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Holler Guest Book
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Date:  30 Jun 2005 Mark Harness has sent the following query: 
I am researching family of William A HOLLER born in NC about 1843, married to Margaret E. ?  born about 1844.  
They had 8 children: Calvin, Mahala, Solomon, John D., Nerva, Sarah J, Elisha, Vance. They were in the 1880 census
(Little River, Caldwell, NC). I am a descendant of Elisha. Various members of the family have been researching this
line for many years with no luck. Any information you can provide would be appreciated.

Date: 1 May 2005 Patick McGarry has sent the following query:

Our relative, Fannie HOFFMAN (1818-1907) married a Rev. George HOLLER (1817-1904) and lived in Jefferson Township, Montgomery County, Ohio. Had children. Would like to find out more.

Date: 17 Jun 2004 James Michael Trahern has sent the following query:

My father is James Wallace TRAHERN, son of Wallace Lee (Buster) Trahern, son of William Trahern,
all who were from Wisner, Louisiana. This is a very interesting site, and I hope it continues to develop.
I know many of my relatives who try so hard to trace our lineage ... and everyone gets so far, and resources
run dry. Hopefully one day it will be figured out.

Date: 8 Jun 2004 Dwayne Daniels has sent the following query:

Some of my forbears also came from Bicken, Germany in 1845 to Texas. They settled in New Braunfels, Texas
but the children were orphaned due to cholera epidemic and left New Braunfels and wound up in Hopkinsville
and Waelder in Gonzales county Texas. Our Steubing men also served in the civil war. The HOLLER and
STEUBING families are related. By the way in German you would not pronounce Holler as "Hahl-uhr" ...
it would be "Hole-uhr".

Date:  6 Jun 2004 Kelly Hays has sent the following query:

I am the great granddaughter of Hugh Baird HOLLER (born 20 Nov 1885 in Marquette Kansas). 
Hugh's father was Moses Jefferson Holler (born 17 Aug 1847 in Licking County, Ohio), son of Elias Holler
(born 7 Oct 1819 in Licking County, Ohio), son of Henry Holler (born 25 Aug 1770 in Shenendoah County, VA),
son of Peter Holler (born 1748 in Pennsylvania), son of Petter Holler (born 7 Aug 1715 in Mattstall,
Alsace), son of Heinrich (Haller) Holler (born 1689 in Switzerland).  I am just getting started on
some geneolgy research, but have inherited some information from other family members which is very helpful.

Date: 28 May 2004 Lucille D. Ainsworth has sent the following query:

My ggrandmother was Anna Marie BYRNE, Daughter of "Katie" Katherine TRAHERN (Dixie Trahern's niece)
& William Philip Byrne. Katie's parents were Samuel Trahern & Sarah Ann KENTON. Samuel's parents were
Dr Samuel Chase Trahern & Zilpha GUICE. If anyone has photos or would like to share info please email me.

Date: 18 May 2004 Dorothy Swayzer Pleasant has sent the following query:

Your information on Dr. Samuel Chase TRAHERN was quite enlightening. I have been very intrigued by his
generosity in donating land to the Holly Grove community (Franklin Parish - Wisner LA) for white and black
churches/cemeteries. As a descendant of many of the blacks interred in the black cemetery, I am truly
appreciative of his philanthropy. As you are a descendant of Dr. Trahern, please accept my deep appreciation.

Date: 23 Apr 2004 Randy (Randall) Hollar has sent the following query:

One of the few boys left to carry on the HOLLAR name. Descendant of Heinrich Haller 1689 .

Date: 14 Mar 2004 Karen Phelps has sent the following query:

I am looking for any information regarding my great-great grandfather. All I know so far is that his name was Levi HOLLARS, he was married to Armitilda KEITH, they had a daughter (my great grandmother), Laverny Hollars in 1857. At that time they lived in Pulaski County, Kentucky. If anyone has any more information on either of these people, I would greatly appreciate it.

Date: 7 Mar 2004 David Holler has sent the following query:

My father's name is Stefan HOLLER and he was born in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia in 1916. He moved to England after the war and married my mother Gladys NAYLOR ... they reside in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. They have five children (four boys & one girl) who all reside in the UK apart from myself. I moved to Canada 22 years ago and would love to hear from anyone who might have knowledge of the "Yugoslavian" connection.

Date: 27 Feb 2004 Maegan Trahern has sent the following query:

I entered a TRAHERN search and found this website. My Dad is Lynn Trahern and my grandpa is Charles Trahern. Most of the Traherns I know live in Flagler, Colorado.

Date: 15 Feb 2004 Gentry Kent Trahern has sent the following query:

My dad is Boyce TRAHERN. His dad was Raymond Trahern, I believe a grandson of George Washington Trahern. I have some furniture handed down to me that came from West Virginia to Kansas in the later 1890's. I found your site and enjoyed reading the material.

Date: 15 Feb 2004 Steven Holler has sent the following query:

I stumbled onto this site and thought I'd leave my mark. I am Steven HOLLER of Tampa FL, originally of Easton PA.
Son of Joseph Holler Jr. and Vicki Holler. Brother of Jennifer and Chrissy Holler. Grandson of Joseph Holler, Sr. and Cornelia Holler.

Date: 14 Feb 2004 Aaron Trahern has sent the following query:

Just thought that I would sign in on the guestbook, being that I am a TRAHERN, and there aren't too many people around these parts with our last name. I would like to know more about the Trahern family roots and families if at all possible. I was born and raised in Borger TX. My father Gentry Trahern is from Bowie TX ... he was the son of Boyce Trahern. If anyone has any information or would like to know about my family feel free to email me.

Date: 10 Jan 2004 Kristina Holler has sent the following query:

I am a Holler by marriage. My husband is one of nine children of Jack L. HOLLER and grandchild of Wilbert and Bertha(Stephanie)Holler of Tonawanda NY. Thanks for an interesting read.

Date: 23 Dec 2003 Michelle Lynn Holler

I was born and raised in Bridgeport, Ohio. My dad is Joseph Roger HOLLER and my Grandmother is Evelyn. My Grandpa was a twin named Bill (William) and his brother was George. There are other Hollers in the Tri-Valley area; I believe Jim Holler is my dad's cousin. There was a big dispute between the Holler family back when my grandfather and his twin brother were born
and the Holler family did not speak much after that ... something about baptizing the twins as Catholics came between the family. Anyway, I am 33 and have a sister Brigette and a brother Joseph. My dad has three sisters: Antoinette, Marie and Evelyn. I know my grandfather was of German descent, but that is about it. My Grandmother, Evelyn is French/Arabic and met my grandfather during the war, he brought her back to the United States from France.

19 Dec 2003 
Ernie Smith

Well, I'm an extension to the TREHERN family from Jackson Co.,MS. Our line runs through Richard Trehern II and Saraphine LADNIER father and mother of our Emp Trehern who married my grandmothers' sister Georgia Lyons. Visit us at our Trehern-Ladnier website for many more old Jackson County MS families.

6 Dec 2003 
Scott Mingus

I saw a note on the Holler-Net website regarding an interest in information on Granville HALLER, a Civil War officer and
Indian fighter. I am a historian/author here in York County PA.  Back in 1863 during the Gettysburg Campaign, Haller was a key figure in attempts to defend the towns of York and nearby Wrightsville from Jubal Early's Rebel division as well as cavalry.
I am writing a book entitled "Fire in the Sky: The Struggle for Wrightsville" which will be published late this year. Included will be
what information I have on Major Haller, as well as his tactics and their results. If any of you have any files, photos, diaries, letters, or the like concerning Granville Haller and specifically his service in the Gettysburg Campaign, please let me know ASAP.

Date: 30 Sep 2003 Ann Holler

My gggrandfather, Jacob HOLLER, arrived in Albany NY from Germany by 1850 when he's listed in the census with his wife and two children. In the 1900 census, he says he's been in the country 67 years, making his arrival in 1833, when he was 12. Martha Brian has a great website on our family, but I am wondering if anyone knows with whom a 12-year-old Jacob Holler came to the US? Also he married Margaret VENTER, and I would love to know about her background. Lots of Albany Venters, but which are her relatives?

Date:  10 Sep 2003 Mary Jane Hollers 

Father's name is Dillard HOLLERS, his father Charles Hollers, his father Levi hollers.  Need more information about the Hollers if you could help me.

31 Aug 2003 Keli Holler

From Keli HOLLER in Brazil ... how's your Portuguese?? [grin]
meu trisavô veio da Alemanha, seu nome era Karl Holler, onde aqui foi agiota e agricultor, casando-se com Carolina Ruppental, acho que veio de hunsrück .

Date: 12 Jul 2003  Scott HarrisTrahern

Grandfather (only child?) Arlie Raymond TRAHERN
Father - only child Arlie Raymond Trahern Jr. - born Grosse Point MI - three sons and one daughter
Myself - Scott Harris Trahern - born Grosse Point MI
two sons - Christopher Scott Trahern - born Baton Rouge LA & Todd Harris Trahern - born Baton Rouge LA
Brother - Allen Lee Trahern - born Grosse Point MI
Brother - Bruce Todd Trahern - born Grosse Point MI
one son - Justin Scott Trahern - born Baton Rouge LA
Sister - Alison Ann Trahern - born Huntsville Alabama - Married, now Allison Trahern Rogillio
Interested in any Trahern surname ancestry tracing back to Wales where reputedly my family originates from.

Date: 2 Apr 2003  Michael Holler
My HOLLER family originally hailed from Darmstadt, Germany.  My ggggrandparents, Christian and Elizabeth HOLLER, came to America in 1822 with my gggrandfather, Philip HOLLER, who was 2 at the time.  They settled in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.  Philip HOLLER married my gggrandmother, Elizabeth OTT, of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, about 1842.  Phillip and Elizabeth came by covered wagon with 3-4 other families to Knox County, Illinois in 1846.  It is not clear if Christian and Elizabeth also made the journey.  In 1847 Phillip and Elizabeth moved to Dimmick Township, LaSalle County, Illinois.  They had 10 children:  Martha, Samuel, Mary, Emma, Elizabeth, Frank, Hattie, Ella, Harmon, and George.  My ggrandfather, Frank, married Anna STEDMAN (daughter of John STEDMAN and Elizabeth WISE) 8 Mar 1883 in Peru, Illinois.  They had 4 children: Irvin, Hattie, Jessie, and Walter.  My grandfather, Irvin, married Jennie KOERNER (daughter of Ernest KOERNER and Dora CORK) on 15 Nov 1906 in Peru, Illinois.  They had 9 children:  Dorothy, Sidney, Vilas, Glen, Lois, Lyle, Lee, Virgil, and Virginia.  My father, Glen, married Evelyn CLOUGH (daughter of Arthur CLOUGH and Charlotte ASHTON) 7 Mar 1947 in Ohio, Illinois.

Date: 9 Jan 2003  Mary Miller
I am not related to any of the surnames I read through on your site ... my only connection is that my gggrandfather also served in the Civil War ... dying pre-seige in Vicksburg.  His name was Charles Robert MCNEILL ... Co. H, 42nd Alabama Infantry (Confederate).  He was born 1833 in Monroe County, Alabama.  He had written a letter from Columbus, Mississippi dated 21 Aug 1862 in which he stated that he was well ... only to die 24 February 1863.  Fisher Funeral Home records list him as C.K. McNaile.  He died at the City Hospital in Vicksburg ... I did not see an address in your 1860 Vicksburg directory for this
hospital. Perhaps it came into existence after the beginning of the war.

Date: 27 Nov 2003 Mary Pat Holler
I am Grandaughter of Lon HOLLER from the southern Ohio (Dayton) area. His family were Dunkard (sp?) ministers and farmers. He had one son, my father Robert (76) who was born and raised and still lives in Cleveland OH area. He had 6 children. Gwenn, Tom, Mary Pat, Cindy, Robert Jr, (Rusty), Michael (deceased). Tom has two children Daniel and Elisa in Omaha NB. Rusty has a daughter Maureen and Son Ryan in St Paul MN.  Gwenn, Mary Pat and Cindy have no children. Any relatives out there?

Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 Peggy Hollar Little

My father Richard B. HOLLAR b. 22 Oct 1928 Singer's Glen VA (USA), d. 6 Jun 1974, buried in the Herndon VA cemetery.  My grandfather Herman Howard Hollar b. 6 Feb 1902 Singer's Glen VA, d. ?, buried in the Herndon VA cemetery.
If I find out when my great-grand father died I will e-mail you.

Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 Danice Holler Craney

Hello out there! I was just helping my 9-year-old do a little research for a class project, and now I can't get away from this stuff! My grandfather, Henry HOLLER, raised 6 children in Hammond IN. He met his wife, Helen HOLYCROSS, on a trip from Danville IL to Chicago. (Grandma was from Danville, but I'm not sure if he was, too.) I haven't found any Lake County IN or Vermillion County IL Hollers on the Internet -- does anybody have any connections along those lines? I know there is a hard copy of some family trees that were done a few years ago. I'll try to get my hands on them so I can add to the collection!

Date: 15 Nov 2002 Aubrey L. Stamps

REYNOLDS, John J. Tucker b. 1855, moved to Robertson County TX 1874 with his wife Sallie A.C. POWELL and daughter Susan born 7 Sep 1874 ... all born in Mississippi. He was never head of household in MS. I am trying to find his father and other relatives. He would be in the 1860 and 1870 censuses as a child in his father's home.

Date: 29 Oct 2002 Richard A. Ahrens

I already sent an email message to Rich Holler We are searching for info on the HARDEN and BROWN families in Vicksburg
in the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Date: 22 Oct 2002 James E. Holler

I believe I am a descendant of Valentine HOLLER.

Date: 24 Sep 2002 Chris Holler

Hey Rich - Was just messin' around and found your page. My name is Chris HOLLER from Calgary (Alberta) Canada, the only Holler in the book. It's a good last name, eh? My grandfather was Anton Holler from WURTZBURG (Bavaria) GY, I believe.

Date: 24 Sep 2002 Cynthia Bolick Gilbert

Thanks to all who have submitted information. It's so helpful. I'm
looking for information on Amanda Holler HUFFMAN,
daughter of Andrew and Lavinia Miller HOLLER.

Date: 28 Aug 2002 George Jarrod and Tonya Holler

Son of James T. HOLLER Sr. married to Iris
M Holler. Brother James T. Holler Jr., sister Lori Holler.
Grandparents George Wallace Holler and Jessie Marie Holler.

Date: 15 Aug 2002 Wolfgang Holler

Greatings from Berlin! My HOLLER ancestors came from BICKEN GY, a small town in Hessen, Germany. The first ancestor I know about is Hans Peter Holler who died 29 Nov 1724.

[NOTE: Wolfgang is one of my new German "cousins" who helped to identify ggrandfather August Holler and his family who immigrated from Germany abt 1843!]

Date: 1 Aug 2002 D. Schickling

Very nice photographs. Can anyone help me find a photograph of the steamboat "John C. Fremont", later renamed
"Horizon"? It was part of Porter's fleet at Vicksburg in 1863.

Date: 8 Apr 2002 Janet Ferrington

My sister Sheila WALKER was married to Johnny TRAHAN. I am married to James FERRINGTON. Samuel C. Trahan was my husband's G-G Grandfather.

Date: 21 Mar 2002 Kathy Maidic Hill

I have started some research on both sides of my family. My mother was Evelyn TRAHERN MAIDIC and her father was

My grandfather was James Harrison Trahern b. 02-11-1896 and d. 09-09-1980. He was born in Indian Territory to Joseph Trahern and Armatha HOLBROOK. My grandfather stated he was born in a little place called Rosedale. He stated that his
father Joseph Trahern was Indian from Mississippi and Armatha was from Arkansas. Supposedly my greatgrandfather traveled the Trail of Tears. My mother Evelyn, was born to James Harrison Trahern and Jimmie Carol WIGGINTON. Any help would be appreciated.

Date: 4 Mar 2002 James Henry Hallar

My name is James Henry HALLAR, Son of Lawrence Richard HALLAR and Virginia Elaine KLUEG.
I know this sounds weird, however nobody in my family can trace the name Hallar past my paternal grandparents, James C. Hallar and Cleo LEEPER. I am 27 years old, and after a lifetime of questions to my father I finally have received some sort of straight answer on our family lineage after my grandmother's passing. In his defense she was a proper society lady who liked to keep the past in the past and the skeletons in the closet so to speak, thus making for a real puzzler to figure where the heck we came from. She was so secretive that my father only knows bits and pieces, and unfortunately anyone that could verify his speculations has since passed away.

What I was able to uncover was my Grandfather, James Hallar was married before he met my Grandmother, Cleo Kathryn Hallar and had 2 children with his previous wife, whom I still don't know too much about including her name. (obviously a shocker for the 1940s) What I do know is the children's names from the previous marriage, and that they both spent some time in California. I did a search on Ancestry to find some SSN death records. So here is the information as I have deciphered it.

James C Hallar (Grandfather) b. 12/12/1902 near Joplin, MO ... d. 12/1977 St. Louis Missouri.

Cleo (Moddie) Kathryn Hallar (Grandmother) b. 10/31/1909 Kansas City, Missouri ... d. 03/16/2000 St. Louis, Missouri.

They had one son together (Private Info ... Contact me personally by email).

And my Grandfather had 2 children in a previous marriage: James C Hallar b. 11/28/1928 (Unknown Location) ... d. 10/03/1996 Jackson City Missouri.

Clarice Hallar (may have been remarried ... no other info)

The other interesting things I've been able to uncover was a Hallar Community Building located in Holden, Missouri an area close to Joplin where my Grandfather was born. In my Father's dining room we have a dress sword that belonged to my grandfather's mother's father with the name J.C. RIGGS etched on the blade. However I'm not sure if the lineage on that sword is correct. And last but certainly not least the name Cephus Hallar (sp?) keeps popping up in stories from my father. The only reason I remember this name is because as a child I always thought it was a funny name. Anyway according to family lore or lack thereof Cephus was apparently a black sheep involved with the Confederate army.

Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 Kimberly Haller

I am looking for information on my grandparents, Aden HALLER from Ladysmith WI and Kathyrn Wolfe Harwood Haller.

Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 Glenda G. Holler

Hello from Charlotte NC! My father was Gordon HOLLER from Hickory (Catawba County) NC. Nice to read about Hollers from all over the country. In my father's family we have some Holler and some Hollar depending on the way the doctor spelled on their birth certificate. Enjoyed the web site.

Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 Barbara Holler

Interested in any Hollers from the New York area. My great grandfather Joseph HOLLER was born in
the 1800's somewhere in NY. Thanks for doing this. I grew up as a Holler in NY thinking how few there were of us. Yet I had quite a lot of uncles, aunts and cousins. Well, modern technology has changed that now and it is wonderful to learn all about my family history.

Date: 17 Jan 2002 Nerva Mederos

Wow! What a wonderful site. Am researching the HOLLER family from Mathias Holler. Found some interesting listings today. Keep up the good work.

Date: 2 Jan 2002 Joe Don Hollars Jr

My father is Joe Don,Sr. Grandfather: Thurmond Chyle HOLLARS married to Elma Hardwick, Sommerset KY.
Great grandfather: Will Hollars. Any info on this lineage?

Date: 22 Dec 2001 Joyce Hollers Jones

Periodically I go to your web page to see if I can find anything on my Albert HOLLERS and Amanda BLACK
HOLLERS. Have found nothing since 1910 Woodward County OK census ... wish someone could help me? Love your website, you do a great job!

Date: 21 Dec 2001 Jennifer Batey

My grandmother, my mother and I are researching the HOLLER name. The earliest that we have gotten back to was Andrew HOLLER b. 22 May 1877, d. Jan 1921 in Gary IN. He married Sarah A. CRANK who was b. 22 Sep 1881 in Partridge Township (Woodford County) IL and d. 12 Apr 1914. They had a son named Andrew Clinton Holler, b. 7 July 1909 in Richland
Township (Marshall County) IL, d. 13 Dec 1974 in Peoria IL. Andrew married a woman named Frances Mae DILLION,
b. 24 Oct 1911 in Peoria, d. 16 Feb 1985 in Peoria. They had two daughters.

Date: 30 Nov 2001 Dan Stevralia

Mom is a HOLLER from Brooklyn NY. My grandfather was Stanley Holler (died 23 Mar 1962), last address Queens Village, NY. He was married to Sarah GRANTON. I believe his father (my great-grandfather) was Jacob Henry Holler. That's about as far back as I can go from memory. I know he had brothers and sisters, but the only name that comes to mind right now is Alfred.

Date: 26 Nov 2001 Carol Knox

My grandfather was Henry Delbert HOLLER b. 30 Sep 1891 in Minnesota. His father was William Jacob Holler ... mother, Mary Francis Heffley. Henry may have a brother whose name was Richard Allen Holler. My father, who changed the spelling of the name to HALLER, did not know his father and I have not found much info on his side of the family. Thanks for posting your web site!

Date: 28 Oct 2001 Glenda Holler,
Charlotte (Mecklenburg Co) NC USA

Just checking on the Holler web site.

Date: 16 Oct 2001 Michael Holler, Berlin GY

Very good page ... greetings from Germany!

Date: 15 Oct 2001 Ronald K. Holler, Redkey IN USA

Date: 19 Feb 2001 D. Finger, Anderson SC USA

My mother (Alice Ann) was a HOLLER born in Catawba County, NC. Her father, my grandfather, died in 1951 when I was in diapers. I'm trying to learn more about my mother's side of the family. She was an only child, died in 1990.

Date: 26 Jan 2001 Gina Neal, New Castle IN USA

I am a HOLLARS too!! I am looking for Levi HOLLERS born 1839/1841?? He was married in Feb 1864 to Lydia NUNN born 1842. Their children were William HOLLERS b. 1864 in Pulaski County KY who married Ollie ALCORN 14 June 1890 ... Delphiata who married Walter MCDANIEL ... Susanna/Susan who married George DAVIS ... Thursy HOLLERS
... Andrew Jackson HOLLERS who married Martha ? ... Emily HOLLERS and Margaett L. HOLLERS. If anyone can link these to their line please let me know. Thanks for the help. GREAT PAGES!!!

Date: 15 Aug 2000 Bob Holler, Canton IL USA

Thanks for your fine presentation. My father was Howard J., [my mother - Helen F(nee Littlewood)] son of Harmon HOLLER
and Jennie (nee Neill) Holler. Harmon was son of Phillip Holler and Margaret (nee Ott) Holler. They came to north central Illnois (Bureau County) from Pennsylvania c. 1847.

Date: 22 Jul 2000 Carmen Holler, Frankfurt GY

My name was Carmen HOLLER till I got married last year. I would like to know more about the family name as well and I am pleased to find as many Hollers in the Internet.

Date: 10 Jul 2000 David H. Holler, Mollala OR USA

Looking for family members of William Jacob and Mary Francis HOLLER.

Date: 8 Jul 2000 D. Hudgens, Oklahoma USA

Just recently found out that I am in the HOLLER family: Jessie Dean Holler 27 Oct 1945, Jerry Thomas Holler 14 May 1948,
father Jessie Thomas Holler 6 July 1913.

Date: 20 Jun 2000 Willis Finch, Vicksburg MS USA

I really enjoyed your site. Being from Vicksburg, it is very interesting. I looked at your site several months ago and learned
about the Library of Congress from your pictures ... thanks! Keep up the good work!

Date: 6 May 2000 Louise Holler Craddock, Incline Village NV USA

Thanks for doing all the work on HOLLER.

Date: 28 Mar 2000 Hans Holler, Schlangenbad GY

Hi! The HOLLER side of my family stems from Herborn in the German state of Hesse.

Date: 27 Mar 2000 Linda R. Freeman, Charlotte NC USA

Looking for information on HOLLER family of York County SC (just starting). My great-grandparents were
George P. and Julia Ann Love Holler.

22 Mar 2000 Steven Hollar,
Morganton NC USA

Just started searching for family: Father Charles HOLLAR, grandfather Kenneth Hollar,
ggrandfather Garmon Hollar, gggrandfather William Hollar,
ggggrandfather Paul Hollar, gggggrandfather John Hollar ... all from
Burke County NC. Related to the Hollars there or around Pilot Point
TX, M.A. Hollar and Leah Hollar. Also related to the Hollars in
Oklahoma. We have more info on the family, please e-mail us.

11 Mar 2000 Ricky
, Bariloche (Rio Negro) Argentina

I, too, am a HOLLER.

2 Mar 2000 Laszlo Holler,
Budapest Hungary

I read with pleasure that you have the same name, probably the
same origin in the far past. I live in Hungary and work for a U.S.
company that lets me use the net. Pls email me if you have found
friends with the same name via internet. Best wishes, Laszlo HOLLER.

13 Feb 2000 Darlene
Pinkston, MI USA

Researching WHITAKER family for my
children. Their father is a Whitaker and his father came from
Tennessee, near Harriman and Knoxville. Any information about this
family is very welcome at my e-mail address. I know some great uncles
are Joseph, William. There are also some great aunts. I believe the
family may have come from NC.

12 Feb 2000 Chris Holler,
Muncie IN USA

I am just getting started on the HOLLER
family tree, relatives of George, Rudy or Jack Holler who resided in
Alexandria IN. Would appreciate any information that you have. Thank

7 Feb 2000 Andrew Holler,
Ontario Canada

Holler Racing Homepage
... I am a HOLLER -- nice to meet you.

Date: 19 Jan 2000 Anton Holler, Deggendorf, Bavaria GY

Hello from another HOLLER family in Germany. We live near and in the Bavarianwood and our family has over
130 members here.

18 Dec 1999 Inge Holler,
Aarhus Denmark

Christmas Greetings from as far as I know the only HOLLER family in Denmark.

8 Dec 1999 Cheryl Haller Spuches,
Syracuse NY USA

I'm picking up where my Dad left off 10 years ago in tracing his HALLER roots. We're reasonably sure that we are
directly related to Heinrich through Petter, Peter, Peter, David Henry,
Frank Thomas, William David to my Dad William Gray HALLER. I'm
interested in any information on that line and also in Heinrich's
ancestors. Thanks for the great site!

6 Oct 1999 Robert K. Holler,
Canton IL USA

I have an Uncle Phillip in Naperville IL. He, my father Howard
and Aunt Blanche and Uncle Bob were raised in Bureau County IL. Their
parents were Harmon Niesley HOLLER
(1864-1923) and Jennie Neill Holler (1868-1938). Harmon's parents were
Philip Holler and Margaret Ott Holler of Pennsylvania. They came to
Illinois mid-19th century with two other families, Pottingers and Niesleys.
My father thought that his Holler relatives came from Holland or sailed
from Holland. Looking for connections.

21 Aug 1999 Janie Hollars,
Moore OK USA

My husband is related to Zachariah Haller/Holler
of 1724 came to America in 1742 and married Anna Wannamacher
/ Wannemacher
-- son Zachariah Holler II, then son Zacharias
Holler/Hollis/Hollar -- then son Peter Christian or Christopher Hollars
(a preacher in Hilham,TN), then son John Filmore Hollars, then son
Walter Lee Hollars, and finally his father Howard Lee Hollars of Duke,

16 Aug 1999 Jesse F. Jones,
Leavenworth KS USA

I enjoyed touring your site. I was born in Vicksburg in 1938 and
remained there until I entered the Army in 1961. If I knew it I must
have forgotten that the arch was not always on Clay St. until it was
moved to its present location. The observation towers were in disrepair
for as long as I can remember. The one by All Saints was falling down
in the forties. However, I climbed the one by Fort Hill until 1957 when
I finished High School. There were there towers and I think we use to
climb another one but I can't remember where it was. They were not
closed except for the one and the public used them. Thanks for a great
tour of my old home town.

9 Aug 1999 Michael Holler,
Helsinki Finland

Greetings from the only (as far as I know) HOLLER
in Finland!

5 Aug 1999 Carolyn Thornton,
Rock Hill SC USA


31 Jul 1999 Josie Goad Evans,
Palestine TX USA

Your work is so neat! I stopped to look for a friend who is
trying to find Albert HOLLER who owned
land in Ok. I noticed you had some YOUNGs
listed. I have bunches of lost Youngs, so of course it caught my
attention. My Youngs, Jesse and Sarah, lived in Perry County KY in
1870. They had five children. We feel like Sarah died giving chidbirth
near 1874. The complete family then disappeared. Some to AR, maybe to
MO or VA ... Jesse did reappear in Perry County KY in 1890 with a new
wife Rebecca ___? The mystery to our race (Cherokee and Black Dutch)
lies with my g-grandmother Sarah ____ Young. unknown last name, Their
five childrens names were Lilay (Tilda) Manuel. Icaac, William and
Elizabeth, who married my grandfather William INGLES
in Perry County KY in 1890. A little after 1900 they went to Indian
Nation in OK and on over to Madison County AR before ending up in Osage
and Pawnee County OK. Somewhere, there is someone who just has to
recognize these names. These were real people!

18 Jul 1999 William
Reeder Smith Jr.
, Milton FL USA

Sure enjoyed all your homepages and your family histories. One
of my related ancestors was also present during the siege. Henry W. JONES was a Private in Co. D, 28th Miss. Vol. Cavalry and died 7/5/1863 of
pneumonia at a Confederate hospital at Mechanicsburg and was buried at
a MOSELY Plantation near there. Wonder if
you know how I can find out more of this plantation. Hope to make a
vacation visit to Vicksburg in the near future. Again, I very greatly
enjoyed your sites and will return. Thank you. Reed Smith ... 3197
Pineview Dr ... Milton Fl 32583. Phone 850-626-7765 Originally from
Lafayette Springs MS near Oxford

29 Jun 1999 Doug Barkley,

Researching the TRAHERN family from
Mississippi and Alabama. How are you connected?

29 Jun 1999 Joseph Robert
, Allentown PA USA

I'm surprised at the number of HOLLERs
South and West of PA. As a child we were the only Holler in the area,
meaning direct family. We just started researching our heritage and
only know our grandparents are from Germany and came here around 1900.
We're not sure if any of their relatives came earlier or even where
they might have landed (New York or Philadelphia). If anyone has any
relatives who came at this time or even before to PA I'd appreciate any

Date: 20 Jun 1999 Thomas Wilhelm Holler, Gladbeck GY

Erst einmal liebe Grüße an alle HOLLERs in Amerika. Ich möchte einmal einen Gedanken loswerden, wer hat
sich schon einmal ernsthaft Gedanken über die Entstehung unseres Familiennamen`s "Holler" gemacht? Hier ein Hinweis: "In den Märchen der "Gebrüder Grimm" taucht die Geschichte der "Frau Holle" auf. Diese ist die alte germanische Unterweltsgöttin "Hel". Und diese Frau Holle hatte auch einen Begleiter, nämlich den Holler oder auch "Uller"." Mehr will ich hier nicht schreiben, sondern einfach nur zum nachdenken anregen. Liebe Grüße, Thomas Wilhelm Holler

18 Jun 1999 Pat Jones Teder,
Blytheville AR USA

I am looking for the WHITAKER line. My
grandfather was Kennie Whitaker. I luckily found a cousin and have
information back to John Whitaker born around 1798 in NC ... died pre
1870 probably in Ms. He married Catherine Bishop
born about 1806 in TN ... died before 1880 probably in TN. Could this be
the same Whitaker family as William Whitaker born 1850. Does anyone
have any information to share with me?

26 Aug 1999 Ann Vessell,
Vicksburg MS USA

Rich, I knew you as Dickie, growing up. I am Ann DUNCAN
of Vicksburg. My son, Richard Duncan Vessell, found your
web page and e-mailed me to find out if the page could be Tee HOLLER's. I pulled it up and knew who it
belonged to, I used to visit your parents with Uncle Tee and my aunt
Regina(GG) Duncan Holler. I even remember going to the Holler home on
Jackson Road. I have posted a query on the Vicksburg roots page about
the KAUTH-Duncan surnames but have not
had a reply. Grandmother Duncan was a Kauth from Vicksburg and
Grandfather Duncan was from New Albany IN. I keep in touch with Tee and
Jan and we visit when we can. They recently built a new home outside of
Nashville. Good to visit your page.

25 Aug 1999, Debbie Gibson, Frankfort KY USA Debbie Gibson,
Frankfort KY USA

Your web site has been very helpful. Thank You. I am trying to build a "TAYLOR Family Tree" for my family. Do you have
any information on Harrison M. Taylor or Hiram Taylor of Kentucky?

29 Aug 1999 Dana Jaye Hollar,
Orange County CA USA

Fascinating page! I'm from the HOLLAR
family of Martinsburg, WV and believe Peter Hollar emigrated here from
Holland, but not sure when. I understand someone in the family has done
a study and would love to hear more. Family: Philip, Samuel and Nellie
Bell Hollar ... their children Philip, Melvin and Kathryn. Philip had 2
children (Philip and Dana), Melvin two sets of twins (Larry and Gary
... Wilma and Wanda) and Kathryn had 2 children (Barbara and William).

29 Aug 1999 Ottwald Josef Holler,
Salzburg (St. Johann) Austria

Very interesting, to see how many HOLLERs
are in the world, hi. Have a nice life in Your place as me and my
relatives here in Europe.

3 Sep 1999 Chad Holdsclaw,
Spartanburg SC USA

Greetings from the Carolina's. My name is Chad Holdsclaw and I have
completed a lot of research concerning my ancestors (HOLZKLAU). I went to Germany last year and
visited the village from which my name is taken & also met other
Holzklau's still living in Germany. My girlfriend has now taken some
interest in her own family history. Her last name is spelled HOLLAR, although most of her cousins spell the
name HOLLER. I have made some contacts in
Germany and tried to answer a few of her questions. Where did the name
originate (I have heard the Palatine Region in Germany)? What does the
name mean (one contact told me that it meant inhabitant of the village
Halle, although he did not know where the village was located; I also
know that there is a Norse god named "Holler"). Do you have other
interesting facts? Are the names "Holler", "Hollar", and "Haller" the
same name?

13 Sep 1999 Cheri
, Tualatin OR USA

What a wonderful site! I am part German, born Cheri DICKMAN in 1949, but it is my maternal Italian
side of the family I am interested in learning more about. My question
is about a site where Italian immigrants may have been buried in
Vickburg in 1905. My Italian great grant parents imigrated from Zocca,
Italy with their two children to the MONDE
plantation six miles north of Vicksburg in 1905. Six months after their
arrival on the cotton plantation, my great grandparents, Aniceto and
Emelda DODI were dead of malaria, leaving
two orphaned teenagers. Those teenagers were my Grandma Della and her
older brother Sylvio. My uncle said his parents and other Italian
immigrants who died of malaria that year were buried in unmarked graves
in the woods of the plantation. Could that be true? Do you know? Or, is
there a cemetery in Vickburg where Italian immigrants were buried?

4 Nov 1999 Pamela Ingle

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your
webpage, which I found while searching for information on the 28th MS Reg. of Cavalry. I distant relative
found that Isaac Walker HUTSON served
under Peter B. STARK in this outfit,
according to pension record. He may also have had brothers William and
David who served. Can you direct me to muster rolls? BTW, my husband's
boss is James "Sonny" HOLLER of Pryor OK.
James is the maintenance supervisor at Georgia Pacific, a Gypsum board

10 Nov 1999 Louise Holler
, Incline Village NV USA

I am trying to find the parents of my great,great grandfather Christian HOLLER, Sr. who was born in Pennsylvania in
1796. He married Elizabeth WAGAMON in Ohio.

Fri, 4 Jun 1999 Charles McCool,
Reston VA USA

Seeking info about BADGER, Joshua B. from
1820 Warren County MS census.

Tue, 1 Jun 1999 Inge Holler,
Aarhus Denmark

How funny! I didn't know that there were any HOLLERs
but my own family here in Denmark. It was interesting to see your home
page. We are about 40 HOLLERs here in Jutland, Denmark. Myself, I'm 30
years of age, have a Masters Degree in French and English and live in
the 2nd biggest city in Denmark. I actually don't know very much about
my ancesters, but it has been interesting to read about your family.

Thu, 27 May 1999 Elizabeth Hollars
, Gratiot WI USA

I am looking for lost relatives. Info I have shows my grandfather Hearl HOLLARS (born 1910) married Una FOSTER (born 1911). They lived in the Rock
Island and Silvis, Illinois area. All I now about Grandpa Hollars is
that his mother's name was Laura SILVERS.
I don't know anything about his dad's side and there are no relatives
to help ... if anyone has any information, I would appreciate it.

Sun, 23 May 1999 J.
, North Carolina USA

My surname is Mason, related to the Oley Valley (Berks County)
Pennsylvania BOONE family. Grandmother
Sarah Elizabeth Boone married Albert Mason who was said to fought in
the Civil War. I am trying to trace further.

Sun, 23 May 1999 Leah Holler,
Fresno CA USA

I was wondering if we might be related. My last name is also HOLLER. My father's name is David Holler.

My mother's maiden name is Martha SCHAFER.

Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 Wilhelm F. Holler, Neumarkt (Bavaria) Germany

Hi - we are the HOLLER family from Germany. My wife is Gaby, son Daniel (14), daughter Kristina (13)and me
(48). My anchestors came from the Rhine region of Germany. My father Karl Gustav Holler was born 1902 in Muelheim, Germany. If you are interested - you can visit my company at SMI Products and Services GmbH ...
Greetings to Vicksburg!

Thu, 13 May 1999 Wanda Linker
, McAlester OK USA

Ran onto your web while browsing. Trying to find information on STANLEY, KUYKENDALL
and LINKER. My great grandfather was
Rev.Joseph Stanley, died in 1945 at Tulare California. He had a brother
named Wright Stanley who lived in Tulsa OK at that time.

Mon, 10 May 1999 David
E. Rush
, Los Angeles CA USA

I am looking for information on the parents and grandparents of my
great x3 grandfather. His name was David RUSH
b. 17 Apr 1813 Saltlick Twp. Perry Co. OH ... d. 25 Oct 1869. He married
Nancy ALLEN b. 17 May 1825 VA. His parents
my have come to Ohio from PA, possibly Somerset County. Any information
would be greatly appreciated.

Wed, 21 Apr 1999 Carrie Weber

I don't know if you can help me but I am looking for information on the HOLLER family. My fiance is a Holler and we are
working on his family tree. He doesn't know much about his family as
most of them are passed away and he doesn't speak to the others.. All
I know is that his Grandfather's name was Dale Holler and his wife was
Awilda LECKRONE. I know they lived in
Whitley County IN.

Mon, 19 Apr 1999 Violet
Campbell Merrett
, Batemans Bay, N.S.W. Australia

Grandfather was Charles Campbell b. 1840
Fort William, Scotland, m. Jane Ann Margaret Reith
1870 Clerkenwell Middlesex.England. Jane Marion b. 1871... Roseanna
Georgina b. 1875 ... Colin James Reith b. 1876 ... George Douglas b.
1878 ... David Chalmer Campbell b. 1883 ... Grandmother died Glasgow
1885 ... Jane Marion m. Humphrey Brassington
1899 ... Colin James Reith married Francis Shuttleworth
1902 Wilsden Middlesex. Would like to trace their families. Would really
like to see photos of the Charles Campbell`s, and their spouses Did
plenty research on my trip to Scotland last year, found a Roseanna
Campbell`s family, she was my G.Grandfathers sister, so I was lucky
there. Would appreciate any help ... Did manage to get back to Charles
Campbell who married Catherine McArthur,
1798 in Inverness. Her Father was Colin MacArthur.
Mother Jean Frazer. My Grandfather was a
watchmaker, had a shop at The Steeple in Inverness. Shop is still
there, a Heritage Building, I visited it there, tiny little shop.

Sat, 17 Apr 1999 Virginia Hatten,
West Monroe LA USA

Am researching THOMASON in Franklin Parish
LA ... have info to share.

Sun, 11 Apr 1999 Steve Nybo,
Knoxville TN USA

B.E. GRIFFIN was sheriff of Warren County
... also served in state legislature. My Mom was born and reared in
Vicksburg and I played on the Park Monuments as a child. Upkeep soon
was given to the Park Service, that was in the late 50's. I still have
family in Vicksburg and am interested in sharing with historians ...
and my family's Genealogy.

Tue, 6 Apr 1999 CeCelia Jackson,
Nashville TN USA

I am related to Newitt VICK. My
grandmother was a Vick, but her parents resided in Benton County
Tennessee. I want to know the connection and how Newitt got to
Mississippi and his relatives came instead to Tennessee.

Sat, 3 Apr 1999 Maria Samaras,
Albuquerque NM USA

I'm adopted and was recently reunited with my birthmother and her 7
siblings. Anyway, I was talking to the eldest uncle and he has a strong
belief that we are related to Zachary TAYLOR
and Jefferson DAVIS. My grandfather was
William Marion Davis. He claimed that his great, great uncle was
Jefferson Davis. My grandfather came from the Missouri or Arkansas
area. He died a few years back and was buried in Arkansas. Enjoyed
reading your family history and am curious to learn more. My
grandfather married Norma Maxine MITCHEM,
a said Cherokee Indian from North Carolina but due to the Trail of
Tears, was born and raised in Arkansas or Missouri area. My grandfather
also had at least one brother, Henry F. Davis, who lived in Albuquerque
but has passed away, too.

Fri, 2 Apr 1999 Marcella Marshall,
West Virginia USA


Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 Bernice
Ratcliff Jones
, Vancouver WA USA


JONES (from South Wales) and OWENS.

Sun, 28 Mar 1999 Krysta

My great-great grandfather James Richard BROWN
served in K company of the 28th Cavalry, and yours is the first website
I have found that even has the 28th Cavalry on it! Do you know how I can
obtain any more specific information on James Richard Brown? He was a
Private, discharged on 12 May 1865. Any information you could give me
would be greatly appreciated.

Fri, 26 Mar 1999 Donna Bray,
Leawood KS USA

Great pages on the Hollers. My ancestor was Matilda HOLLER born in 1850 in Indiana. Some day I hope
to find her family and birthplace. You've done a great job.

Sun, 21 Mar 1999 Connie
, Tonasket WA USA

I am searching for info on Andrew David JENSEN
born 1880 Copenhagen, Denmark ... also Ruth Goldie DUKE
raised in an

orphanage in Terre Haute, Indiana early 1900's.

Wed, 10 Mar 1999 R.S.
, Hawley TX USA

Searching DOYLE, CAIN,HOCKMAN. Particularly intrested in the founders
and history of Doylestown PA ...

Doylestown OH ... Hockman OH and Cainsville MO.

Mon, 8 Mar 1999 Darrell
, Clarksville TN USA

I am seeking info on a Berton HARMON born
about 1830 in South Carolina. In The Roster of Confederate Solders

I found a Burt Harmon, MS 10th Cavalry Co. D. I don't know if
this is the same one. Any way to get more info?

Sat, 6 Mar 1999 Valine
, Midwest City OK USA

I am searching for my ggreat-grandfather Millard Fillmore HOLLARS born 4 September 1889 in Tennessee ...
died 1 September 1929 in Duke, Oklahoma. I have his father as John
Felix Hollars (who married Martha Sarah BURCHETT)
... and I have John's father as Reverend Peter Hollars. I would love
any information or help, I am stuck and cannot find anything on my

Mon, 1 Mar 1999 Jeff Pollard,
Appleton WI USA

Sarah POLLARD, wife of Edmund PENDLETON and her sister Ann Pollard, wife of
James TAYLOR III, are my 4th great aunts.

I am looking for information on an Dr. Edmund Pendleton of
Waterproof, Louisiana. I have no connections to the other Pendletons.
He married a Miss TULLIS and they were the
owners of a cotton plantation there in Louisiana.

Sat, 27 Feb 1999 Anne Marie Camp,
Liverpool England UK

Camp Plmouth and America Allison BURNS
Father Alison JONES was a Military
Policeman based at Burton Wood Warrington Allisons mum name Edith Burns
he was born at Sefton General (Smithdown Rd) Liverpool England

Sat, 27 Feb 1999 K.R. Lombardia,
Tampa FL USA

I need to know where Jefferson DAVIS
plantation, Briarfield, is located near Vicksburg. I understand it is
not longer there but I would like to know what is there now and what
actually happened to it.

Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 Thomas Wilhelm Holler, Germany 45966 Gladbeck

Viele Grüße an alle HOLLERs in Amerika aus Germany! T. W. Holler

Fri, 12 Feb 1999 Pam Shannon,
Bellingham WA USA

I'm working on the surnames of NIXON, MILLER, HELMERS, BERTZ, GARRETT ...
most were from Illinois or born in Ohio.

Sun, 7 Feb 1999 Geri Brennan,
Collingdale PA USA

Loved your page. I am researching FELKER, SETZER, HINKLE, WETZEL, BERRIER
(ready to give her up), KLINGEMAN, MEISE.

Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 Renae Crosby Smith, Kenney TX

Just enjoying the pictures! I grew up in Vicksburg - graduated
from Warren Central in 1976 - my parents still live there.

Sun, 31 Jan 1999 Cathy Ayers,
Colorado USA

I'm searching for info on James and Martha AYERS,
married in the 1800's. Martha was buried in Troy KS ... moved there from
Missouri. Children were Ada, Charles, Prudence, Lee, Jess. Would
appreciate any information.

Tue, 5 Jan 1999 Pauline
, Australia

HOLLER Theresia ... this is all the
information I have other than she married a Mathias REDL and they lived in Andersdorf, Austria. They
had a daughter Anna who married an Andreas JANESCHITZ
.... I have grandparent lines down from Theresia Holler but nothing
before that name or dates of births etc. Looking for any connections!

Sun, 27 Dec 1998 Rebecca
, Lebanon IN USA

What a wonderful website! I'm not related but have some HOLLER information from Indiana.

Indiana Census 1860: Rhinehart HOLLER 22 years old from Germany
now living in Indianapolis (Marion County) IN. Phillip HOLLER 46 years
old from Germany-Nassau is a stonemason living in Indianapolis. In the
same household with the last name of HOLLER are the following:
Catharine (63 years old from Germany-Nassau) ... Elizabeth (46 years old
from Germany-Wertemberg) ... Mary (9 years old born in Indiana) ... John
P. (from Germany-Nassau) ... Caroline (5 years old born in Indiana) ...
Elizabeth (1 year old born in Indiana). Also living in Indianapolis is
Holler Geo 34 years old, a brickmason from Germany-Nassau. In the
Indiana Census 1850 for Boone County are the following HOLLERs (same
household): Philip 48, farmer born Penn. ... Susan 46 born Penn. ...
George 18 laborer born Ohio ... Nathan 16 laborer born Ohio ... Levi 14
born Ohio ... Martha 9 born Ohio ... Sarah 5 born in Indiana. In the
next household are the following HOLLERs: William 21 farmer born in
Ohio ... Elizabeth 20 born in KY. Hope I've helped in some way -

Thu, 17 Dec 1998 Bob Butcher,
Knoxville TN USA

I need information on GENERAL HOSPITAL in VICKSBURG MISS. in
1865. My x3 uncle Elvin BUTCHER according
to Army records died there on April 8 1865. Have been unable to locate
this hospital or his burial place. He was in Co. A 2nd Tn Calvary. Any
info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Sat, 28 Nov 1998 Mark Gaines
, Lake Jackson, TX USA

I am a direct descendant of William Henry GAINES
and Isabella PENDLETON and am always

in all the fascinating genealogical information that that
involves. Currently have about 16000 individuals in my database.

Fri, 27 Nov 1998 Irvin
, Box 146 Ellsworth WI USA 54011

My name [YELLE] is pronounced
"yell". What are the odds of having HOLLERs
in the family as well? Must be pretty good since my grandmother had
cousins by that name in central and southern Illinois. I am not sure if
any survive in the LaSalle, Peru and Princeton IL area. I am a County
Veterans Service Officer ... was searching for the 9th Infantry history
in WWII. Was surprised to find 9th Infantry from the CSA.

Thu, 26 Nov 1998 Mike Boler,
McAllen TX USA

What are the stories about the old Loque house there on Sherman
Avenue? When I was home last time someone

was tearing part of it down. It would be a shame to lose such a
structure. What is the history on the old house?

I always heard all the rumors but never any real history. I grew
up about a mile and a half from it.

Thu, 26 Nov 1998 Deniz
Atay Doany
, United Kingdom

While searching for the routes of my maiden family name ATAY I came across the name Joanne Holler Atay.

I would like to get in touch with her and find out if there is
any connection. I left my e-mail address and am looking forward to
hearing from Ms. Joanne Atay. Many thanks.

Mon, 23 Nov 1998 Richard Steven
, Saugerties NY USA

I, too, have wanted to know about my family name and am very
glad you've done something about it. We HOLLERs
are a great family and I am proud to be one!

Fri, 20 Nov 1998 A. Hope
, Quebec Canada

You have a great page. I am searching for MACGILLIS
/ MCGILLIS in the States all of whom seem
to have Canadian origin.

Mon, 16 Nov 1998 R.E. Helmer III,
Austin TX USA

I am looking for information on GGF Pvt Joseph HELMER, Co. A 28th Mississippi Cav. There was
also an X.Helmer in A. Company. Joseph was wounded 25 Dec 1864 at
Pulaski TN while Forrest was covering Hood's retreat. Following the war
Joseph moved to Texas. Would appreciate any information regarding
Joseph, X. and the 28th Cav.

Sun, 15 Nov 1998 John Holeman,
Eugene OR USA

HOLEMANs. I have recently found the
WHITAKER page here. Katherine Whitaker actually married Charles Holeman
(with an E) in Kennett Square (Chester County) PA in 1724. I am looking
for any information concerning their descendents and the parents of
Charles Holeman.

Tue, 3 Nov 1998 Jennifer
, Keene NH USA

I am researching my geneaology and an looking for any WILLETT in NH and Southern Canada and for JONES in Eastern VA. If you have any info please
email me.

Wed, 28 Oct 1998 Sandra
, Lyons (Greene Co) IN USA

Hollars ... Silvers ... Thompson ...
Correll ... New ... Simpson ... Canaday.

Wed, 28 Oct 1998 Susan Hockman
, Rolla MO USA

I am currently researching the HOCKMAN
surname, my maiden name. My gr-grandfather was Hallie Lester Hockman.
HIS father was Lyman Sylvester Hockman VAILKSMO
HIS father was Isaac Hockman VAIL and have been told that Isaac's father
was Abraham Hockman. Would love to share information with anyone else
researching HOCKMANs as our quests may join at some point down the road.

Fri, 23 Oct 1998 James Earle
, Stillwater OK USA

I have researched back as far as Thomas HENTON
born 1773 died 1859. Looking for Hintons and Hentons.

Thu, 22 Oct 1998 Shirley M.
, Brook Park OH USA

Direct descendant of Heinrich HALLER
/ Nicholas Haller / Nicholas Haller / Samuel Holler / Jacob N Holler /
Samuel A. Holler / Richard P. Holler and my dad Richard M. HOLLER. Germany/Penn/Ohio. Any info on Nicholas
1776-1870 buried in Newark OH (Licking County) who married Sarah A.
_____. They had 4 children Jacob, Nicholas, Samuel, Adam. What is
Sarah's maiden name?

Sun, 18 Oct 1998 Dotty,
Mammoth Spring AR USA

Researching for a friend ... looking for any info on Lum BUSBY,
died 1934 in a flood in Arkansas, lived in Craighead and Poinsett

Sat, 17 Oct 1998 Andy Maxson,
Cincinnati OH USA

Your research on the WHITAKER line
was extremely helpful to me. Now is my chance to return the favor. The
Whitaker line from which Joshua is a part has bee traced back to 1580.
I don't have my research in front of me but I can safely say the
Whitakers are descended from nobility through Margaret LISLE. Searching her name on GenDex or Family Treemaker should
provide you with the information I am talking about.

Thu, 15 Oct 1998 Paula Sue Holler,
Jacksonville FL USA

Just a few of us HOLLERs in Jax
here ... Boyce Holler, Jerrell Holler and Phillip Holler. We're from
Faith NC, ie Kell Holler, James Ashley Holler etc....just to let you

Fri, 9 Oct 1998 Ryan Holler,
San Diego CA USA

Just wanted to sign my family homepage that's all - I'm Rich HOLLER's daughter, one of two children he
didn't mention in his bio! [Heavy Sigh]You get a website and suddenly EVERYONE wants in on it!] [BIG GRIN]

Wed, 7 Oct 1998 Audrey Burba,
Missouri USA

Hello ... I too am kin to Jeff's [JEFFERSON DAVIS] first wife. I
am also kin to Ole Daniel [DANIEL BOONE]
... and looking for info on Martha DAVIS,
said to be kin to Jeff. Wouldn't have any of his kin would you?

Mon, 5 Oct 1998 Tyler S.
, Beaumont (Alberta) Canada

I am wondering how you are related to Dwight D. EISENHOWER. He is my 4 cousin 4x removed and am
wondering if you connect through the Stover Graff etc. My first
ancestors who are also those of Dwights are Hans Nicholas Eisenhauer
and Anna Margaretha STRUBLE. If you are
descended from these two or even further back and even if you aren't
please e-mail me back.

Mon, 28 Sep 1998 Cindy Horn,
Booneville MS USA

Researching the HORN family in
Prentiss County MS for my husband. You have a nice site.

Thu, 10 Sep 1998 Willard Stallings,
Maben MS USA

Uriah STALLINGS b. 1790 in Virginia
my great-great grandfather ... Benjamin Franklin Stallings b. 1832 my
great grandfather.

Thu, 27 Aug 1998 Sandi
, Lyons IN USA

I am researching the name HOLLARS from
Tennessee - North Carolina - Kentucky - Indiana. I am a descendant of
Albert Hollers Sr. through his son Andrew James.Any assistance would be

Sun, 23 Aug 1998 Nancee
, Mexico MO USA

Your site is great. I am working on CAMPBELL
are from my side and some from my husbands side. I didn't find any
connections on this site yet but you never know. Keep up the good work.

Wed, 12 Aug 1998 Eilene
Harkless Holler Moore
, Ohio USA

I am descended from Mathias HOLLAR
bc. 1717 d. 41788 in Bedford Co. Pa. md. Mary Christina RHEYNARD b. d. through their son George Henry
HOLLAR b. 1241753 d. 541838 Armstrong Co Pa. a Rev. War soldier md.
Mary Ann HILL b. 291789 d. 421869. Would like to contact other

question has also arisen about a daughter Maryann HOLLER bc. 1814 d.
either 1834 or 1854 - depending on which of my gravestone notes are
correct of James Mathias HOLLER b. 12171787 Bedford Co Pa.d. 831852
Bedford Co Pa. md Mary Ann HILL b. 291789 d. 431869 Bedford Co Pa. son
of George Henry HOLLAR mentioned above. Maryann HOLLER mentioned above
bc. 1814 d. 12221834 or 12221854 is buried next to her parents James
Mathias HOLLER Maryann HILL in Dry Ridge Cemetery Bedford Co. Pa. Her
name is shown as MARYANN WERTZ wife of HENRY.

finally the question. WHO WAS THIS HENRY WERTZ We know of several Henry
WERTZs in the area but they are shown to have married other women. Did
Henry WERTZ REMARRY after Maryann HOLLER WERTZ died Were there any
CHILDREN from the HOLLERWERTZ marriage An entry in the Pa. Archives
shows that Maryann HOLLER married Henry WERTZ on 681845 both of
Harrison Twp. Bedford Co Pa. That info. would nullify the possible
death date mentioned above of 1834 making it probably the 1854 date.
The 1850 census shows that Maryann WERTZ age 36 was at the time either
visiting or living with her parents Mathias HOLLER Mary Ann HILL in
Harrison Twp. Bedford Co Pa. If that census is accurate ha she married
Henry WERTZ in 1845 at age 31. Age 31 was rather old for a first
marriage then was Maryann HOLLER MARRIED BEFORE she married Henry WERTZ
buried in the same graveyard as Maryann HOLLER WERTZ. Does anyone know
WHERE HE WENT HIS BIRTHDEATH DATES or any other information?

Sat, 25 Jul 1998 Kenneth Hollar,
Columbus OH USA

All I know about my family is that they are from Ohio and Kentucky. We
are Dutch and American Indian.

My grandparents are Bill and Calise HOLLAR.
Anyone who has any further information please contact me.

Fri, 24 Jul 1998 Ginnie
, Ruidoso NM USA

Update on Ira Ellsworth HOLLER: He was
actually born in Manns Choice (Bedford Co.) PA on 5 Oct 1876 and his
father's name was Joseph Holler, mother Lucretia SMITH.
He worked on a railroad at Hyndman (Bedford Co.) PA. Looking for any

Wed, 15 Jul 1998 Bob Suber,
Albuquerque NM USA

We visited Vicksburg this past June. I notice that the battlefield
seems much more wooded now than it appears in the photos. Could that be
true or winter scenes? Very nice website. The photos are great. I
sincerely appreciate your work.

Mon, 6 Jul 1998 Lisa Lowery,
Southaven MS USA,

Searching for any DOHMs that may have
lived In Warren County or Vicksburg in the 30s and 40s.

Would any of your family members maybe remember a family name of

Sat, 4 Jul 1998 Syd Pennington,
Vicksburg MS USA

As a writer much concerned with this mystical city's history, I found
your site and photographs a major delight as well as a priceless
resource. Most of the photgraphs in your collection were previously
unseen by me and enthralling. I am currently working on a 5-volume work
of historical fiction about the city from 1820 through the death of
Col. Flowerree ... and the perspective of your photos has allowed me to
order things in my mind which had previously been unclear. I was
wondering with faint hope and bated breath whether or not you know of
the existence of photos taken on the 900 block of Crawford Street after
the 1870s facing north away from the old Street Clinic, Stephensons HQ,
Sydney Building.When we first moved here we took the Upton Young House
and I have been unable to locate either drawings or photos of that area
from the time period mentioned above. If you could steer me in the
right direction to locate such, you would make several new friends for
life. My deepest thanks and warmest regards from my family and myself.

Sun, 28 Jun 1998 Clyde
, Little Rock AR USA

I am looking for Newton Lafayette PITTS my
gggrandfather from Monroe County, MS.

He fought in the Battle of Shiloh as part of a Confederate
Cavalry unit.

Sat, 13 Jun 1998 Paula C.
, Wilmington DE USA

Researching MEACHAM which is my
maiden name. Having trouble locating any information about Richard BRISBIN who we believe was born in September of
1840 somewhere in Pennsylvania. He was married in 1872 to one Pauline HUNT in Louisiana. We believe that it is
possible that he fought for the Union and changed sides and his name
when he married. It states on his tombstone that he fought for the
Confederacy but we can find no records.

Mon, 1 Jun 1998 Jeffrey C.
, Spring Lake NC USA

Do I count as part of the HOLLER family?
Somewhere along the line, someone added an "s" to "Holler"!

Sun, 31 May 1998 Peter
, Tacoma WA USA

HOLLARs from Oklahoma Oilton or other
towns/cities ... Hollars from Great Britain possibly near the Thames
River in London: If my ancestors were truly amongst the first pioneers
to the New World during the 1600s then where did they colonize? What
were their occupations? How did they stake their own claim to fame?

Thu, 28 May 1998 M. Dempsey,
Atlanta GA USA

I'm looking for information on the GAINES
family. Specifically General Edmund Pendleton Gaines, nephew of Edmund
Pendleton. If y'all are related to Pendleton Gen. Gaines is in your
family, too. I'm also looking for info on LOCHRIDGE
and MORSE.

Tue, 19 May 1998 Andrea
, Choctaw OK USA

I am searching for information on the WHITAKER
line.I have very little information on this branch of the family tree.
His father was Walter Ray Whitaker. His parents were Carl Whitaker and
Francis R. Barker. Her maternal grandfather was John BURGESS and we think Carl's parents were John
and Lillian. Francis was born in North Carolina and moved with her
mother and sisters to Greenbrier County, West Virginia after the death
of her father. Carl and his brother Ted may have been born in North
Carolina. Carl was killed in a mining accident in the early 1940s.
Unfortunately this is all I have on the Whitakers.I have quite a bit of
data on my mother-in-law's family surnames RUSSELL
and HARVEY. I am also researching my side
of the family McDonald ... LaVere ... Melvin ...
Nolen ... Pickel
from Michigan and Ontario Canada. I have the
McDonald family all the way back to Mull, Scotland. On my mother's side
I am researching Marlow ... Upthegrove ...
Watters ... Berryman ... Kirby ... Howard ... Henderson
and Matthews. This side of my family is from
Kentucky. There is supposed to be a tie to Andrew Jackson
through the Upthegroves. My great grandmother Elizabeth Jackson
Upthegrove was supposed to be his first or second cousin. The paperwork
related to this was destroyed in a fire 25 or 30 years ago. My aunt
found a book years ago that mentioned something to do with a wedding
Andrew Jackson and Upthegroves. She has since died and no one knows
what the book was or where she found it. These surname lists are not
complete but only hit upon the highlights. Any help would be
appreciated especially on the Whitaker line and the Upthegrove - Andrew
Jackson connection. This site is great. I stumbled across it looking
for information on the Whitaker family.

Wed, 6 May 1998 Mitzi Holler,
Palmdale CA USA

Originally from Nogales Arizona. Family arrived there in the early
1900s. But I don't know much else except that I am related also to
Sarah Bernhart and Dominique Dunne.

Mon, 4 May 1998 Jim Holler,
Baltimore MD USA

Hi, my name is James Scott HOLLER. I am a
descendant of the Holler family from Bedford County PA. Our ancestors
came from Germany in 1752 on the ship Neptune which sailed from
Rotterdam. The first man was Matthias who is buried in Bedford PA.
Valentine Holler, a revolutionary war veteran, was the grandson of
Mathias. We have a fairly good (but just names) set of ancestors and
listings of family from this branch. I own a farm in Bedford (although
I live near Baltimore) which was built in 1840s by George Washington
Holler. He was my grandfather's uncle. We own most of the original farm
and his log cabin. Lots of our family are buried very near. I am the
current president of the Family Reunion,
which is on going for about 68 years (I believe, although I could be
off) The reunion is always the second Saturday in July in Bedford. We
usually have about 100 people.

Sun, 3 May 1998 Donna Tilton

I am looking for any information on Joseph Seagraves WHITAKER b. 20 Feb 1819 in KY ... m. Elizabeth

Sat, 2 May 1998 Charles Keith
Cincinnati OH USA

I am researching the surnames BLACK ... HOLLERS
and a few
others. I am very interested in Alberton HOLLERS m Amanda BLACK
daughter of John Black and Martha Patsey SHIPLEY. Amanda Black is the
sister of my gggrandmother Luvicey Black m Cyrene Waite Keith. Any help
would be appreciated willing to share what information I have.

Thu, 23 Apr 1998 Al Whitaker,
Pomaria SC USA

I'm a rookie at this genealogy research and I'm further hindered by the
fact that I can't find anything to connect my South Carolina ancestors
to the Whitakers all over the country. My grandfather was Henry Asbury WHITAKER b 1881 d 1956 m1 Senie Lizzie Eugenia WISE b 1881 d 1913 in childbirth m2 Ethel Wise
no known relation to Senie. Grandad lived most of his life around the
Swansea - Lexington SC area. Does anyone out there have any further
information that could at least get me started? Or information on any
other SC Whitakers? Anything will be appreciated.

Sun, 19 Apr 1998 Wanda
, Premium KY USA

My mother was the daughter of Roy WHITAKER
of Premium KY. My grandfather was born in 1893 and died in 1975 and is
buried in the Roy Whitaker Cemetary at Premium. My mother has a list of
my grandfathers children and grandchildren. If you need any more
information please let me know.

Sat, 18 Apr 1998 Shirley Kuster,
Jonesboro AR USA

Your page is great. Presently I am looking for the following surnnames SANSOM (TN & KY) ... DICKENS
(AR & CA) ... COLLINS (AR) ... RAY/WRAY (TN & OK). I would appreciate any
help I receive.

Thu, 16 Apr 1998 Larita Holler
, Tulsa OK USA

I am descended from Heinrich HALLER
who arrived in Philadelphia in 1733 on board the ship Samuel.

Tue, 14 Apr 1998 Douglas Milroy,
Ronan MT USA

Nice web site I am researching the following surnames: GOODWIN ... GETCHELL
in MA/ME/NH and in Gillespie NY; MUELLER
... GLASSIER in CO and southern Germany; MILROY ... STUART
in Scotland and England; MILROY in

Sun, 12 Apr 1998 Star C.
, Osburn ID USA

I am trying to find parents of Elizabeth F. FRY who was married to Benjamin ALLEN. Little information on them except they
were 40 and 41 in the 1850 Missouri census and were born in Casey
County KY. They had 9 children. I have the Allen family back to 1670 in
Ireland but have no further information on Elizabeth. I believe they
died in Missouri but have not found further information after the 1860
census in Missouri. My first five

lines are COOK - KELLOGG - MUNSON -
Will gladly compare and exchange information.

Sat, 11 Apr 1998 John
Philip Holler
, Stockton CA USA

I am looking for my grandfather John Jacob HOLLER.
He was in the Army and was stationed in

Stockton Army field around 1942. I believe he was from Missouri,
possibly Hannibal.

Mon, 06 Apr 1998 Carla

I'm a WHITAKER originally from Crossville
TN in the Cumberland County mountains. I was curious if at any time
during your research you had come across any Whitakers from Crossville,
Kingsport, or Dayton TN.

Sat, 4 Apr 1998 Harold
, Jefferson City MO USA

Looking for mother and father of James Thomas PRIEST.
James born ca 1834 in Tenn. Married Eliza J. YOUNG
in St. Francis County MO. Descendants migrated to Arkansas around turn
of century. Their son John Morgan Priest died in Batesville AR in 1943
at age 72. I am grandson of James Morgan and grew up in Monette AR.
Need any info about Priest or Young. I really enjoyed your page. The
Youngs settled around Doniphan MO.

Fri, 03 Apr 98 Frieda

I am trying to locate Samuel Howard LINDSEY
of the Mississippi 9th Infantry Division.
Am unable to locate a Mississippi 9th Infantry Division (except as a
re-enactment group) on the net. Please help.

Thu, 2 Apr 1998 Jesse Clarke,
White Clay NE USA

I recently did a report on The Siege of Vicksburg. Your site was a
tremendous help. My teacher thought it was awesome that I had photos of
the battlefield. Thanks a lot!

Wed, 1 Apr 1998 Kerry Dale Holler,
Terre Haute IN USA

I am a white male, 43, son of Jim and Evelyn HOLLER.
I have no idea if we are related, but I like your page.

Response ...

Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 Carol

Hey! We have a connection!! When I saw the address as Terre Haute, I
knew we had to be related. Kerry's great grandfather was my
grandfather's brother. I have him in my Family Tree Maker file and his
wife and three daughters. I have a picture of his dad, grandfather and
great grandfather!! I will send him a note, I' m not sure if he is
interested in genealogy, or just happened upon the page.

Just wanted you to know that your page and Holler list do get results
and please keep up the good work!!!

Thanks, Carol

Sun, 29 Mar 1998 Stan Bryant,
Vicksburg MS USA

Interesting Web Site. Am researching Bryant GORDON
or EASTERLING family of same area.

Thu, 26 Mar 1998 Gorild
, Norway

Hi! Stumbled onto your page in search for the mother of Dwight D. EISENHOWER - Ida Elisabeth ... haven't found her
yet. She is the daughter of a woman that is related to my mother. I've
just begun searching so I'm sure I'll find something soon - I'm helping
my father in his genealogy project, you see. Thanks!

Tue, 24 Mar 1998 Patti, Pekin

Great page, I've enjoyed going through it ... I'm researching the Vick SHELBY family

and have hit a dead end. Maybe someone out there can help.Thank

Fri, 20 Mar 1998 Betty
, Red Bay AL USA


Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 Christine Walters, Rock
Falls IL USA

KESTERSON -- Gathering any and all
information for any person, any time, any place ...

Kesterson Kollections - Newsletter - Want to join? Just let me

Fri, 20 Mar 1998 Gordon
, Chicago IL USA

My father's family were long-time Vicksburg residents. My grandfather
Benjamin Edwards BOWIE may have been called
Ed ran a logging company in Vicksburg during the early 20th century. Are
any of the living Hollers familar with any of the Bowie family? Bowie
Road in Vicksburg is named for my family although we have not lived in
the area since the early 1950s. The 3rd generation Holler Boys are
slightly older than my father and his siblings: Guion Bowie Snyder ...
Ben Bowie (my father) ... Elizabeth Bowie Bolls and Paul Bowie.

Sun, 15 Mar 1998 Jim
, St. Louis MO USA

Durwood PENDER was born in Vicksburg MS
abt. 1913 ... married Anita L. Powell abt. 1933. I'm Anita's grandson
... any info on the Pender family would be appreciated greatly.

Wed, 11 Mar 1998 Charles Edwin
, Chattanooga TN USA


others. Most of these families passed through Virginia North Carolina
Tennessee Kentucky to the Chattanooga Metro Area Tenn Ala Ga dating
from 1730 to present.

Fri, 6 Mar 1998 Philip Holler,
Boston MA USA

Fredrick HOLLER immigrated from Copenhagen
(Denmark) to the United States around the turn of the century. He was my
grandfather and there are family rumors saying the Hollers were Prussian
Junkers in the Danzig area, now Gadansk Poland. It was also rumored that
the name was changed from Von Hollenburg or Von Hollen.

Thu, 5 Mar 1998 Alice
, Phoenix AZ USA

Hello Cousins! I, too, have been told that I am related to former Prez
Zachary TAYLOR and have also been unable
to find the connection. My Taylors hail from Trigg County Kentucky
beginning with R.H. TAYLOR ... Samuel William TAYLOR ... Forest Farris
TAYLOR ... Henry H. Watson TAYLOR. Is there help out there? I would be
glad to share what information I have.

Sun, 1 Mar 1998 Kim &
Diane Snibley
, Calabasas CA USA

We are looking for a connection between the MCKIM
and TAYLOR families. We have decendants of
both and we have also been told we are related to President Zachary
Taylor. The story goes like this he was paid for his presidency in land
grants in Southern MO. and passed on some of his land to his Taylor
family who married McKims and that is how the McKims came to MO. Does
anyone know about these land grants? Where can we find his family tree?

Fri, 27 Feb 1998 Armorel
High School Honors American History Class
, Armorel AR USA

Please send us information about Vicksburg. We're comin fer supper 7
May 1998. [Sarah Seibert]

Wed, 25 Feb 1998 Andrew
, Green River WY USA

I'm 17-years old and have never done any real research but from the
little bit that my Dad has told me I know

that our relatives are from somewhere around Arkansas. I have
recently become interested in our family history but don't have much to
go on. I came across this site while I was surfing around.

Tue, 24 Feb 1998 Betty Mirly,
Chaffee MO USA

Looking for a Harvey or Quinton BURNETT
who may have been born in PA then gone to IN then Jersey County IL.
Worked on Mississippi River as a riverboat pilot. Any information will
be appreciated.

Mon, 23 Feb 1998 Carrie Holler,
San Francisco CA USA

I am looking for any information about John Jacob HOLLER.
He was born outside of St. Louis MO and served in the military for some
time. That's about all we know. Any information to help locate my
grandfather would be appreciated.

Wed, 18 Feb 1998 Robert E. Mercer,
Hooksett NH USA

Josiah Isaiah MERCER born 1814 IN PA m.
Rebecca Mercer 5 April 1838 in Harrisville (Harrison Co.) OH.

Tue, 17 Feb 1998 Marvin O.
, Denison TX USA

I am still looking for anyone related to Leonard STEWARD
or his wife Niah. Both were in Union SC 1800 to 1850 as far as I can
research. Any information on either would be much appreciated. I do not
know Niah's maiden name. Their son William Steward married one of
Gideon STEEN's daughters, Margreat Steen.

Sun, 15 Feb 1998 Bonnie Hardin,
Vicksburg MS USA

I am trying to find out about a boat that I was told had sunk in
the Eagle Lake area before the river left it.

If you can help me I would like to research it, but I don't know
how to start. Also, I would like to research these names: BURTON ... FULLER

Fri, 13 Feb 1998 Toby Hollar,
Pearisburg VA USA

Why do you, when searching for our geneology, use the spelling HOLLER when we spell our name HOLLAR? Just curious. Have you been able to
find any pertinent information about our history? Anything you find I
would like to see the next time I see you.

Thu, 12 Feb 1998 Dortha
, Batesville AR USA

I really like your page. I am looking for Levi W. PITTS
from SC to Wayne County TN. LEVI and wife JEMIMIA came to Wayne County
TN ca 1840. If anyone knows who this LEVI belongs to, please let me

Sun, 8 Feb 1998 Jody
Snell Franklin

I'm using a friend's e-mail address. I'm looking for information
on a Harry SNELL who lived in

Liverpool, England in the 1800's. If anyone has information
regarding this, please e-mail.

Sun, 8 Feb 1998 William Vance Holler,
Akron OH USA

My great grandfather in NC circa 1840. His name was Joseph and he
married Abigail HOFFERMAN. My grandfather
Preston Vance Holler b. 1883 came to southern Ohio about 1905 with two
brothers. The brothers split up, one moving to PA. My father Kenneth
George Holler was born in the Zanesville OH area in 1911 ... the family
moved to the Akron OH area approx 1915. My grandmother Callie Stack
Holler was raised in Nelsonville OH.

Mon, 2 Feb 1998 Patsy Raymer,
Fairview TN USA

MILLRANEY Joseph. The 1880 Warren
County TN Census shows his father to have been from PA and

his mother from NC. Looking for any Millraney connection.
MILLRANY is another possible spelling.

Sat, 31 Jan 1998 Douglas
, Lakewood WA USA

I just want to know how I could find out more about my heritage. If
someone could e-mail me and let me know how to get started it would be

Fri, 23 Jan 1998 Chuck Holler,
Pittsburgh PA USA

Looking for information on Mathias HOLLER
who came to America on 4 October 1752 on

the ship Neptune from the port of Rotterdam. Would like info on
where he came from in Germany.

Fri, 16 Jan 1998 John
Pickett Cummins, Sr.
, Lawrenceville GA USA

Grew up in Vicksburg next door to Presbyterian Church. Lived there from
1941 until I went to college in 1954. Graduated from Carr Central High
School and attended Clay Street Elementary School. Have a twin brother
Ed and another brother Bill.

Thu, 15 Jan 1998 C.L. Smith,
Edgemont SD USA

I'm searching for Frank or Franklin DeForst SMITH
b. 7 May 1861 someplace in Michigan. Was told that his father was a
Methodist minister who m. Maud POWELL 1892
WY. Hearsay is he may have married and lived with the Indians before
this marriage. Any information of where to search would be welcomed.

Wed, 14 Jan 1998 Evelyn
, Kaufman TX USA

You have put together an exceptional site! My husband is related
families. Thomas Gaines & Susannah Strothers' daughter Frances
married John CARDWELL in Stokes County NC
in 1801. Does anyone have any information on this John Cardwell?

Mon, 12 Jan 1998 Dag Fredrik
, Riverside CT USA

Hi! I am a Norwegian 45 years old - born in Oslo but living now with my
family in Connecticut for a 3-5 year period. My father's mother was
Fredrikke HOLLER and I think they
originally came from Holland or Luxembourg. There is a town called
Holler in Luxembourg.


Sat, 10 Jan 1998 Michelle Boyer, Denver
CO USA (Snail-Mail Only)

I am not actually a Holler descendant but my great-great
grandmother Pauline WOODS SEIBERT married
a man named HOLLER in Kansas circa 1885.
Her husband Philander Henry SEIBERT had left her and her two children
just before so the family story goes. She had a daughter Jessie Holler
with her 2nd husband. I am very interested to find this site as Henry
Seibert had come over from Germany and Holler seems to be a German name
also. If anyone has information on Pauline Woods Seibert Holler, please
let me know at:

10070 E. Dartmouth N-203 ... Aurora CO 80014 ... I'll reimburse
your stamp.

Thu, 8 Jan 1998 Bonny I. Duda, Central
Point OR USA (Snail-Mail Only)

My gggrandfather was Thomas Edward TAYLOR
Jr., b. 1854, d. 1902, m. Margaret Elizabeth LOWDER

Thomas Taylor is supposed to be related to President Zachary
Taylor but I cannot seem to find the connection. If anyone can help,
please write me at this address: Bonny Duda, 12051 Duggan Rd., Central
Point OR, 97502.

Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 Randall Holler, South
Whitley IN USA

There are still HOLLER family members in
Indiana. Sorry I can't help with your research. My father passed away
when I was six and mother remarried. I barely know the Holler family.
My son will enjoy your site.

P.S. There is a dentist in Warsaw IN named Steve Hollar. He has
done some geneology work. He also found family members spelling their
name several ways. You might find him through ATT directory assistance.
He had a part in the movie "Hoosiers". Good Luck!

Thu, 1 Jan 1998 Henry Claude
, Oxford GA USA

My PITTS roots and research is in Laurens
SC. I believe that Joseph Pitts and son Henry Pitts are my great great
etc. grandfathers. The records I've scraped together compare favorably
with your records of Henry Pitts, his wife and children and dates ...
except I have Henry Pitts born 1 Nov 1725 ... not 1735. Also I have his
wife listed as Hannah COLLIER not WRIGHT. The rest of the dates match perfectly
including Hannah's birth and death.I do not know which is correct but
if you have any comments I'd appreciate them.By the way my lineage goes
on from his son Henry Jr. Or so I hope to prove.

Wed, 31 Dec 1997 Edward
S. Gaine
, New York City NY USA

Thanks for posting your Family Tree. I am just starting to research my GAINE surname and it was a delight to read the
work you have done.

Mon, 29 Dec 1997 Basil Bud
, Satellite Beach FL USA

My maternal gmo was Sharlet Ann HALLAR b 6
Oct 1883 Canton IL. She married Cameron DENNEY
5 Jun 1902. Her parents were Roswell James HALLAR b 12 Oct 1849 Canton
Fulton Co IL ... and Mary Ann RICHARDSON b
13 Jan 1859 Peoria Co IL. Roswell's parents were George W. HALLAR b abt
1821 PA ... and Anne Maria FREANER b abt
1823 PA. Parents of George were Jacob HALLER b abt 1786 MD ... and Mary DADDISMAN b abt 1795 MD. I believe Jacob's
parents were Peter HALLER and Catharine UNKNOWN. Anyone find a
connection? Glad to exchange info.

Sun, 28 Dec 1997 Sherri Young,
North Pole AK USA

This is a phenomenal site ... I'm anxiously awaiting completion of your
directory. I'm researching the VOELKER
family of Vicksburg. William Voelker was a tailor in Vicksburg in 1850.
He was born in Germany in 1814. I'm trying to find out when he came to
the U.S. My mother believes some Voelkers still live in Vicksburg. Can
anyone help?

Sat, 27 Dec 1997 William
Steven Holler Jr.
, Rock Hill SC USA

I would like to find out more about the HOLLER
family tree. I am running for governor in S.C. in 1998.

I ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1994. I would appreciate
any information on the Holler name.

Wed, 24 Dec 1997 John G.
, Salt Lake City UT USA

Looking for descendants of Zachary TAYLOR
thru Gibson Thornely BERRY.

Wed, 24 Dec 1997 Carl Menyhert,
Eatontown NJ, USA

Looking for John GESS in Woodinville WA.

Sun, 21 Dec 1997 Tommy Webster,

Great site ... found a link to your GAINES
and STROTHER families.

Mon, 15 Dec 1997 Mike Leconey,
New York NY, USA

22nd Louisiana - if you seeking
information on the unit, contact me. I have found all that I believe

The unit fought at Vicksburg and was paroled when Pemberton

Wed, 26 Nov 1997 Katherine Jones,

Need help in locating the parents/siblings of Amos JONES b.1780 d.1851 m. Barbara HENDERSON. Four known children are Isaac b.
1812 m. Ann WILKINS ... Martha b.1814
m.Charner MCCOLPIN ... Thomas b.1824 m.
Sarah TUCKER ... and Samuel Houston b.1827
m. Mary Jane WILKINS and America LINDSEY. This family lived in Kentucky at one

Wed, 26 Nov 1997 Katherine Jones,

Searching for the parents of George, Levi and James POWELL. According to history book, these three
brothers came to Kentucky in the 1820s from North Carolina. George
m.Frances ___ ... Levi m. Nancy BREWER and
James m. Mary LACY.Does anyone have
information of this family? Willing to share.

Tue, 25 Nov 1997 Joseph Holler,
Pittsburgh PA, USA

I am researching HOLLER ... HEBERLE ... and BRUNKIN.

Thu, 20 Nov 1997 Helen S.
, Wasilla AK USA

When I came across your Holler family I thought maybe I should contact
you to see if you are connected to my HALLER
line from Berks County PA and on back to the Alsace-Lorraine in France.
The name has been spelled HALLER - HELLER - HOLLAR
through these records and I am not proud I accept them all. I noticed a
Jacob Haller in Fredericks County VA before 1800 and thought he
possibly was connected. My Hallers emigrated to Ohio. The line in this
country began with Heinrich Haller around 1750 was in Rev. War and
lived in Reading PA ... any connection?

Fri, 14 Nov 1997 Virginia M.
, Springfield VI USA

I am researching the line from Zachariah HOLLER
b.1724 ... wife Anna WANNAMACHER b. 20 Nov
1724 in Asnbach Germany through Johannes John Holler m. Sally Shue
Margaret N. LOW through Andrew Holler Sr.

b. 1794 Lincoln County NC m. Mary BOLLICK
through Israel Holler b. 1815 NC m. Anna LANIER
through Mary Caroline Holler b. 1843 Catawba County NC m. Drury W. JIMISON. I am interested in corresponding and
sharing research with anyone who has information on these families.I
have additional Holler research on collateral families.

Wed, 12 Nov 1997 Jeremy
, Fort Collins CO USA

I am just curious about the origins of my last name HANSMANN. If you can help please e-mail me.

Tue, 11 Nov 1997 Fred Kindel,
Folsom CA USA

I'm searching for surnames KINDEL and WEBB ... specifically looking for next earlier
generation of William KINDEL b.1781 VA d. ca1865 Phillips County AR ...
m.28 Jan 1800 Greene County TN to ElizabethWEBB b.1783 Greene County TN
d.ca1865 Phillips County AR. Family lived in Shelby County KY
1800-ca1812 before going on to Rutherford-Giles-Maury Counties in
TN-MS-AR. Also see my LOOKUP SERVICE on Kindel/Kendall-Webb at http://www.familytreemaker%2Ecom/users/k/i/n/Fred-Kindel/index.html

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 M. Lewis, Jonesboro AR

Am highly interested in locating any Hazlewoods. My great grandfather
James Monroe HAZLEWOOD served in with Richardsons Company B Artillery. Am interested
in finding any information on this also. Love your page will add it to
my ever growing list.

Mon, 20 Oct 1997 Gary James
, Lake Charles LA

Jane SIMMONS b. 14 Jul 1836 Pike MS ...
Mason Simmons m. Anna LUNDY, Cherokee
Indian ... m. 23 Jun 1853 to Francis Marion SNELL
... Mary Dorcas LAMBRIGHT b. 19 Nov 1837 MS m. Benjamin Leonadus FOX 23 Aug 1853 ... Martha LEE
b. 5 Sep 1828 f. Willis M. LEE, Eliza a r m. TAYLOR
Davis. I need info on parents of Anna LUNDY LAMBRIGHT
... Mary Dorcas LEE ... Martha TAYLOR Davis and any other info.

Fri, 17 Oct 1997 Lisa
, Melvin MI

I'm researching TURNIPSEED and QUARLES. If anyone has any info on a Frances
Turnipseed or a Jane Quarles please send me an email.

Wed, 15 Oct 1997 Pamela Swartz,,
South Bend IN

Grandaughter of Jack T. SWARTZ looking for
any family history of the Swartz name.

Tue, 7 Oct 1997

Dianne Kelly, Bacliff TX

Maiden name KOOMS Great-Grandfather was
William Kooms. He and family lived in Arkansas.

Tue, 7 Oct 1997 Ginnie
, Ruidoso NM USA

Researching HOLLER specifically the
origins and ancestors of Ira Ellsworth Holler b. 1876 in Speilman PA
possibly near Hyndman Bedford Co. PA. Married Theresa Linck b. 1889 in
Hyndman PA. Was in Army during Spanish-American War. Parents unknown.
Possibly illegitimate. Any information gratefully received.

Thu, 2 Oct 1997 David
Alan Grierson
, Charlotte Hall MD USA

Hello everyone I am a one-name researcher. This means that I document
every occurrence of the name of GRIERSON
and all of its surname variations world wide. I have been doing this for
nine years as a hobby however my family is from Mississippi. Primarily
my family resides in the Jackson County area Pascagoula Moss Point.
Anyone with connections to the Griersons who has questions and who is
willing to share their research please contact me online or by snail
mail anytime. I have a lot to share. David A. Grierson 37799 Apache
Road Charlotte Hall Maryland 20622

Wed, 1 Oct 1997 Allan J. Hollers,
Orange Park FL USA

Trying to find information on my GGGF William "Bill" HOLLER born either in TN or VA. Moved to
Burnside KY area and married Rhoda GARLAND
at Pulaski County KY on 11 Sept 1878 ... second marriage.

Sun, 28 Sep 1997 Daniel
, Falls Church VA USA

Daniel Bright son of Diane Bright PITSCH
daughter of Melvin Pitsch and Sara Pitsch GAGLIANO.

Mon, 22 Sep 1997 Everett
Marshall Pywell,
Washington DC USA

As a pont of interest Wm. R. PYWELL is my
Great-Uncle, oldest brother of my Grand-Father Frank E. Pywell of
Washington D.C. Wm.R. Pywell died in Bunkie LA on 7 August 1887. I have
searched for the past 20 years for his burial site but to no avail.
Perhaps some one in your organization has a clue as to what I can do
next in my quest to find his gravesite.

Mon, 15 Sep 1997 Don McClain,
Jonesboro AR USA

Searching for McClain Cook Haney Shinault Ditto
Litteral Hawkins Bolen Kesterson Moss Mays

Date: Mon 1 Sep 1997 Mary McElroy,
Memphis TN USA

Searching for Dr. William MOORE b. 1798
Newport married Margaret MARTIN 1822 died
6 Apr 1842 Vicksburg MS.
Family legend says they owned Moore Plantation as well as a home in the city
and that the home burned in the Civil War. Have been unable to find any
info on plantation. Another branch is Dr. E.S. BILLINGS
whom I found in the 1860 directory on this page. Thank you so much for
publishing it.

Date: Mon 1 Sep 1997 John Norwood, Austin TX USA

Frances TAYLOR was a daughter of Edmund
Taylor and Ann LEWIS. She married
Nathaniel MOORE, a Revolutionary War
Soldier DAR documentation his daughter Betsy married Rev. Robert DOAK who was probably my ancestor.

Date: 13 Aug 1997 Allan Griggs, Layton UT USA

My father is in your PITTS line: James GRIGGS son of Aubrey Griggs and Mattie Blanche
Pitts. Your site has straightened out some of my family connections
above Mattie. I'd be interested in seeing the Pitts family book you
mention in your sources.

Date: 6 Aug 1997 James A. Swords, Hampton

Seeking information about J.M. Swords editor and proprietor of
Vicksburg Daily Citizen during siege of Vicksburg, June-July 1863.

Date: 2 Aug 1997 Kathy Whittaker Venable, Carmel

I am looking for info on my ggrandfather John M.WHITTAKER
b.1855 KY. Moved to Indiana and was married to Sarah NEW sometime before 1885. She died 23 Nov 1886.
He then married Mary HOLMES in 1889. Lived
in Clinton County IN. Would like info on his lineage.

Date: 29 Jul 1997 Christopher S. Powell,
Oklahoma City OK USA

Related to the BOONE family through
Persis, daughter of George BOONE and Sarah UPPEY.
She married Thomas HENTON.

Date: 25 Jul 1997 Donna J. Forrest,
Jonesboro AR USA

I am searching the MODE and the FORREST lines ... have been looking high and low
for my husband's FORREST family. Mark Forrest, b. TN, m. 1829 to
Rebecca Pollard Injan. Son of Mark was Watson Potter, b. 1815 ... m.
1834 to Martha J. They moved in October 1832 from Gibson County TN with
brother Abraham and Elisha FLY and their
wives to Pollard AR. I haven't been able to find Mark as a child or
anywhere in Gibson County TN.

24 Jul 1997 Virginia
M. Fleming
, Springfield VA USA

I am a descendant of Zachariah Holler/Heller
who came to America in 1742 to Bucks County PA. Family went to Catawba
County NC. I can trace my lineage down thru Johannes Andrew Sr. Israel
Mary Caroline Jimerson May K. Smith Hilda Maurer Virginia M. Fleming. I
can share my research and would appreciate any relevant Holler/Hollar
information that would expand my data.

21 Jul 1997 R.S.
, Hawley TX USA

Searching for HOCKMAN (Illinois, Ohio,
Virginia, Pennslyvania) ... ABRAHAM HOCKMAN
(Virginia, Illinois) ... CAIN (Illinois)
... DOYLE (Pennslyvania, Ohio, Missouri,
Nebraska) ... DOYLESTOWN (Pennsylvania,

10 Jul 1997 Erik
, Corydon IN USA

Great site. I think I am related to the PENDLETON
family on your tree but I need to talk to my father to know for sure.

7 Jul 1997 J. Rex Reed,
Norman OK USA

I am trying to determine if the grave of my Great-great grandfather's
brother can be found in Vicksburg. He was a Confederate soldier killed
in the battle at Chickasaw Bluffs on 28 December 1862. His name was
Martin Van Buren REED and he was a private
in Company E of the 31st Louisiana Infantry.
I understand that most of the Confederate dead were buried in local
cemeteries and that his grave may be marked since he died early in the
Vicksburg Campaign. Who can I contact for further information?

8 Jul 1997 Fred Kindel, Folsom

I'm searching for next earlier generation of William KINDEL b.1781 VA ... d.abt 1865 Phillips County
AR ...

m. 28 Jan 1800 Greene County TN to Elizabeth WEBB b.1783 TN d. abt 1865 Phillips County AR. I
have info on descendants to share. I'm compiling a data base on all
Kindel/Kendall (all variant spellings) and their connecting families
for a generation or two on connections. I will look in the data base
for a connection to others' research for anyone sending me their
Kindel/Kendall info. And I'll add the new info to the data base. Future
contacts may result in a connection and I'll put them in touch with
each other.

5 Jul 1997 Mary Ellen
Wallace Deane
, Rockledge FL USA

Nora Ellen Holler WALLACE, Grandmother
... Isaac Newton HOLLER and Lucinda Ellen
Case Holler, Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather ... Israel Holler
and Susan Miller Holler GGGF and GM ... John and Elizabeth Nale Holler
GGGGrandfather and grandmother. Washington County, Indiana

24 Jun 1997 S. Nelson,
Victoria B.C. Canada

Did any of your PITTS come up to Canada
during the revolution? My Pitts were from Ontario Canada. Having trouble
tracing roots.

22 Jun 1997 Gary L. Dankworth Sr.,

HICKMAN from Surry County NC - TAYLOR from Surry County NC. I'm interested if
you have ever run across a Mahala Taylor - born 13 July 1831 VA - died
22 December 1905 McCreary County KY. She married Thomas Jefferson HICKMAN 18 December 1855 in Surry County NC -
according to family members she is reportedly a second or third cousin
to President Zachary Taylor. I haven't been able to make the connection
but have enough information from my wife's family members not to
dis-believe them.

30 May 1997 Brett Wayne West,
Fort Worth TX USA

My brother Kerry and I are trying to find any information we can on our
GGGrandfather James Nelson WEST. He
served in a company of Louisiana infantry and was killed at the battle
of Champion's Hill just East of Vicksburg. Any information or advice
you can share would be very much appreciated.

25 May 1997 Amanda,
Meridian MS USA

This is really interesting about the past and we now plan to go to

23 May 1997 John Riggle,
Columbus NE USA

I am researching the WHITAKER family. I
have a William Whitaker b. 10 February 1701 in Timaho England. Died
after 1760. He was the son of a Joshua Whitaker and Jane Parker. He
married Elizabeth Carlton who was born 18 April 1701 in Ireland and
died after 1760. They were married 12 December 1722 in Kennett Square,
Chester County, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth was the daughter of Mark
Carleton and Susanna Watson. Children are Marcus Whitaker and Samuel
Whitaker. Joshua Whitaker m. Mary Reed died in Rowen NC. William
Whitaker Jr. b. 20 February 1731/32 Rowen NC m. Abagail Donahue abt
1757 ... d. bef 17 July 1799. Could the Mark 1 Whitaker in your family
tree be Marcus? An interesting side note: Jane Parker Whitaker left a
sizable estate unsettled in England ... several million pounds. I would
be interested in any other info you may have and would like to exchange
info if we find a connection.

22 May 1997 Dana Adams,
Denver CO USA

Just browsing. I am originally from Vicksburg and enjoyed your site.

21 May 1997 Gladys
, Albuquerque NM USA

I am researching several things about the Siege of Vicksburg but
particularly the siege caves. Can anyone send me references or info? The
Father of my grandfather's second wife was in U.S. Grant's Signal Corps
and served at Vicksburg. My family owns some letters and notes of this
man (Thomas GUY) including notes made of
the messages sent between GRANT and
Admiral PORTER on 4 July 1863 when
Vicksburg finally fell. In reading about Vicksburg I came across
mention of the siege caves - I have seen the diary mentioned above but
would like more info.

16 May 1997 Charles Uren,
Biloxi MS USA

Very nice site. I am researching my great grandfather Charles W. BENNY, Co. FG Missouri
4th Cavalry
buried at Beauvoir.

27 Apr 1997 George Huggins,
Alta Loma CA USA

Thank you for having this page. I'm originally from Greenville MS ...
doing some research on my family specifically during the War For
Southern Independence (Civil War). I am primarily looking for
information on Mississippi 28th Calvary.
Any help you may give me in my quest is greatly appreciated.

21 Apr 1997 Debbie Segars,
Hartsville SC USA

Looking for info on Mary Pendleton Gaines who married Baylif Jordan.
Son Micajah Jordan m. Salley Jenkins. Children Minnie Pearl b. 3 Dec
1882 ... William Berry b. 28 Feb 1876 ... Ida b 29 May 1878. William
Berry Jordan lived in Northwest section of SC. I'm not sure where his
Grandmother Mary Pendleton Gaines was from. Other surnames I'm
researching: Poole ... Pickens ... Lawrence ... Drennan ... Segars ... Bessinger ... Sandifer ... Caughman ... Tyler ... Lawton ... Mendenhall ... Gardner.

17 Apr 1997 Robert L. Willett,
Florida USA

This is a great webber! I haven't quite got up the nerve to start one
but would like to.

Bob Willett "One Day of the Civil War"

12 Apr 1997 Donald Young,
Granville OH USA

I have info which may or may not be partly correct and hope you can
help. I have Barbara STOVER as daughter
of Jacob and Sarah Boone STOVER married first to Martin KAUFFMAN with at least five children born late
1730s and 1740s ... married second to John LIONBERGERwith
four children born in the 1770s. We both know that this cannot be the
same Barbara STOVER. Do you have any info that would indicate that
Jacob and Sarah had a daughter named Barbara ? Or did their son Jacob
have a daughter Barbara who might have been the one married to John

11 Apr 1997 Jean Johnson,
Herndon VA USA

I saw you were listing the WHITAKER surname
so I just stopped by to check it out. Unfortunately I can't find any of
my mother's Whitakers in your index. Her mother came from Appomattox VA.
She was descended from John William Whitaker 1845 who married Elvira
Susan Furbush 1849. I've run into another researcher who has my
Whitaker line in his records. Perhaps he can give me information for
farther back along the Whitaker line that will tie us in together. My
mother's mother married a Sawyer from NC. The surnames I'm researching
Virginia. I'm trying to help my mother-in-law research her line, too: JEHN ... JANA ...JOHNSON ... MARTIN ...WURDOCK ... MCGREGOR.
And I'm trying to help an off-line friend find out more about her
surnames: ADAMS ... HENDRICKS and KOULOUVARISchanged

29 Mar 1997 Ronald W. Phipps,
Chestnut IL USA

Enjoyed your page. Looking for the marriage certificate of my
gggrandparents Thomas K. PHIPPS b.1819
and Martha Jane RAY married in MS before
1849 possibly in a county along the river. Not listed on census or
master marriage index. Any ideas?

22 Mar 1997 Tess Perry-Kent,
Burien WA USA

Great page Starting research for my son and daughter who are Hollers.
Their grandfather was Frank Delbert HOLLER
b.1915 in Savage (Dawson Co.) MT ... his father was Frank Jacob Holler
m. Albertina Lange. You can email me at TKTRUHEART%40AOL%2Ecom or my son
at BYELLSALOT%40AOL%2Ecom. Happy Hunting

22 Mar 1997 Ron Chojnacki,
Medina OH USA

I recently bought a large albumen photo Circa 1862 of a group of
riverboats unloading at I believe Vicksburg. I can make out the names of
4 out of the 6 boats in the image. The names are Mercury ... Lizzie ...
Martin ... Palistine and the Revere. Any info on these steamers would be

20 Mar 1997 Maschele Holler
, Indianapolis IN USA

My ggrandfathers name was William Harrison HOLLER.
All I know is he was from Indiana and moved to Kansas City MO. He
married ANN J. Freeman and had six children that I know of. One was my
grandfather William James Holler born 15 April 1890 in Bagnell MO.
Could Wm.H. Holler could be related?

2 Mar 1997 David Botts,
San Antonio TX USA

Hello Cousins and Cousin-in-laws! I'm the keeper of the Botts families
database the largest repository of BOTTS
information on all families all locations and all time periods. Many
Botts including my ancestors are your cousins. Would you care to
exchange information? My Botts tie to Sir John GAINES
of Wales or so I have been told.

22 Feb 1997 William David Pitts
or my alternate address,
Needville TX USA

I am searching for any information that may relate to Henry PITTS who was born about 1735 ... don't know
where ... and died in 1803 in Newberry County SC. Maybe the brother of
the Pitts at the top your Pitts line?

9 Feb 1997 Tiffany G. Bils,
Hopkins MN USA

Great site! Just wanted to update your WHITAKER
family lineage. John WHITAKER b. 1760ish Rowan Co. NC d. 6-13-1837
Lincoln Co. TN married Martha WILCOXSON
WILSON b. 1760ish NC. d. 1798 Boone Co. KY in 1782. She had been
previously married to J. WILSON and had
one son - Joseph. They had all the children who list - save the last
two. Oct. 11 1809 - John WHITAKER married Nancy GUESSb.
VA dau. John GESS and Sarah LUCAS in KY
and removed to TN. Madison G. and Newton WHITAKER were her children.
Thanks for your hard work on your homepage though. I have a lot of
WHITAKER information I come thru Madison G. so can help you if you
would like. Am pinning down John's parents so should have better names
and dates soon.

8 Feb 1997 Mike Leconey,
New York NY USA

My Great Grandfather was a member of the 22nd
Louisiana Volunteers
and fought at Vicksburg. Could you send me
newspaper articles etc that discussed the siege. I would be very
interested in anything on what the 23rd or the 22nd LA Vols did during
the siege. We have a number of letters from and to him during the
siege. I dont think he ever recovered from the experience. Do you know
what happened to southern troops that surrendered? Were they released?
Were they paroled? My Grandfather was apparently back in the Army
several weeks after Pemberton surrendered.

29 Jan 1997 Christopher Holler,
Baltimore MD USA

My last name is HOLLER, too.

27 Jan 1997 J.W. Hodges,
Exeter NH USA

Am formerly from Durant MS. Congratulations on your fine efforts on MS
history and genealogy. My great-great grandfather R.L. HODGES served in the 1st
Miss Light Artillery Co C
during the seige. Hopefully a data base
can be set up on the seige.

20 Jan 1997 Virginia C.
, Gibsonia PA USA

of PA and
of PA and Croatia, Eastern Europe.

17 Jan 1997 Billie Groening,
Granbury TX USA

Certainly enjoyed visiting your site. Some names I am researching in MS
My great grandfather JOHNSTON was a P.O.W
at Vicksburg.

15 Dec 1996 Pat Holler,
Akron OH USA

Researching HOLLER / HALLER in Ohio and
North Carolina.

17 Nov 1996 Helmut Holler,
Toronto Ontario Canada

Just signed on to the Internet and find genealogy an interesting topic.
Will probably visit again. Regards Helmut.

2 Nov 1996 Stephen W. Haller,
Frederick MD USA

First successful attempt on searching family name.

22 Oct 1996 Patricia
Holler Coggin
, Jackson MS USA

Fascinated that anyone in this region would share the name HOLLER. Will be checking your page frequently.

19 Oct 1996 Bill Smollen,
Vicksburg MS USA

Interesting page. We recently returned to Vicksburg and opened a BB
care for the old folks and tour home. It turns out that we have the
last major Vick home in Vicksburg. Love your old pictures. If you ever
come across 2430 Drummond Street let us know. We're slowly learning
about the home and the family that built it. In your Gibralter page
Vicksburg was not founded in 1811 - BURWELL -
came here in 1812 and negotiated for land -
and got a bunch. In 1814 they talked Newitt VICK
into coming. He negotiated with Andrew GLASS
of McRaven house for the 1180 acres that is the old downtown Vicksburg.
The Glass brothers held the original Spanish land grant - and were
highwaymen. Vicksburg voted against succession ... it would mess up
business ... and boy - did it! Be that as it may, I like your pages!

18 Oct 1996 Jonathan
, Iowa City IA USA

I am quite excited to see that the HOLLAR
family is involved in genealogical research. I have been doing a history
of our 1849 farmhouse near Iowa City IA for a number of years now and am
most interested in its first inhabitants Isom and Jane Hollar. Isom was
illiterate, signing by his mark in the courthouse records. Unfortunately
I must report that this couple's claim to fame is that around 1859-60
since the justice of the peace in Tiffin IA (a neighboring and very
small town) would not grant Jane a divorce, the sorely-tried wife
severed the knot matrimonial with an axe. Citation from the Johnson
County IA history 1882 I have been unable to pinpoint the date of the
murder nor to find out what happened to Jane and her children Cyrus,
Tabitha, Callista, Ann plus two others whose names escape me just now.
I have managed to trace the little family as far back as Tennessee
where records indicated not only people but cattle and slaves. There
are numbers of Hollars around Valle Crucis NC near Boone and some in or
near Davenport IA. Anything you can tell me about this family either
before or after the murder would be very welcome.

17 Oct 1996 B. Wyland,
Lawrence County MS USA

Your page is fantastic. I enjoyed the visit. I am anxious to see the
finished projects from the works now in progress. All Mississippians
should be proud of this entire project. I love genealogy ... daily
searching for Mississippi families... MAY -

15 Oct 1996 Josephine Lindsay
, Cape Canaveral FL USA

Hi Cousin ... great page you have here. very easy to get around. some
of my MS kin lived in Amite and Pike Counties:PURL
- Love to know more about them.Thanks for
some additional info on the PENN - PENDLETON and
. Happy Huntin!

11 Oct 1996 Willis Burton Rush,
Searcy AR USA

Researching surname RUSH. My Great
Grandfather James Matthew Rush settled in Melbourne AR in the 1800s, had
three wives and many children.

28 Sep 1996 Eric
, Grand Island NE USA

Looking for a family name McCOMBS (Robert
and Fanie). Family story says he was a drummer in the Civil War. Unit is
unknown. Family story says they were from McCombs MS. Family story said
died before 1900. Family bible says 6 children but no names listed
except Gola, my grandmother.

25 Sep 1996 Alice Lee,
Cave City KY USA

Searching for Mary M.TABOR, M.D., Marshall
Co MS ... married 1853 to John F. HARVILL.
Can't find her on any census. In 1850 she was 13. We lived in Vicksburg
for 14 years while Dan was supt. of the military park ... have kids and
grandkids there!

19 Sep 1996 Mary Anderson,
Dayton TX USA

At last someone interested in Mississippi! We are looking for ANDERSON / WELBORN ... Itawamba Co. BELL / ALLEN ... Itawamba Co. ROGERS / JOHNSON ...Yalobusha and Panola Co. The
Bells and Rogers were also in Lafayette Co. All ended up in Central

19 Sep 1996 Cassie
, Plymouth Minneapolis MN USA

I looked under TUOMALA for my family's
background. My husband asked me to look under the HOLLER
family background. Now it is his turn to look at the Holler family tree.
He moved to Janesville MN from Madison SD 30 years ago. The Tuomala clan
I am from lives in Rolla ND. My grandfather's brother moved to Ely MN so
we have relatives there too.

15 Sep 1996 Orene Fennell,
Jesup GA USA

CARLISLE ... Have traced back to my g. grandfather John CARLISLE b. 1810-11 NC. HIs father was of
foreign birth. He married Matilda Ophelia PERRY
IN 1835 b. 1819 AL. Their first son William was born 1836 in TN
(Jasper/Newton). Twins Jane Francis Marion b. 1846 and Harley Franklin
were born in AL. On the 1850 census they were living in Choctaw Co. MS,
later Chickasaw Co. MS. Francis Marion married Mary Frances MITCHELL b. Jan 27 1850. Would like to know if
anyone out there has ANYTHING on John Carlisle. Parents, siblings,
country, birth or immigration date. Waiting waiting waiting ... and
many THANKS.

15 Sep 1996 Jan
, Gracey KY USA

Nice page! I am looking for information on the NEVELS
family anywhere in MS ... and specifically in Holmes County.

10 Sep 1996 Brian Mecham,
Flagstaff, AZ USA

The little time I have been looking at your page I cannot believe all
the names you have. I am inpressed! It is obvous that you have put a
lot of time and effort at this site. I too have no one really famous
but still they are my family. I have learned a lot about the MECHAM family. For example the name Mecham
pronounced (ME-chum) was a name that was in Ireland's past. In a small
town when they were giving names, the person said who is that person
next to you. That is me chum. You just gave him his name Mecham. Just a
little bit about my family history. Now there are different ways of
pronouncing it and spelling it: Mecham (me-chum or me-cum) ... Meacham
... Mechum. Again I enjoyed your pages and will visit often.

28 Aug 1996 Rebecca Leigh
Pitner Phillips
, Carrollton MS USA

I can't wait for the Gaines, Taylor, Pendleton and Pegram pages! I am
related to Edmund PENDLETON ... Zachary TAYLOR ... and the GAINES
bunch. I have some information if you are interested in comparing notes.
My husband's mother was a PEGRAM from
Virginia. Small world huh?

26 Aug 1996 Marvin O. Steward,
Denison TX USA

Searching for parents of Leonard STEWARD.
He was in Union SC as for as I can tell all of his life. Also his wife
Neiah if any know her They were both in Union SC from 1800-1850 as well
as I can research. If I can be of any help to you on the STEWARD or STEEN names please E-Mail me.

7 Aug 1996 Harold Quinn,
Charlotte NC USA

Well, I wrote to Joanne Atay about her book. Much to my surprise she
sent me one! It came in the mail today and I was able to add two (2)
generations to my ancestors. You can remove my query. Thanks to you and
the HOLLER Net I got my information in
record time!

2 Aug 1996 Joyce Rushing
, Fayette Al USA

This page is sooo nice. Surnames I'm interested in are RUSHING - DEASON - LYTLE. Anyone with info
please email.

23 Jun 1996 Ken Hollingsworth,
Yucaipa CA USA

Nice page, Richard! I'm searching for BLACKWELL
in Covington and Jones Counties Mississippi from
the early 1800's on ... if any of your visitors can help or need help on
these names just email me!

22 Jun 1996 Ruth Land

VERY nicely done (Vicksburg page)! And, with documentation . . .
including copies of original documents. Congratulations! Ruth Land
Hatten, CGRS

20 Jun 1996 Elaine Randall

Hi Richard! Just couldn't resist the temptation to stop on by after
visiting your MSGenWeb page also just in memory of the Mighty Muddy!

18 Jun 1996Timothy Marvyn Hollar

In the year that Gus Holler was born {1836} my ggggrandfather was born
in Crawfordsville, Indiana. I have largely unsuccessfully tried to use
the internet as a way to find out more about my family history. I would
be willing to participate in any way you need assistance! Timothy M.
HOLLAR, Box 207, White River, SD 57579. Researching: HOLLAR ... CHESTERSON ... PATTERSON ... GOODWIN ...

17 Jun 1996 Mike Grommet,
Jonesboro AR USA

My mom says your page is great. We have tons of folks (GROMMET and GROOMES)
around Vicksburg ... heck we might even be kin!

15 Jun 1996 Gordon Pattison

Your web page is wonderful. Congratulations! I'm telling JEAN HOLLAR about it ... will be in touch again.

28 May 1996 Bill

I did get on the web and got your HOLLERS of VICKSBURG. Very
impressive. It came through great, pictures and all!

16 May 1996 S. Hardy Farris,
Vicksburg MS USA

I'm really impressed with you web page!!! Looks like you've been very
busy. Just curious what software you are using to organize your family
info. I used Family Roots for about 2 years. It is a great DOS program
and easy to import and export data from other major programs. I also
have Family Tree Maker (Windows). I like Family Roots better, just
trust it more I guess. Let me know if I can help with your research
here in Vicksburg!

8 May 1996 Nancy Kipp

Your page is great! You must have spent a lot of time on it, though I
am sure it was a labor of love. I really enjoyed looking at it. My PEGRAM is William Gene b. 1818 in NC. I can't
tie him into those NC Pegrams, but have communicated with Nola Duffy
oylpatch%40oyl.patch%2Enet who thinks still waiting to hear from her.
Here are the surnames we have in common: CARROLL,
But, I didn't see any matches. :-(

5 May 1996 Paul M.
, Cleveland OH USA

RE: Holler Home Page. I think that your goal is interesting and
practical. I would however like to see you put your efforts into the
Roots-L index or some other source that is already going. I think that
you will find the HALLER name quite
common in Germany. Your Holler might be as common in the northern part
where it might be spelled your way.

2 May 1996 Cyndi Howells

Hi Richard! Thanks for the compliment, but actually, I don't do this
for a living. What should be obvious from my web page is that I "live"
at the computer and have a huge obsession for finding genealogy sites
and plunking them down into nice neat categories! :-) I have added a
link to your site under Hotlists and Personal Home Pages. Be sure to
let me know if you do decide to devote a page specifically to the
Holler surname and I will add it under the Surnames section. Are you
sure that the picture on the top of your page is really your family?
That picture sure looks like a few we have in our collection! ;-) Cyndi's List.

30 Apr 1996 Alan Risener,
Searcy AR USA

Holy Cow! When I saw the E-Mail message concerning the BANARD family (Lynn's people spell it funny)
with your name on it, I thought I had somehow married into your group!!
I almost had a divorce lawyer hired before I read your message!

30 Apr 1996 W.W. "Buckie"
Buckingham III

Ok, alright already -- I'm impressed! Saw BUCHANAN
on the surnames list, but no BUCKINGHAM --
guess we're not related!

Some graphics courtesy of Clip Art Warehouse.

© 1996 Richard Holler