Vicksburg - Images of Days Past I
Images of Days Past I
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Levee & Steamboats, Feb 1864The River and the Waterfront
Each was vital to the development of the city. This photo of the levee and steamboats was taken Feb 1864 by Wm. R. Pywell.
Source: Civil War Photographs, 1861-1865 compiled by Milhollen & Mugridge, Washington, D.C., Library of Congress 1977.

Waterfront Left, c. 1900Waterfront Center, c. 1900Waterfront Right, c. 1900
This panorama of the waterfront was originally a four-part scene but the far right section is no longer in the collection. The shots were taken between 1900-1915.
Source: Detroit Publishing Company, #037247, a gift from the State Historical Society of Colorado, 1949.
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Vista from Court House Roof, c. 1885An "aerial" view of downtown Vicksburg taken from the Court House between 1885-1898, this shot was made by photographer William Henry Jackson. It is listed in the Catalogue of the W.H. Jackson Views (1898).
Source: Detroit Publishing Company, #01567, a gift from the State Historical Society of Colorado, 1949.

Pemberton's HQ, c. 1880Grant's HQ, c. 1880

These fine old homes were the headquarters of Generals Pemberton (left) and Grant (right), respectively. CSA General John Clifford Pemberton (1814-1881) made this home his headquarters during the Siege of Vicksburg. This photo was taken in the 1880-1901 time period. Union General Ulysses Simpson Grant (1822-1885) made this home on Cherry Street his headquarters after his troops entered the city on 4 July 1863.
Source: Detroit Publishing Company #05779 (Pemberton HQ) and #072164 (Grant HQ).
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Battlefield View #1, c. 1900Battlefield View #2, c. 1900

Two views of the battlefield are shown as allegedly photographed about 1900. More than a generation after the conflict, the scars and devastation of battle are clearly seen. These photos were originally parts of two different panoramas.
Source: Detroit Publishing Company #D4-10121 and #D4-5777, a gift of the State Historical Society of Colorado, 1949.
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SOURCE: Prints & Photographs Division, Library of Congress

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