Tree Trunk

The Tree Trunk

When first setting out to find my ancestors, I kept seeing a seed grow into a seedling, then a tree that sent out branches and dropped more seeds that the winds carried to new lands.

After reading "Swiss Roots: A History of the Happes Family to 1800", I saw a mighty oak that had dropped seeds before disease destroyed the tree and the seedlings with the exception of one young seedling. 

This seedling was healthy and  in Switzerland where a graft would take place and branches began to shoot out, drop seeds and eventually, wind would carry two seedlings across an ocean.  Against all odds, the two seedlings took root, growing into mighty oaks, whose seeds scatter across the countryside. 

Denise O. Kern
June 11, 2007

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Note:  This is a Family Tree Maker Genealogy Report.  Numbers given to individuals in this formart DO NOT correspond with the numbering system used in Harry's 1900 Summary File.