Welcome to Homespun & Country Kitchen

Welcome to
Homespun-Country Kitchen!

HOMESPUN is a Rootsweb-sponsored mailing list where members are invited to reminisce and share memories, traditions, poems, humor, stories, recipes, folklore, and home remedies.

Homespun provides a friendly atmosphere, which gives its members the opportunity to relax and enjoy one another's company. Each new member is greeted and welcomed into the circle of friends. People of all ages come together and are on an equal plane. We share tears, we share smiles, but most of all we care about one another.

COUNTRY KITCHEN is a mailing list dedicated to cooking and the exchange of recipes.

You can share your favorite recipes, find one you've been searching for, and get or give cooking tips. If you don't see a recipe you've been trying to find, all you need to do is ask! There's usually someone who has the recipe, and if not, someone will either find it for you or tell you where it can be located.

This website is where members of both HOMESPUN and COUNTRY KITCHEN come together to enjoy elements of both lists. All members contribute to themed pages, as much of the content of this webpage is taken from the posts made to the mailing lists.

So, pour a cup of coffee or a glass of something cold, kick off your shoes, and sit a spell with us!

Your Webmistresses,
LaRae & Eireann

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