Wedderburn Castle Photos

Wedderburn Castle Photos

NOTE: “Today the castle remains in private Home (Hume) family ownership, available for exclusive fully serviced weekend or mid-week rental by parties with up to 80 guests. The castle grounds (known in Scotland as the ‘policies’) have been restored, trees re-planted and drive ways, lodge houses and gates rebuilt. Maintenance of the castle masonry is on-going, and it is planned to bring the stables back into use.“

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Wedderburn CastleWedderburn Castle located approximately one mile from Duns, Berwickshire, Scotland

Wedderburn CastleSouth front lawn

Wedderburn CastleHume/Home Arms above main entrance

Wedderburn CastleReception at main entrance

Wedderburn CastleEast facade in winter

Wedderburn CastleView from Southeast in winter

Wedderburn CastleDriveway to Wedderburn Castle

Wedderburn CastlePlaque on original Wedderburn Castle wall in courtyard

Wedderburn CastleCloseup of plaque

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