There are no copies of HORNBECK HUNTING, VOLUMES I AND II, published May 2001, available. These books included ALL spelling variations including Hornbeck, Hornback, Hornbeak and all other known variations. Because of the number of individuals (24,000) and pages (1500) it was necessary to publish this work in two volumes. (See below for details on both books).

Although no longer in print it is still possible for me to furnish an unbound copy of one or both original manuscripts. You would have to bind yourself in soft or hard cover. Contact me for a price.

I can also provide you with a personal genealogy manuscript on your own family ready for binding. Cost would depend on wheter you want Ancestors or Descendants and the number of pages involved. Contact me for more details.

HORNBECK HUNTING, VOLUME I included over 22,000 known descendants of Warnaar HORNBECK born c16454, including spouses and children, as well as Warnaar's possible ancestors, all in a standard genealogical numbering format for easy lineage tracking.

HORNBECK HUNTING, VOLUME II included the first 52 pages from WARNAAR HORNBECK DESCENDANTS, a book published by Hornbeck and Sayre, now out of print, which deals with the origin of the surname in Holland and the settlement and history of our country beginning with our first known immigrant ancestor Warnaar van Hoornbeeck. This volume includeds a list of Hornbeck Hunters with mailing address, e-mail addresses and their line and/or their query, so you can contact them directly. It also included all Unconnected Lines, Hornbeck lines which have not yet been connected to Warnaar Hornbeck.

A GEDCOM of my 24,000+ Hornbeck database is available. The notes are not edited and are what I call "raw" meaning they contain some speculative information. Contact me for more details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Both the book and the disks are copyrighted and registered with the Library of Congress. These are for your personal use only. My research data cannot be copied or reproduced in other publications or on the Internet without my permission.

Shirley Hornbeck@s-hornbeck.com)

I will be happy to search my database for your HORNBECKs. I will also search for others working on the same branch. Please furnish COMPLETE details including full names, spouse's name, children's names, dates and places so I can do a thorough search.

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