244. Minos Newton Balch was born on 11 Nov 1823 in Panola Co., Mississippi. He died on 7 Jun 1885 in Rufus, Arkansas.

He was married to Elizabeth A. Baker on 15 Aug 1851 in Marshall Co., Mississippi. Elizabeth A. Baker died in 1853. She was born. Minos Newton Balch and Elizabeth A. Baker had the following children:

child+491 i. Marcellus Balch.
child492 ii. Mary E. Balch was born in 1853 in Tyro, Mississippi. She died in 1868 in Tyro, Mississippi.

He was married to Mary Elander Baker (daughter of ) on 7 May 1856 in Marshall Co., Mississippi. Mary Elander Baker was born. Minos Newton Balch and Mary Elander Baker had the following children:

child+493 i. John Stanford Balch.
child+494 ii. Margaret J. Balch.
child495 iii. Emily J. Balch was born on 12 Oct 1862 in Rufus, Arkansas.
child+496 iv. William Roscoe Balch.
child+497 v. Mary Caroline Balch.

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