Family Trees

Family Trees

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Abbott 1802-20th century Maryborough, Ireland and Edinburgh, Scotland 25 Mar 2016
Adams c1720-20th century Faughanvale, Eglinton, Northern Ireland 12 Mar 2016
Bassett 1788-1960 Ontario, Canada and St Clair County, Michigan, USA 12 Mar 2016
Bond c1693-20th century Rivenhall, Essex, England 5 Apr 2017
Bootes 19th & 20th century The Netherlands and England 2 Oct 2021
Brighton 1700-20th century Norfolk, Devon and Cornwall, England 7 Jan 2023
Brown c1740-20th century Newhills and Keig, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 13 Mar 2016
Brown c1811-20th century New Zealand 13 Mar 2016
Camber 18th-20th century Vermont, USA and Québec, Canada 13 Mar 2016
Chamberlain 1700s-present Great Massingham and Stow Bardolph, Norfolk, England 7 Jan 2023
Clark c1700-present Castle Hedingham & Pebmarsh, Essex, England 27 Feb 2016
Clary 1770s-20th century Essex and London, England 13 Mar 2016
Coe c1670s-present Norfolk, England 5 Sep 2018
D'Arcy c1800-20th century Avoca, Co. Wicklow, Ireland and Glenelg, Ontario, Canada 27 Feb 2016
Dear 1750s-20th century Redlynch / Downton, Wiltshire and Portsmouth, Hampshire 28 Feb 2016
Dennis (and McLaney) 1750s-1910 New Jersey and Pennsylvania, USA to Ontario, Canada 28 Feb 2016
Douglas c1790-20th century Wigtownshire and Edinburgh, Scotland 27 Feb 2016
Duddingston c1660-1880s Sandford (St Ford), Fife, Scotland 20 Mar 2016
Duddingston - descent from Robert the Bruce 1274-1683/4 Scotland 20 Mar 2016
Edwards 18th-20th centuries Flintshire, Wales 28 Feb 2016
Göbel 19th century Hessen, Germany and London, England 13 Nov 2021
Goodey 1750s-20th century Halstead, Essex, England 3 Apr 2017
Hall c1768-20th century Eastern Townships, Québec, Canada 27 Feb 2016
Hampton c1710-20th century Chertsey, Surrey, England 27 Feb 2016
Harbord 1595-present Norfolk, England and London, England 20 Mar 2016
Herdman c1690-20th century Rattray, Perthshire, Scotland 20 Mar 2016
Heriott 1530s-1720s Edinburgh, Scotland; London and Norfolk, England 20 Mar 2016
Hitchiner 18th-20th century Rugeley, Staffordshire, England 28 Feb 2016
Isaacs 1783-20th century Rivenhall and Witham, Essex, England 28 Feb 2016
Jones 18th-20th century Bagillt and Ysceifiog, Flintshire, Wales 28 Feb 2016
Kip 18th-20th century The Netherlands 20 Feb 2016
Lee 17th-20th century Islington, England and Toronto, Ontario 12 Mar 2016
Lipyeatt 17th-18th century Marlborough, Wiltshire, England 9 Sep 2018
McKenzie c1806-20th century Aberdeenshire, Scotland and Canada 27 Feb 2016
McLaughlin c1801-present Shefford County, Québec, Canada 3 Oct 2020
Millidge c1760-1880s London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland 17 Apr 2016
Moore 1770s-present Nottingham and London, England 5 Mar 2017
Neate 1600s-present Wiltshire, England 2 May 2020


1800-present Ireland to Glenelg Township, Grey County, Ontario 27 Feb 2016
Pepper 18th century Halstead, Essex, England 20 Mar 2016
Reineke 1780s-20th century Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Romford, Essex, England 20 Feb 2016
Richardson 1750s-1880s Lincolnshire, England to Kingston and Toronto, Ontario 28 Feb 2016
Roaf 1680s-present Margate, Kent, England and Toronto, Ontario, Canada 20 Mar 2016
Rowan c1760-20th century Toronto Gore, Ontario, Canada 12 Mar 2016
Sangster c1750-present Clatt, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 20 Mar 2016
Smith 1700-present Great Yeldham, Essex, England 20 Mar 2016
Tyler 1700s-present Surrey, England; Victoria, Australia and Canada 8 Apr 2019
Walker c1720-present Terrington St John, Norfolk, England 7 Jan 2023
Walker c1700-1870 Collessie, Fife, Scotland 27 Feb 2016
Warrack c1730-present Towie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 20 Mar 2016
White c1720-20th century Sible Hedingham, Essex, England 8 Jan 2017
Wyse c1740-present Stirling and Edinburgh, Scotland 17 Apr 2016

Birth / Marriage / Death Certificates I have ordered which turned out to be for someone unrelated to me.  Perhaps they can be of use to you.

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