Regimental Histories an Memorial Rolls


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Regimental Histories and Memorial Rolls
Ninth Tennessee  Infantry
Company  A

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Company A was recruited at Dancyville, Tennessee and inducted at Jackson, Tennessee, May 1861. This Company was known as The Dancyville Grays. Most of the members resided in Haywood County, the others in Fayette County. Most of these men were young and familiar with farm work, though many other occupations contributed to swell the number.

PLEASE NOTE: This document is from Regimental Histories and Memorial Rolls. While what it reports may be accurate, there are apparent omissions. I am sure some omissions occurred because of the almost constant reorganization of regiments, companies, transfer of men, etc., in the Confederate forces. A soldier's rank may also be different. Like all armys, soldiers were promoted and demoted. The listing for L.B. McFarland, for instance, shows three known ranks; Corporal, Sgt. Major, and Lieutenant. I have added an OMISSIONS  LIST, to the end of this document, and included names, when reasonable documentation has been found. I have also included the Goodspeed History comments of the two companys from Dancyville and

Hon. H.L. Douglas, Captain
W.L. Key, First Lieutenant
Robert Prewitt, Second Lieutenant
Lem. Thomas, Third Lieutenant (and afterward Captain of Cavalry)
J.L. Ballard, Orderly Sergeant

Of  the number the following were:

Killed at Shiloh(TN.);

T.A. Ballard

Killed at Perryville(KY.);

S.A. Dancy
J.D. Meadows
J.A. Coker
C.M. Kerr - mortally wounded and died October 26th.

Killed at Murfreesboro (TN.)

Dr. A.J. Bucy, First Lieutenant-1862
T.J. Gilliam, Second Lieutenant - 1862

Killed at Chickamauga ( )

T.F. Ragland, Second Lieutenant
T.F. Ragland was the only 9th Regiment officer to die at Chickamauga, although many were wounded. His father, B.F. Ragland, sent his man servant to bring the body home to be buried in the Dancyville Methodist Church Cemetery. Most of the dead were buried in mass graves, if at all.

Killed at Atlanta (GA.) - July 22, 1864

T.W. Stallings
W.A. Halliburton

Killed at Franklin (TN.)

J.L. Fleming, Corporal
Jo Tanner

The following were wounded:

P.D. Carney
John Stevenson
S.C. Wilkerson
C.G. Locke
G.W. Martin
B.G. Locke (afterward Captain)

The following died in service:

S.M. Jones
M. Reed
M. Ruth
C.M. Ballard
Jesse Phillips
M. Britt
W.A. Start
J.L. Coaker
J.P. Cherry (James Knox Polk Cherry) - Wounded at the Battle of Perryville, captured, died of his wounds in Union prison
L.B. Scott (killed in prison)
H.C. Adams
G.F. Grooms
J.G. Prewitt - Lieutenant - 1862

These Survived:

J.L. Ballard, Orderly Serg
L.B. McFarland - Corporal - 1861; Sarg.Major - 1862; Lieutenant -1863 (After  the War, L.B. was an attorney & judge in Memphis)
Dugger - First Lieutenant - 1862
D.W. Smith
H.H. Southall
G.W. Worthen
J.W. O’Brien
J.E. Thompson
J.W. Wilkerson
W.H. Wall
W.B. Locke

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The Goodspeed History of Haywood County - 1887
shows the following organization of Companies A & L, 9th Tennessee Infantry

About 65 men, organized at Dancyville, mustered in at Jackson, TN. - May 1861

Henry Douglas, Captain
Robert Pewett, 1st Lieutenant
William Scott, 2nd Lieutenant
W.R. Tripp, 3rd Lieutenant

About 65 men, organized at Dancyville, mustered in at Cornith, MS. - March 1862

W.J. Lyle, Captain
G.R. Prewitt, 1st Lieutenant
T.F. Ragland, Second Lieutenant
B.F. Phillips, 3rd Lieutenant

Both Companies served under General Cheatham for the entire war and engaged in the battles of:
Shiloh, Perryville, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Atlanta, Franklin and Nashville.
Loses were heavy in all these engagements.

(continued update in progress)

By  James R. Fleming

F.B. Ragland - Corporal, Enlisted March 22, 1861, Dancyville. Declared disabled
and discharged July 12, 1862.
T.N. Stanley - listed as J.N. Stanley (apparently not uncommon to read T as J)
W.R. Tripp - Listed as 1st Lieutenant
W.H. Scott - Private, Enlisted May 22, 1861 - Dancyville
T.F. Ragland - was listed as Sgt, but was a 2nd Lieutenant when killed at Chickamauga


MARY ELLEN MARTIN  For research in "Regimental Histories and Memorial Rolls"
MARK KAY DANCY SMITH For research in "The Ninth Tennessee Infantry: A Roster"

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