"Known" Data Alternatives for Joseph of Monocacy
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"Known" Data Alternatives for Joseph of Monocacy

The following alternatives for Joseph of Monocacy have been abstracted from various Internet and other sources. Each has been offered by someone as part of "the" genealogy of Joseph of Monocacy.

The reader will recognize that many of the alternatives are mutually exclusive. For example, Joseph could not have been the son of William Hedges and also the son of Charles Hedges. Therefore all "facts" offered here appear without attribution or reference because many are incorrect and all have yet to be documented.

The date and place of Joseph's birth and/or christening:

  1. England in 1670, " of Gloucester and London"
  2. or about 1672,
  3. Christened 28 December 1675 at Shrivenham (near Swindon), Berkshire, England; the son of William.
  4. Born in 1677, the son of William who died 1702 in Salem, NJ.
  5. Born 1690, New Castle Co, DE
  6. Born somewhere in America (possibly Delaware), the son of Mary and William Hedges

Joseph's Siblings:

  1. Charles, the son of William, christened 3 January 1675 at Shrivenham (near Swindon), Berkshire, England; Charles may have had a sister Mary christened 19 Nov 1671 in Hampshire. This may have been the Charles who was knighted 1 Jun 1689.
  2. Mary Hedges born 1669 in England, married Thomas Douthitt. Dorcas Hedges born 1671 in England, married in 1693 to Moses Burvell; she also married Daniel Smith. Charles Hedges born Aug. 6, 1673 in Glouchester, England, died Nov. 8, 1743 in Chester Co., PA.[or 10 Jun 1714 [1720] Richmond, London(?)], and married Eleanor SMITH b: c.1677; [daughter of George SMITH (Protector of London)].

The names of Joseph's parents:

  1. Catherine (TATE) and Charles HEDGES, the son of William HEDGES
  2. Catherine (TATE) and Charles HEDGES, the son of Eleanor (SMITH) and (Sir) Charles HEDGES. They were married in 1720.
  3. Charles HEDGES (born 1647), the son of Henry HEDGES
  4. Mary (CALDWELL) (born 1648 in London, England) and William HEDGES (born 1645 [or 1651] in London, England; died Dec. of 1678 in New Castle Co., DE). They were married 1668 [or 1672] in London
  5. "William HEDGES, of Youghal, Ireland, and Gloucester and London, England, was at Wilmington in 1675 and owned property there under the Duke of York's rule, through Governor Fenwick's administration of South Jersey"
  6. Ann FENWICK (born in England) and Samuel HEDGES, married November 1676, had three sons, Samuel Jr., Josiah, and Joseph (born 1690); and one daughter named Mary.

(Comment: Most or all of these people were in fact the parents of a child named "Joseph Hedges" at about the right time. Sorting out which were the parents of our Joseph of Monocacy is another matter.)

Ancestral Locations / paternal family:

  1. Wilts, Berks and Gloucester, with later family interests in London.
  2. Finchley, in suburban London (north beyond Hampstead).
  3. Richmond Green
  4. Compton Bassett, near Calne (Wiltshire, southwest of Swindon)
  5. [where "the family arms are still preserved around the parapet of the house."]
  6. Wanborough

Joseph's marriages and wives:

  1. Catherine [Catharina/Kathrine/Katherine/Cathrine] STALLCOP [STALCUP, STOLCAP, etc] (born 1688 in New Castle Co, DE); married 1709 [ 8 Sep 1709] at Monocacy [Bloomfield], Prince Georges Co, MD [or in New Castle, DE]
  2. Mary FETTLEPLACE (of Kingswood, Wilts; born 1693); married 1 Jan 1708 [1709] in England [or New Castle, DE]
  3. Katherine [Kathrin] TINGEY [TINGLEY] (of London; born 1672); married 8 Sep 1713
  4. Mary BECKENBAUGH (born 1672)
  5. Catharine LAND, stepdaughter of George HOGG

Joseph's Children:

For our present purposes Joseph's children are important only as they tell us something about their father and mother. The first two may have been born in England, the rest were born in America (with little or no dispute): 1. Solomon, "the eldest child", the son of [Mary or Cathrine], born in England c.1710 [or in Wheeling, Ohio Co, WV]. Immigrated with parents c.1713/1714. Married 1735 [1769] Rebecca Van METER [METRE] at Redshire, Old Fort, PA [or Frederick Co., MD]. 2. Charles HEDGES, the son of Mary [or Cathrine], born in England 1712 [or New Castle Co, DE, or Frederick Co., MD]; immigrated with parents c.1713/1714. Married 12 Feb 1736 Mary STILLE of PA, in New Castle Co., DE. 3. Joshua HEDGES, son of Catherine/Kathrine, born 14 Apr 1714 [1713] America, perhaps Virginia, [or England]. Married 1743 Elizabeth CHAPLINE of Queen Parish MD 4. (all the rest were born in America)

Other particulars about Joseph Hedges:

  1. One belief is that Joseph left England for America c.1713/1714, and he then spent time in (Chester County) PA [1717?] and DE (Marlborough district) before settled in New Castle County, DE [1703?]. NJ is also mentioned.
  2. The first record reported for him pertains to land on Red Clay Creek, Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle County, DE; a warrant dated 8 Sep 1702 led to a survey dated 4 April 1703.
  3. Joseph held property later along the Monocacy River in Maryland (currently along US highway 15, about six miles north of Frederick, Frederick County, MD). The land was surveyed for him 1 Jul 1730. He named it "Hedge Hogg".
  4. Joseph died 29 Nov 1732 at Monocacy Manor (Manaquacy), in what was then Prince George's Co, MD (Frederick County, MD was established in 1748). His will was dated 6 Sep 1732.


The following is just enough to get the ball rolling. Contributors should be able to add many more references.

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