Hobart Journal

Hobart Journal

    This journal was begun by Rev. Peter Hobart.   While there are 2 entries in 1635, the journal begins in earnest in 1637.  It is believed that Dea. David Hobart copied his father's original journal and then continued with his own entries.  What happened to Peter's original journal is not known.

    The excerpts that follow are those notations made pertaining to the Hobart family.  None of the spelling, punctuation, etc. has been changed or corrected, although I have taken the liberty of "double dating."

   David Hobarts Book
   of Records began, 1635
   Continued to 1714
   David Hobarts
   Book 1717
   Sar ___
   Sarah Humphreys &
   Lydia Hobart ye Book
   1739 October
   Sarah Humphreys
   Lydia Hobart  17 ___

September 18th 1735

   We find upon the Town Records
   that this day 100 years agoe the
   Town of Hingham was Settled
   their House Lotts Drawn & that
   The Revd Mr Peter Hobart was
   here to draw a Lott wt ye 29 --
   The Revd Mr Gay the third Pastor
   of the Town gave us an excellent
   Sermon Sept. 17th 1735 on the con-
   clusion of the first century
   from I Chron:29:15th for We are
   Strangers before Thee & Sojourners
   as were all Our Fathers --
   Neh:  Hobart
   year 1817
   This Book
   is the property
   of Capt. Joah
   Hobart of Salem
   a descendent of
   Mr Hobart &
   he will not alienate
   it, & it must be
   to be conted in the family



June 1635

I with my wife and four children


came safely to New England June


ye 8: 1635 for ever praysed be


the god of Heaven my god and




October 1635

Ichubod my son borne at Charles-


towne he dyed July following


Aprill 1637


Hannah Hobart my daughter was borne


May 1637

Hannah Hobart was bapt at Hingham


Hannah Hobart dyed


December 1637


Rebeckah Hobart bapt


March 1637/38


Joshua Hobart married to

Elen Ibrook at Cambridge


Mary Hobart bapt


May 1638

Hannah Hobart my daughter borne


bapt the ye 13 day


ffebuary 1638/39

Joshua Hobart Tho Hobarts son bapt


September 1639


Hannah Hobart Joshua Hobarts


daughter bapt


March 1640


Sarah Hobart bapt


October 1640

Bathshua Hobart bapt


Aprill 1642


John Hobart bapt


June 1642


Israell Hobart my son born


July 1642


Israell Hobart bapt


peter Hobart Joshua Hobarts son




December 1643


Jael Hobart borne


bapt -----------------30


Nouember 1644


Sarah Hobart borne


December 1644

Sarah Hobart bapt


December 1645


Gershom Hobart born




March 1645/46

father Hubbeard dyed


June 1647


Martha Hobart bapt


September 1647


Deborah Hobart bapt


Nouember 1648


Nehemiah Hobart bapt


June 1649


Mother Hobart dyed in the


evening being Saturday buried


on the sabbath


October 1649


Tho Hobart son of Thomas Hobart


bapt 28 -----


March 1649/50


Daniell Hobart borne




Joshua Hobart son of Joshua


Hobart borne 22 bapt: 3d


July 1651

Mehetabell Hobart borne



August 1651


David Hobart my son borne




May 1652


Solomon Hobart borne


June 1652

Solomon Hobart bapt

**Missing years will be posted

once I have them**


ffebuary 1671/72

my son Josiah sonn borne




febuary 1673/74


Samuell Hobart maried to


Hannah Gold


Aprill 1674


John Hobart maried to


Hannah Burr


June 1674


John Lane Married to


Mehetibell Hobart at Hingham


July 1674


John Hobarts daughter borne


December 1674

Samuell Hobarts sonn borne


Edmond Hobart bapt


May 1675


John Hobarts sonn Edmond dyed


June 1675


Hannah John Hobarts daugh bapt


Nouember 1675

Edmond Hobarts wife dyed


Aprill 1676


this day Joseph Joanes and


Anthoney Spragues houses


Burnt allso Israell Hobarts


Nath Chubbuck James Whiton


Houses burnt downe by the




August 1676

Hencock Hobart married to


Hannah Haris at Hingham


January 1676/77


Samuell Hobarts sonn borne


febuary 1676/77

Samuell Hobart bapt


Aprill 1677


Josiah Hobart went


with his family to


Long Island being




July 1677


John Records marryed


Hannah Hobart


August 1677


Hencock Hobarts daugh born


Hannah Hobart bapt


October 1677


Daniell Hobart married


at Boston to Elizabeth waren


Joseph Baset married to


Martha Hobart at Hingham


August 1678


Samuell Hobart dyed


September 1678


Daniell Hobarts daughter borne


December 1678

Ruth Hobart bapt

    A notation is made:


Thus farre was written


by my ffather

    These entries are now made by Dea. David Hobart, son of Rev. Peter.


January 1678/79




Peter Hobart my ^  ffather


dyed the twentieth day of Jan:


about 10 of the o'clock at night


being munday and was buried


on Thursday ye 23 day In the


75 yeare of his age being


53 yeares a Labourer in the


worke of the minnistrie


September 1679


Hannah Hobart Samll Hobarts


daughter borne


October 1679


Rebeckah Hobart maried to

Daniell Mason at Hingham


& Capt on _____


November 1679


My Brother Gersom Hobart


Ordained Pastor to Groton church


June 1680


Hannah Hobart died


October 1680


Daniell Hobarts child dyed


December 1680

Enoch Hobarts child borne

my father Quinsey married

to Mrs Eliot at Cambridg


John Hobart } bapt 12
Hannah Hobart


March 1680/81


Elias Hobart decesed aged


22 yeares 3 month & 8 dayes


June 1681


Judeth Hobart baptized


July 1681


ye New meting house raised


which cost the towne 430lb


in money and the old house.


August 1681

I bough a negro boy of


Mr Dwigh: judge to be about


8 yeares old for 20lb

Samuell Hobart bapt


ye son of Samll Hobart


January 1681/82

this sabbath we first


met in the new meting House


July 1682


my unkiell Joshua Hobart


our Capt Died being sick


of a palsi eight months


in the 68 yeare of his age


buried on Saterday 29


Nouember 1682

Brother Daniell Quinsey




John Hobart son of Daniell


Hobart dyed


March 1682/83

Joshua Hobart borne


Aprill 1683


my sister Abigaill Hobart


died of a sore in her throat


aged 26 years & halfe


unmaried 12 buried 14


being Saterday


Tho Hobart bapt


May 1683

Hannah Hobart daugh: of


Samll Hobart born

Joseph Turner son of my


sister Barshua died at or house


Hannah Hobart bapt


October 1683


this day at eleven of clock


my wife was delivered of


a dead son being Thursday


febuary 1683/84


my Brother Riply died


sabbath day about midnight


July 1684


Samuel Hobart son of Samuel


hobart was drowned in a


well about 3 years old


September 1684


my son Peter Hobart born


weddensday at 9 clock at night


November 1684

Jeremiah Hobart son of


Daniell Hobart borne


Dacember 1684


my son Peter Hobart


died on sabbath day 9: n:


January 1684/85


Peter Hobart son of Sam


Hobart borne


Jeremi: Hobart died


Nouember 1684

Deborah Hobart Daugh of


Enoch Hobart born 5


my Daughter Abiel Hobart


borne Friday night at 7 oclock


ffebuary 1685/86


my oncle Edmond Hobart


deceased tu Day being


82 years old buried 17


May 1686

Solomon Hobarts tew children


borne one died 9


August 1686


Mary Hobart borne


October 1686


Moses Hobart died at Boston


in the prison


Febuary 1687/88


Daborah Hobart died


Aprill 1688

my uncle John Beale


died suddenly in his garden


John Hobart bap


June 1688


my daughter Jael Hobart


borne Wednsday at 4 of the




february 1688/89


Daniel Hobart born


July 1689


Daniel Hobart died


August 1689


my uncle Thomas Hobart


aged 83 yeares deceased


James Hobart bapt


ffebruary 1689/90


aunt Hobart the wife of my


uncle Thomas Hobart died


June 1690


Deborah Hobart borne


November 1690


Thomas Lincoln married


to Lidia Hobart


January 1690/91


sister Elisabeth


Gookin died at our


house fryday morning


February 1690/91


Solomon Hobart borne


September 1691


Sister Hannah Rogers died


at Bristoll on Fryday


March 1692


my sister Elisabeth


Riply died saterday at


night in the 60 year of her


age. Buried on munday 27


September 1692

Daniell Hobarts child born -- died


September 1693

my Hon mother


Mrs Rebecca Hobart departed


This life Saterday


Aged 72 yeare m5 5d


January 1693/94


My daughter Rebecca


Hobart borne on Sabbath


day about 5 in ye morning


May 1695


Joanna Hobart my wife aged


41 years & 32 days expired


Saterday night at 9 of

clock buried on tusday


Natt Hobart married to


Mary Stowell


December 1695

I was married to Saray


Joyce at Boston by


Samuel Sewel Esqr


January 1695/96

the wife of Daniell


Hobart died


febuary 1695/96


Mrs Sarah Cleverly


daughter to Capt Joshua


Hobart died in Boston


Aprill 1697


My Son Nehemiah Hobart


borne on tusday at six


of the clock in ye morning


My Hond father in Law


Edmond Quinsey Esqr


deceased fryday at night


ye 7th of January 1697/8


buried th 12 in the 68 year


of his age


Aprill 1699


my son Joseph Hobart borne


tusday morning 3 clock


November 16 1700


this day att 11 at night


my wife was delivered of


a son still borne


My Son & Daughter


David & Sarah Hobart


born on Saterday at ten


of the clock at night


the 14th March 1701/2

My daughter Lydia

Hobart borne the 9 day

of January 1703/4 being

Sabbath day att noone


My son Noah


Hobart born on tusday


at ten in the morning


ye second day of


January 1705/6


My son Joseph Hobart


departed this life the


21 day of August 1706


in the eight yeare


of his age.


my brother Gershom


Hobart minister of the


gospell at groton departed


this life the 19 of december


1707 Aged 62 yeares


Daniel Hobart died


the 15 of December 1708


aged 58 years


my Daughter Judith


Hobart married to Joseph


Leavitt the 10 Janr 1711/10


My brother Josiah Hobart


died att Easthampton on


Long Island the later end


of the winter 1711


in the 78 yeare of his age


_____ brother Nehemiah


Hobart pastor to the Church


at Newtown died the 25


day of August 1712 in ye


_____ yeare of his age being


a preacher of the gospel


_____ years


My daugh Jael Hobart


married to Jeremiah Leavitt


the 10 Sept 1712


My daughter Rebecca


Hobart was married to


Joazaniah Nichols on


thursday the 30 day of


December 1714 in the


21 yeare of her age


my brother Joseph Bradford


son of the Honbl William


Bradford second gouenour


in New England died the


10 day of July 1715 in the


85 yeare of his age


My brother Joshua


Hobart Departed this life


about the later end of


febuary 1716/7 being a


Minister of ye Gospel


at Southold on Long




Nehemiah Hobart minister


of ye Gospel at Haddam in


ye Colony of Connecticut De-


parted this Life towards ye


Latter end of February


in ye year 1716/17

    The following entries appear to be made by the children of Dea. David Hobart, into whose possesion the journal passed, his son David having the journal in 1717, and his daughter Sarah having it in 1729.  Some of the entries appear to have been made by his son Nehemiah.


Dea David Hobart my Hod Father


Departed this life on ye 21 of


August 1717 Aet:suce 67 Hora 11


Samll Hobart died 25th of


Aprill 1718  AESuce 74


My son Nehemiah


Hobart was Ordain-


ed Pastor to the


second Church of


Hingham at Cohasset


th 15 of December






January 4th


Nehemiah Hobart was


married to Lydia Jacob




Sept 22th


Noah Hobart was married to


Elen Sloss att Fairfield




my brother Josiah Ho-


bart of brantry


died in Septem. 1725


in the 54 year of his




and my brother


John Cleverly died


3 day


1726 August 25


My daughter Sarah


was marryed to John




My son David Hobart died


att Cape brittan the later


end of January 1745/6


in the 20 year of his age


Sarah Hobart dyed


October 14 1729 AEtatis 65


9 o Clock P.M.



   My Hond Aunt Jael Bradford
   Departed this Life April 16
   AEtatis 88


April 4th 1731
   My Hond uncle Israel Hobart
   Departed this life AEtatis 89


   October 18th My Hond Aunt
   Lydia Lincoln AEt 74
   & now My Grandfathers
   children are all Removed
   By Death & I hope are
   met together in Heaven
   Oh May The Surviving Children
   of ye deceased follow them
   as they followed Christ


   May 31 My brother Nehe-
   miah Hobart Pastor of the
   Second church in Hingham
   Died in the Forty fourth
   yeare of his age being A minister
   of the Gospel nineteen


   June 9 my sister Jael Leavitt
   died being munday at twelve
   A clock at noon aged 51  ^  11 months
   20 days at my house

    It now appears that Joseph, son of David, grandson of Dea. David, makes the following entries:

Joseph Hobart maried
to Sarah Warick nouember
ye 15  1750
my Dagter Sarah was born
monday June ye 15  1752
my Dagter Ester was Born
friday febery ye 1  1754
my Dagter anna was Born
tusday Septr ye 30  1757
my Dagter Rachal was Born
thursday  June ye 24  1757
my Son Joseph was Born
satterday march ye 10:  1759
my son nemiah was Born
Sunday  March ye 22  1761
my son Jeremiah was Born
monday  March ye 20:  1763
my son Gorg  __  was Born
September ye 11  1768
my Dagter Silce was Born
September ye 7  1770
my : onred father
David Hobart died febery
ye  29:1780 in ye 78
year of His age
Sarah Hobart my ___
wife died Augus  ye 4:178__
in ye 53 year of her age

    Here the condition of the journal deteriorates severely, with few notes legible.

   Noah Hobart
   Capt Joshua Hobart
   died July 28  1682
   Aetatis 69
   Uncle Edmond Hobart
   died febuary 16  1685
   Uncle Thomas Hobart
   died August 18  1689
               Aged Aetatis 83
   My Aunt Wife of Uncle J___
   Hobart died febuary  ___  1638/9
   Aprill 26  1737 Died this ___
   Solomon Hobart of Hingham
   being Dreadfully burnt by falling
   into the fire in a fit a  ___
   weeks since & languished
   ___  was in his 44 yeare
10  January 1700 being very
   sick of a feaver

    By 1807 the journal had passed into the hands of Capt. Noah Hobart of Salem, by 1846 it was in the possession of Mr. David Andrews of Hingham, and in 1912 it was presented to the Massachussetts Historical Society by Mrs. Francis Henry Lincoln.

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