cloister ,
where by her peneance and peity she became the Abbess of the Coister. She is
spoken of by many as Heloise, whith whom Peter Abelard fell in love to the
scandal of the church, and after the birth of the son Robert they were
privately married. The union did not appease the wrath of the canon, and
Abelard was expelled from the priesthood and became one of the founders of the
Obliates, a society still existing in the Caucasion Mountains. (Abelard and
Heloise as the parents of Robert de Moulin are not to be vouched for, but
there is to be found, amoung the Bishops of Herford, the name Robert de
Meulin, Priory of LLanthony, who was so consecrated 22 Dec 1163, OB 27 FEb
1166-7, therefore it would not be surprising if the Robert de Meulin here name
were not the so mentioned and the ancestor of the house of Molyneux)
(Tradition also tells us that from this order of Priests often comes the call
to the house of Molyneaux, and when this call comes, the one called leaves all
to obey.)" IMFA 1.1.1
+   2.     i Vivian de MOLYNEUAX.
    3.    ii William MOLYNEUAX Reference: no known issue, Occupation: Captain.
              IMFA 1.1.1-2; Molineaux; Molyneuax; this family came from
             Molineaux- sur-Seine, not far from Roen celebrated for the ruins
             of an ancient fortress popularly called the Castle of Robert le
             Diable, which was destroyed iby John Sans-Terre, but rebuilt in
             1378 by descendt from William de Molineaux, Lord of Sefton,
             County Lancashire, one of the followers of William the
             Conqeror-Courthopis Debrett.
             Captain William Molyneaux (Milins) appears to have been one of
             the most distinguished as well as from the Battle Abbey roll
             wherein his name stands 18th in order as from the old Chronicles
             of the duchy, wherein he is set down and placed as a most
             especial and chief man in nearness and singular credit with his
             royal master. Capt William Molyneuax and his brother Vivian were
             in the 1st expedition of the Army sent by William the Conqueror
             under the conduct of Roger de Poytiers, and the said Roger de
             Poytiers who was then possessed of all the tract of land in
             Lanchashire between the river Ribble and Mersey by gift of the
             crown, gave among other lands and manors of Sefton, Thorndon,
             Kerdon and half of land as services of half Knights fee. Whereof
             he, William Molyneaux, made Sefton his chief seat and was
             succeded by his brother Vivian de Molyneaux. IMFA 1.1.1-2
    4.   iii Roger MOLYNEAUX. IMFA 1.1.2;
+   5.    iv John MOLYNEUAX.
                              Second Generation        
2. Vivian de MOLYNEUAX Reference: MG-2-11, Occupation: Lord of Speke, m.
Sywarda UNKNOWN.
+   6.     i Adam de MOLYNEUAX.
    7.    ii Richard de MOLYNEAUX. IMFA 1.1.2;
5. John MOLYNEUAX Occupation: Usher of the Black Rod, d. 1674, Teversal,
Nottingham, ENG.  IMFA 1.1.2 & 4;
+   8.     i Francis MOLYNEAUX.
                              Third Generation        
6. Adam de MOLYNEUAX Reference: MG-3-4, m. Annota de GARNET.  IMFA 1.1.2;
+   9.     i Robert de MOLYNEAUX.
   10.    ii Gilbert de MOLYNEAUX m. Jane UNKNOWN.  IMFA 1.1.2;
   11.   iii Sywarda de MOLYNEUAX. IMFA 1.1.2;
8. Francis MOLYNEAUX m. Lucy UNKNOWN, Reference: 3 sons, 4 dau, d. AUG 1688.
Francis died OCT 1691, Teversal, Nottingham, ENG.  IMFA 1.1.2 "Gentleman's
Magazine" 1985 'Church of Teversal in the county of Nottinghamshire (1810) St
   12.     i Francis MOLYNEAUX b. 1655, Teversal, Nottingham, ENG, m. Diana
             HOWS, b. 1658, Lancashire, ENG, Reference: 3 sons, 4 dau, d. 18
             JAN 1718, Teversal, Nottingham, ENG.  Francis died 12 MAR 1741,
             Teversal, Nottingham, ENG.  IMFA 1.1.4;
                              Fourth Generation        
9. Robert de MOLYNEAUX Reference: MG-4-7, m. Beatrice de VILLERS, (daughter of
Robert de VILLERS). IMFA 1.1.2;
+  13.     i Richard MOLYNEUAX.
   14.    ii Simon MOLYNEAUX. IMFA 1.1.2;
   15.   iii Vincent MOLYNEAUX m. Isabella UNKNOWN.  IMFA 1.1.2;
   16.    iv John MOLYNEAUX. IMFA 1.1.2;
   17.     v Syward MOLYNEAUX. IMFA 1.1.2;
                              Fifth Generation        
13. Richard MOLYNEUAX b. Sefton, Reference: MG-5-10, m. (1) Edith de BOTILLER,
b. Warrington, m. (2) Emma DAVIS.  IMFA 1.1.2;
             Children by Edith de BOTILLER:
+  18.     i Adam de MOLYNEAUX.
                              Sixth Generation        
18. Adam de MOLYNEAUX Reference: MG-6-15, m. Lettice Letita BRENLY.
+  19.     i William More MOLYNEUAX.
                              Seventh Generation        
19. William More MOLYNEUAX Reference: MG-7-23, Occupation: 1349 KB Ribbon
Garter Blu, m. Margaret de THORNGEN.
+  20.     i Richard MOLYNEUAX.
                              Eighth Generation        
20. Richard MOLYNEUAX Reference: MG-8-39, m. Emma DONNE.
+  21.     i William MOLYNEUAX.
                              Ninth Generation        
21. William MOLYNEUAX Reference: MG-9-44, Occupation: Knight of Sefton, m.
+  22.     i Richard MOLYNEUAX.
                              Tenth Generation        
22. Richard MOLYNEUAX Reference: MG-10-49, m. Agatha KAYERTON KRAYLON, b.
Lardbrook, ENG.
+  23.     i William MOLYNEUAX.
                              Eleventh Generation        
23. William MOLYNEUAX Reference: MG-11-51, m. (1) Johanna ELLALL, m. (2)
Margaret HETTON.
             Children by Johanna ELLALL:
+  24.     i William MOLYNEAUX.
                              Twelfth Generation        
24. William MOLYNEAUX Reference: MG-12-62, m. Jane HOLLAND.
+  25.     i Richard MOLYNEAUX.
                              Thirteenth Generation        
25. Richard MOLYNEAUX Reference: MG-13-70, m. Ellen URSWICK, d. 1397, Sefton,
+  26.     i Richard MOLYNEAUX.
                              Fourteenth Generation        
26. Richard MOLYNEAUX Reference: MG-14-72(&70), Occupation: Knighted at
Agincourt, m. (1) Helen HARRINGTON, m. (2) Joan HAYDOCK.
             Children by Joan HAYDOCK:
+  27.     i Thomas MOLYNEAUX.
                              Fifteenth Generation        
27. Thomas MOLYNEAUX b. Haughton Priorty in Nottinghamshire, ENG, Reference:
MG-15-80, m. (1) Elizabeth MARKUM, m. (2) Catherine COTTON.
             Children by Catherine COTTON:
+  28.     i Edmund MOLYNEUAX.
                              Sixteenth Generation        
28. Edmund MOLYNEUAX Reference: MG-16-100, m. Jane CHENEY, b. Buckinghamshire,
ENG.  Edmund Residence: 22 OCT 1550, Knight of Bath.
+  29.     i Robert MOLYNEAUX.
   30.    ii Joachin MOLYNEAUX Occupation: Paster, m. Francois GABET.  Joachin
             died Orleans, FRA.
                              Seventeenth Generation        
29. Robert MOLYNEAUX b. FRA, Reference: MG-17-118  More, Residence: 1685, Eng
to IRE.  IMFA 1.2.3 "MG" NZMR-p49
+  31.     i Robert MOLYNEAUX JR b. 1670.
+  32.    ii Guilliam "William" de MOULINS MOLYNEUAX.
   33.   iii Joachim "John" du MULIN MOLYNEUAX Reference: MG-18-147,
             Residence: 1635, ENG.
   34.    iv Pierre "Peter" MOLYNEAUX Reference: MG-18-150.
                              Eighteenth Generation        
31. Robert MOLYNEAUX JR b. 1670, ENG, Reference: MG-18-147, Residence: IRE to
+  35.     i Robert MULLINAX.
32. Guilliam "William" de MOULINS MOLYNEUAX b. FRA, Reference: MG-18-148,
Occupation: Lord MOLYENEAUX, Residence: 1653, London, ENG.  IMFA 1.1.3;
   36.     i William MOLYNEAUX Reference: MG-19-192.
+  37.    ii Jesse MOLLINEUX MOLYNEAUX.
   38.   iii Henry MOLYNEAUX b. Lyduate, Ormskirk, Lanc, ENG, Reference:
             MG-19-194, Occupation: Quaker, m. FEB 1685, in Penketh, ENG, Mary
             SOUTHWARD, b. 1653, Warrington, ENG, Reference: Quaker,
             Residence: 1684, Prisoner Lancaster Castle.  Henry Residence:
             1684, Prisoner Lancaster Castle.  IMFA 1.1.3; IMFA 1.2.3;
                              Nineteenth Generation        
35. Robert MULLINAX b. Prince Edward Island, CAN, Reference: MG-19-183,
Occupation: 15 children, d. Londonderry, NH.
   39.     i Michael MULLINAX b. PEI, CAN, Reference: Rev War Capt, m.
             Elizabeth COLBY.  Michael died 1798, Buried: Boston, MA.
   40.    ii William MULLINAX d. 1819.
   41.   iii James MULLINAX m. 27 DEC 1757, in Boston, Suffolk Co, MA,
             Elizabeth PATTESHALL.
+  42.    iv Robert MULLINAX b. 1760.
   43.     v Jane MULLINAX b. 22 DEC 1766, Prince Edward Island, CAN, m. 1791,
             John RIPLEY, b. 1762, d. 1842.  Jane died Chelsea, MA.
   44.    vi Fannie MULLINAX m. 25 JUN 1780, in Hampshire Co, MA, Moses DOW.
37. Jesse MOLLINEUX MOLYNEAUX Reference: MG-19-193a, Occupation: died age 90,
d. New Rochelle, Westchester Co, NY.
+  45.     i Horseman MOLLINEUX MULLINAX b. 1740.
+  46.    ii John MOLLINEUX MULLINAX.
   47.   iii William MOLLINEUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-19-804, Occupation:
             Sailor "Boston" Apr 1779.
   48.    iv Moses MOLLINEUX MULLINAX b. 1741, Reference: MG-19-805,
             Occupation: S2447 Contl Army, m. Mary HOLDEN, Reference: DAR.
             Moses died 1820, Little Egg Harbor twp, Burlington Co, NJ,
             Residence: 03 AUG 1782, Hunterdon Co, NJ.  Witness to the will of
             John Bray Sr. Mary Farnsworth and Lydia Brittain listed as
             grandaughters. Applied for Pension 07 May 1818 Burlington Co, NJ
             res of Little Egg Harbor twp, NJ where he died, had widow of
             about the samw age in 1820.
   49.     v Richard MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-20-225, m. Hettie
   50.    vi John MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-20-226, m. Mary GOLDEN.
   51.   vii Mary Esther MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-20-227, m. Hiram
                              Twentieth Generation        
42. Robert MULLINAX b. 1760, PEI, CAN, m. 08 DEC 1789, in Boston, Suffolk Co,
MA, Margaret McHard KAST, (daughter of Phillip Godfed KAST and Sarah McHARD).
Robert died 1806, Roxbury, Suffolk Co, MA, Residence: 1799-1803, Hopkinton
twp, Merrimack Co, NH.
+  52.     i James McHard MULLINAX b. 24 NOV 1799.
   53.    ii Mary Ann Eaton MULLINAX b. 04 MAY 1801, Hopkinton twp, Merrimack
              Co, NH.
   54.   iii Eliza Crocker MULLINAX b. 06 MAR 1803, Hopkinton twp, Merrimack
             Co, NH.
+  55.    iv Robert Webb MULLINAX.
45. Horseman MOLLINEUX MULLINAX b. 1740, Reference: MG-19-802, m. 19 OCT 1769,
in Shapaqua, NY, Sarah BLACKMON, Residence: Northcastle, Westchester, NY.
Horseman died 12 OCT 1791, Northcastle, Westchester, NY, Residence: Rye,
Westchester, NY.
+  56.     i Jesse MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. 28 JAN 1776.
   57.    ii Sarah MULLINAX.
   58.   iii Phoebe MULLINAX.
   59.    iv Susannah MULLINAX.
   60.     v Esther MULLINAX.
46. John MOLLINEUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-19-803.  IMFA 1.2.4;
   61.     i Jesse MOLLYNEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-20=841.
   62.    ii John MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-20-842.
   63.   iii Martha MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-20-843, m. 10 FEB 1808,
             in NYC Presbyterian Church, William MIDDLETON.
                              21st Generation        
52. James McHard MULLINAX b. 24 NOV 1799, Hopkinton twp, Merrimack Co, NH, m.
in Merrimack Co, NH, Mary Ann UNKNOWN.
   64.     i Henry MULLINAX b. 18 JUN 1831, Meredith twp, Belnap Co, NH.
   65.    ii Henrietta MULLINAX b. 01 FEB 1833, Meredith twp, Belnap Co, NH.
55. Robert Webb MULLINAX m. (1) DEC 1832, in Roxbury, Suffolk Co, MA, Paulina
CLARK, m. (2) Belinda UNKNOWN.
             Children by Paulina CLARK:
   66.     i Henry Clark MULLINAX b. 08 AUG 1838, Roxbury, Suffolk Co, MA.
   67.    ii Ann Woodbury MULLINAX b. 14 JAN 1841, Roxbury, Suffolk Co, MA,
             Reference: IGI.
   68.   iii Robert Gibson MULLINAX b. 02 FEB 1843, Roxbury, Suffolk Co, MA.
   69.    iv Ellen Louisa MULLINAX b. 26 DEC 1848, Roxbury, Suffolk Co, MA.
             Children by Belinda UNKNOWN:
   70.     v Francis Gilbert MULLINAX b. 22 SEP 1845, Roxbury, Suffolk Co, MA.
56. Jesse MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. 28 JAN 1776, Reference: MG-20-806, m. 28 JUN
1826, Phoebe ACKER ATCHERSON, b. MAY 1773, (daughter of Henry ACHERSON and
Phebe UNKNOWN). Jesse died 09 MAR 1842, Residence: Jericho, Long Island, NY.
1820 Queens Co, NY p211; 1820-30 New Rochelle, Westchester Co, NY p157 & p113
IMFA 1.2.4;
   71.     i Henry MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. 16 OCT 1799, NY, Reference:
             MG-20-807, m. unknown MORTON.
   72.    ii Mary MULLINAX b. 16 OCT 1799, NY.
+  73.   iii Royal MOLLINEUAX MULLINAX b. 27 SEP 1801.
    74.    iv Samuel MULLINAX b. 18 DEC 1802, NY.
   75.     v Ann MULLINAX b. 19 MAR 1805, NY, Reference: MG-20-812, m. Esty
   76.    vi Martha MULLINAX b. 19 MAY 1805, NY, Reference: MG-20-811, m. John
+  77.   vii Benjamin MULLINAX b. 02 NOV 1808.
                              22nd Generation        
73. Royal MOLLINEUAX MULLINAX b. 27 SEP 1801, NY, Reference: MG-20-808, m. 14
NOV 1822, Elizabeth PLACE.  Royal died 26 FEB 1842.  IMFA 1.2.4;
   78.     i Sarah MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. 17 DEC 1823, NY, Reference:
   79.    ii Mary J MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. OCT 1825, NY, Reference: MG-21-814.
+  80.   iii John J MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. 03 JAN 1831.
+  81.    iv Franklin H MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. 18 FEB 1835.
   82.     v Phoebe MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. 06 JUN 1840, NY, Reference:
   83.    vi Elizabeth MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. SEP 1843, NY, Reference:
77. Benjamin MULLINAX b. 02 NOV 1808, NY, Reference: MG-20-810, Occupation:
Quaker, m. (1) ca 1826, Phoebe UNKNOWN, b. ca 1810, m. (2) Mary RHODES.
Benjamin Residence: 1828, Westbury, Nassau Co, NY.
             Children by Phoebe UNKNOWN:
   84.     i Phoebe MULLINAX b. ca 1828, NY.
+  85.    ii Benjamin MULLINAX b. 1830.
                              23rd Generation        
80. John J MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. 03 JAN 1831, NY, Reference: MG-21-815, m.
(1) Alida FOWLER, m. (2) Francis UNKNOWN, b. 1842, NY.  John Residence: 1880,
Hempstead, Queens Co, NY.  IMFA 1.2.4; 1850 Andes, Delaware Co, NY? p 90
             Children by Alida FOWLER:
   86.     i Jesse MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-22-238, Residence: Oyster
             Bay, LI, NY.
   87.    ii Ida MULLINAX b. 1866, NY.
   88.   iii Eugene MULLINAX b. 1870, NY, Residence: Hempstead, LI, NY.
   89.    iv Wright MULLINAX b. 1874, NY, Residence: Brooklyn, NY.
81. Franklin H MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. 18 FEB 1835, NY, Reference: MG-21-810,
m. Elizabeth SMITH, b. 1838, NY.  Franklin Residence: 1880, NY.  IMFA 1.2.4;
+  90.     i Benjamin MULLINAX b. 18 FEB 1835.
+  91.    ii William R MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. 16 AUG 1856.
+  92.   iii Royal H MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. 22 APR 1858.
+  93.    iv Allen R MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. 27 JAN 1862.
85. Benjamin MULLINAX b. 1830, NY, m. Sarah UNKNOWN, b. 1861, NY.  Benjamin
Residence: 1850-80, Hempsteadtown, Queens, NYC, NY.
     94.     i Salemna MULLINAX b. NOV 1879, NY.
                              24th Generation        
90. Benjamin MULLINAX b. 18 FEB 1835, NY, Reference: MG-22-821, m. Sarah
ROUSSEAU, b. 1861, NY.
   95.     i Salensna MULLINAX b. 1879, NY, Reference: MG-23-829.
   96.    ii John MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-23-830.
   97.   iii Vital R MOLLINEAX MULLINAX.
   98.    iv Elizabeth MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-23-832.
91. William R MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. 16 AUG 1856, Reference: MG-22-819, m.
Elizabeth SMITH, Reference: ???.
   99.     i Franklin MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-23-823.
  100.    ii William MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-23-824.
  101.   iii Calvin MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-23-825.
  102.    iv Grover MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-23-826.
92. Royal H MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. 22 APR 1858, Reference: MG-22-820, m. Mary
  103.     i Freddie MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX.
  104.    ii Jesse MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-23-828.
93. Allen R MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX b. 27 JAN 1862, Reference: MG-22-822, m. Sarah
  105.     i George MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-23-833.
  106.    ii Charles MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-23-834.
  107.   iii Walter MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-23-835.
  108.    iv Franklin MOLLINEAX MULLINAX Reference: MG-23-836.
  109.     v Royal MOLLINEAUX MULLINAX Reference: MG-23-837.

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