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A Website for the entire family!

Harry and I are glad you stopped by and hope that you find the information or documention you're looking for - if not, check back or drop us a line, we'll be happy to help.

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The site begins with Peter Haps and Anna Froelich Haps only surviving child, Jochaim Haps born in the early 1600's and left an orphan outside the tiny village of Toess' Switzerland.

Harry has documented the family from Switzerland till our immigrant ancestors, Georg and Michael Happes arrived and established families in the new land.  The efforts of his hard work and devotion to our family history can be found in his book, "SWISS ROOTS:   A HISTORY OF THE HAPPES FAMILY TO 1800".  Copies are still available - reserve yours now!

I was a novice with a lot of records that weren't leading to my line and a disgust for the waste of valuable information. This site was a vehicle to pass the information on.  I was just about to shut the site down when my in-box received a letter from the master himself, Harry Hoppes. Since then, the site has blossomed into a one-stop shop for anything related to the numerous variations of the Hoppes spelling. 

This has been made possible with the hard work and dedication of other researchers, like you, sharing knowledge, personal photos, art work, poetry or a memory of an ancestor.  For that, Harry and I thank you!  We also ask that you keep the information coming.

I'm sure your anxious to get started - each button is a section of the site - i.e. "Harry's Corner" houses publications by Harry, "Record Bin" houses documentation of events, etc.  Have fun and happy hunting!

Thanks for stopping by! Harry & Denise

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DISCLAIMER: Surname data is constantly changing - verification of shared data is an ongoing process. If there is NOT a link to the source page or an individual is listed, it should be used with caution and researched further.

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