HOLLER Family of Vicksburg, Mississippi
The Hollers of Vicksburg

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verb to call out loudly, to shout, to yell (colloq. Southern)
noun one of a number of German families who boated over
to the "New World" in the 18th & 19th centuries.

Growing up in Vicksburg, I noticed there were very few HOLLERs around (other than immediate family).
Actually, there were NO others ... but there was a bunch of us in OUR family!
Now, many years later, I understand ...
Great-grandfather August was the first of the line to emigrate all the way from
from Bicken, Germany through Indianapolis IN to Mississippi, the Magnolia State!
This is the chronicle of dear ole Gus Holler, his times and his descendants ...
and perhaps some of your HOLLER - HOLLAR - HALLER - HELLER cousins!

(PHOTO ca 1910: Jerome, Gus and Martin ...
the second generation of Hollers in Vicksburg.)

One of the "rooters" that has already been through here just MAY
be working on that invisible relative you're looking for ... take a look!

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Civil War
August Holler

Vicksburg Artillery
Mississippi 9th Inf Reg't

Civil War
August Holler

Johnson's Rebels
Mississippi 28th Cav Reg't


History of a River Town

Gibraltar of the


Images of a River Town
(2 pages)

City Directory



The Daily Citizen
June 30, 1863 Edition
July 4, 1863 Edition


H o l l e r
N e t




Just on the slim chance you're interested in surnames other than HOLLER ...
our database includes several!
Here are some famous "honorary" Hollers:

For all his research of the Gaines - Taylor - Pendleton - Pitts branches of the family
tree, and for establishing lineage to many of the above-named patriots, full credit must
be given to "cuz" DANNY HONNOLL, the real genealogist in the family!
Danny's latest discovery is the family relation to "Cousin" Sam Houston ...
The Honnoll line is connected to Elizabeth H. Allen who married Samuel Houston
(Congressmen, Gov. of Tennessee, Gen'l of the Texas Militia and Pres. of the Republic of Texas).

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Who I Am ... Rich Holler, born many years ago in Vicksburg, Warren County, Mississippi.
My four cousins and I (scattered now to Tennessee, Louisiana and Arkansas) are the fourth generation of

The Hollers of Vicksburg!

Rich Holler
2529 S. Caraway Rd.
Jonesboro AR 72401

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